5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

The 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors [Guide for 2020]

Have you ever heard of a “trolling” motor? Trolling motors have been around the watercraft game for several decades. Recently, however, people have begun experimenting by adding them to fishing kayaks. the results have been incredible! That’s why we wanted to bring you this post on the 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors!

This KayakFishingCorner.com post contains all of the important details about the 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors along with detailed explanations covering how to use them and detailing why they are now considered to be an essential item in any serious kayak fishermen’s collection of gear! Ready to get started?

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Top 3 Kayak Trolling Motors – 2020 Guide

Minn Kota EnduraNewport Vessels NV SeriesNewport Vessels X Series
Product5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors
Speed5 Forward; 3 Reverse5 Forward; 3 Reverse5 Forward; 3 Reverse
ControlTelescoping Handle6″ ExtensionTelescoping; Adjustable
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5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

The 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors: Shortcut to 2020 Guide!

Minn Kota Endura

Newport Vessels NV Series

Newport Vessels X Series

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova

Minn Kota Edge 70 Bowmount 

The best way to help you decide which of the 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors is right for you is by doing a little detailed product by product comparison. That’s what we have done in the post below. Every kayak fisherman is a bit different than the next. Because of this, one trolling motor may be a perfect fit for one, but not so perfect for another. You must do your research to find out which motor has the features that are important to you. The post below is a FANTASTIC way to do just that – quickly and easily! When you hear someone talking about a “fishing kayak a with motor“, they are referring to one of these bad boys!

Parts of a Kayak Trolling Motor

Parts of a Kayak Trolling Motor

5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors – In Depth Reviews

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Minn Kota Endura

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Sneak Peak at the Minn Kota Endure Kayak Trolling Motor 
– Power: 12 Volt
– Style: Transom Mount
– Thrust: 30, 40, 45, 50, or 55lbs Depending on Model
– Shaft: Composite
– Handle: 6-inch Telescoping Handle; and Tilt Twist Tiller
– Speed: 5 Forward; 3 Reverse

This is one of the premier kayak trolling motors on the market. It is trusted by literally thousands of kayak fishermen and was built almost as if it had kayak fishermen in mind. With an undeniable ease of use, durability and versatility, it would be hard to go wrong with this particular model. Let’s take a look at each of the above features in greater detail. I suspect you’ll be intrigued (unless you want to stick with traversing the lake in a foot pedal kayak)!

Power. At 12 volts, this motor pairs well with some of the more common kayak trolling motor batteries on the market. This level of voltage is perfectly suited to power the dual-fin propeller through the water with ease.

Style. This model is known as a “transom” mount, meaning that it is designed to attach to the port (left) or starboard (right) side of your kayak (as opposed to a “bow mount “, which connects to the front or sometimes back of your kayak). It connects with a level lock bracket that can be operated without special tools. This allows the trolling motor to be connected and disconnected with ease.

5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

Thrust. This line comes in a variety of levels of thrust. The levels are 30, 40, 45, 50, or 55lbs. Thrust can be defined as a propulsive force. Basically, the more thrust, the more power you have to propel water through the propeller, moving you forward (or backward, depending on whether you are in one of the 5 forward of 3 reverse settings). We tend to believe that the greater amount of force, the better. While not always necessary, it is nice to know that you have a little extra “umph” to push against strong winds or currents.

Shaft. The composite shaft is touted by the manufacturer to be “indestructible”. In fact, Minn Kota suggests that, “Pound for pound, [the] composite shaft is stronger than steel. It flexes on impact and won’t break, kink or corrode”. This is a very important consideration, as it is very easy to inadvertently run aground while kayak fishing. If you run aground with a less durable motor shaft, you’ll surely be looking at an expensive repair!

5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

Handle. It is clear that Minn Kota put a significant amount of thought and engineering into the design of this trolling motor’s handle. It is crafted as a 6″ telescopic handle, meaning that it can extend to custom fit a kayak fisherman’s needs. It also comes with a tilt twist tiller and an ergonomic grip. Your hand will be on the trolling motor’s handle when under power. Trust us – you’ll appreciate the ergonomics that this model features.

Speed. With 5 forward settings and 3 reverse settings, this trolling motor allows you to travel at a customizable level of speed. This is important for many reasons. First, you want to have the ability to go backwards with relative ease. You’d be surprised how many trolling motors are “forward only”. Also, the ability to move through the water at a customizable speed helps you preserve battery power. Sometimes you want to set at a lower speed to maximize your battery life (you can also maximize battery life by investing in a trolling motor battery box).

Newport Vessels NV Series

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Sneak Peak at the Newport Vessels NV-Series Kayak Trolling Motor
– Power: 12 Volt
– Style: Transom
– Thrust: 36, 46, 55, 62, 86
– Shaft: Composite
– Handle: 6″ Telescoping
– Speed: 5 Forward; 3 Reverse

Another fantastic offering for kayak fishermen of any level of skill or experience. This Newport Vessels brand has been around for years and their expertise really shines through in this particular model. This particular model comes with a wide degree of availability (in terms of different levels of thrust) such that there is certain to be a perfect model for every shape and size of fishermen! Let’s look at some specifics.

Power. Again, this model is 12 volts. Because of this, it will integrate well with the most common batteries on the market. All you need is one “deep cycle” or “marine” battery and you’ll have plenty of power for hours. Widely available integration earned this model a spot on our 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors list!

Style. This kayak trolling model falls into the “transom” category and it connects to the side of your kayak with a directional lock and a tilt adjustable bracket. Again, no special tools are needed for connection or disconnection (you can hand tighten or use a common wrench to tighten the included wing nuts).

5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

Thrust. This popular model has a wide variety of thrust levels available. From 36, 46, 55, 62, to 86 pounds of thrust, you are covered without regard to your kayak fishing destination. We suggest that a lower level of thrust be selected for calmer waters (small lakes) and a higher level be selected for streams, rivers and large lakes. Remember, the greater the thrust, the lesser the battery life. Somewhat of a balancing act!

Shaft. The shaft is 36 inches in length and is made of composite fiberglass. The length of the shaft is important, as it allows for the propeller to ultimately rest an appropriate distance beneath the surface of the water. Too long of shaft, and you lose control and raise the risk of running aground. Too short of a shaft, and you run the risk of allowing the propeller to exit the water and potentially damage your kayak or cause injury to you or others!

5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

Handle. The handle is built with an ergonomic design and can extend 6″ due to its telescoping ability. Importantly, the handle is what houses the throttle, which is the mechanism used to control your speed. Remember, this is a transom model, so you’ll want to mount the trolling motor on the same side of your kayak as where your desired hand for controlling the motor will be. If you are right handed, you’ll likely want to locate the motor (and thus, the handle) on the right side of your kayak.

Speed. This model comes with 5 forward and 3 reverse settings. The reverse settings, often overlooked, are critical as they allow you to maneuver out of a tight spot with relative ease. Also, we like that the unit includes a 5 point LED battery meter. If your battery is running low, you’ll want to adjust your speed downward to squeeze out every last drop of juice!

Newport Vessels X Series

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Sneak Peak at the Newport Vessels X Series Kayak Trolling Motor
– Power: 12 Volt
– Style: Transom
– Thrust: 40, 55, 55 (w/Camo Print)
– Shaft: 36″ Composite
– Handle: 6″ Telescopic; 30 Degree Adjustable
– Speed: 5 Forward; 3 Reverse

This particular model of kayak trolling motor comes with a number of kayak fishing related “bonuses” that make it a can’t miss when it comes to the majority of kayak fishermen. One of our favorite features that we don’t go into detail on below is the 10-Point LED Battery Meter. It is super bright (LED style) so you can be kept up to speed on the remaining charge of your battery at all times while you are on the water. A great feature for when you are determining whether you can fish just a “little bit longer”. Let’s take a look at some of the other great features.

Power. Again, powering off a 12DC volt “marine” battery, you won’t have any problem finding a battery to power your trolling motor. While its impossible for us to predict how long your charge will last you, you should know that with use typical of a kayak fishermen, a near fully charged battery will last you at least half of a day (if not far longer). Also, it is easy to bring along a backup if you are concerned.

Style. This is also designed as a transom mount. You can see that most of the 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors are built of the transom style. This is because it fits the long and narrow shape of the kayak. The other types of trolling motors require a flat connection point at the bow or stern of the vessel. While you can improvise, your standard fishing kayak will not have such a connection point. Also, a transom style will allow you to stay in the cockpit while fishing, rather than having to maneuver to the front or back to direct your kayak (which would not be safe or efficient).

5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

Thrust. With a 40 and a 55 pound model, this particular kayak trolling motor lands right in the “sweet spot” of differing availabiitis for thrust. While 30 and 35 pound models are sufficient for most uses, the 40 and 55 pound models afford much more versatility. Importantantly, this increased versatility doesn’t come with an unnecessary drain on battery life (like you might have with a 70lb+ model motor). This was one of the features that earned this model a spot on our 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors list!

Shaft. The shaft is 36″ in length, the perfect size for ensuring that the propeller is the appropriate distance underneath the surface of the water. It is made of composite fiberglass, a very durable material that can stand up to the riggers of kayak fishing. Only a composite shaft will be capable running aground without causing certain damage or destruction. Also, it is low maintenance, meaning that you don’t have to worry about rust or preventative care.

5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

Handle. This motor’s handle is has a 30 degree adjustability component (up or down) with an extendable (telescopic) handle. The adjustability factor is a big bonus, especially for kayak fishermen who like to cast and fish from a standing position. Simply tilt the handle slightly upwards and the result will be a far more comfortable angle then you might otherwise be faced with when using a “fixed” or non-adjustable handle.

Speed. With 5 forward and 3 reverse settings, this motor affords the kayak fishermen a ton of variety in terms of speed and direction setting. Sometimes a slower setting is more important, like when you are truly “trolling”. Other times you’ll want to set to top speed, like when you are heading out onto the water and are desiring to get to the prime location before your competitors, or out navigate them once you are there!

Also, you should know that this model is saltwater ready – meaning that it comes with saltwater compatible hardware – (including Stainless steel, zinc, and magnesium). Of course, its perfectly suited for freshwater as well!

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova

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Sneak Peak at the Minn Kota Terrova Kayak Trolling Motor
– Power: 12 Volt
– Style: Bow Mount
– Thrust: 55lbs
– Shaft: Composite
– Control: Touchscreen Remote; Virtual Remote (Humminbird Fish Finder) 
– Speed: Customizable

Our first showcased model that is designed as a “bow mount” instead of a “transom mount”, the Terrova by Minn Kota is one of the very best on the market in terms of applicability to kayak fishermen. One awesome features that we haven’t mentioned below is that this model includes an easy-to-deploy system (designed as a fallaway ramp) that allows you to easily slide the trolling motor down into the water. The spring-loaded lift assistance equipment design makes pulling the motor up and out of the water a breeze! Let’s take a closer look:

Power. This model required a 12V battery, just like the others. However, there is one important distinction in terms of battery life. The ability to dial in your exact speed can provides up to a 5 time longer battery life (i.e.: run time) on a single charge. This is because your setting delivers only as much power as you specifically input. That way, there is no wasted energy!

Style. This is a “bow mount” trolling motor. In other words, it is designed to be mounted to the front (bow) or rear (stern) of your kayak. This is different than the “transom mount” styles, which are designed to be mounted on the port (left) or starboard (right) side of your kayak. Now, you’ll need particular mounting gear to be able to make the proper mount. But, once properly installed, there are a lot of benefits of this particular style of trolling motor!

5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

Thrust. Delivering 55 pounds of thrust, this trolling motor is more than capable of powering you upstream against a heavy current or keeping you on course during periods of heavy wind. 55 pounds of thrust is on the high end of the “sweet spot” in terms of providing useable energy without wasting battery life. You’d rather have the extra pounds of thrust and not need them, then need them and not have them!

Shaft. Like many of the other 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors, the shaft is made of an “indestructible” composite material. The shaft is longer than the shafts of the transom models, measuring 54 inches in length. Again, this is due to the location on the kayak where the motor will be mounted. A 54 inch shaft would not be appropriate on the side of your kayak, just like a 36 inch shaft would not be appropriate on the bow or stern of your kayak!

5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors

Control. The level of control provided by this trolling motor is nearly without limit! The motor is controlled by the i-Pilot, a very powerful tool for kayak fishermen. The i-Pilot controls speed, steering, and even offers you a GPS enabled “Spot-Lock” (which acts as a digital anchor) and has the capability to “remember” your desired headings along the water. Yes, you can program your favorite path into the i-Pilot, and then recreate it on your next outing with just the push of a button. Extremely, extremely convenient! The heightened element of control is one of the reasons why this model found its way onto our 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors list!

Speed. The speed control offered by the i-Pilot is truly a game changer. No longer are you stuck with pre-set speeds (though the 5 forward and 3 reverse pre-sets on the prior models do afford a ton of optionality). For this model of kayak trolling motor, if you want to travel slowly over a school of fish, perhaps 1.5mph, you just input 1.5mph into the i-Pilot, and the trolling motor will take care of the rest. Really incredible! The integration with i-Pilot is one of the other main reasons why we added this motor to our 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors list!

Minn Kota Edge 70 Bowmount 

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Sneak Peak at the Minn Kota Edge 70 Bowmount Kayak Trolling Motor
– Power: 12v or 24v
– Style: Bow Mount
– Thrust: 70lbs
– Shaft: 45″ length; Composite Material
– Control: Heel-Toe/ Cable-Steer Foot Pedal
– Speed: 5 Forward Speeds

Power. With such a high level of thrust, you are better off going with a 24v battery to power this particular kayak trolling motor. Yes, a 12v would work, but you would likely face depleted kayaking time as the 12v would become more quickly depleted than would the 24v. No worries, 24v batteries are not too difficult to find!

Style. Another “bow mount” model, this type of trolling motor is meant to be installed on the from (bow) or back (stern) of your kayak. This kind of style is admittedly less common on fishing kayaks because it is more difficult to mount to such kayak than is a transom mount. This is because there usually is not a “flat” area at the bow or stern to which to attach the base of the trolling motor. There are, however, a number of kits that you can buy to add this after market feature to your fishing kayak.

Thrust. Producing a whopping 70lbs of thrust, this trolling motor is one of the most powerful on the market. Additional levels of thrust are one of the main distinguishing features between the transom and bow mount models.

The bow mount situates right at the tip of the bow and quite literally pulls you along the water with ease. This ability makes this particular trolling motor a great choice for those who routinely fish in swifter currents, heavier winds, or even the ocean! The tremendous thrust is why this particular trolling motor found its way onto our 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors list! By the way, with all this thrust, please promise us that you’ll wear a proper fishing kayak life jacket!

Shaft. Built with a nearly indestructible composite shaft measuring 45″ in length, the manufacturers of this trolling motor have really gone the extra mile in terms of engineering. At 45″ inches, the trolling motor will sit far enough below the tip of the bow to allow the propeller to reach the correct distance below the surface of the water. Remember, too shallow of a shaft will lead less power and control, while too deep of a shaft will expose the propeller to potentially running aground! A length of 45″ is right in the sweet spot!

Control. This is where this model really departs from some of the previous showcased models. As you can see, the trolling motor is actually controlled by a foot pad! Yes, you literally drive with your feet! Why is this so great? Well, this is perfect for kayak fishermen as it frees up both of your hands to tend to other matters (perhaps one hand on the rod with the other on the net, and so on). There are only a small handful of kayak trolling motors that have this capability, and even fewer that are built of the quality that Minn Kota features in theirs!

Speed. This kayak trolling motor delivers 5 forward speeds. The variability in forward speed settings is nice because it allows you to set your speed according to your needs. For instance, if you are truly “trolling”, you might set your motor at level 1 or level 2, allowing your line to trail just off of the back of the fishing kayak while you make your way over a school of fish. When you are moving from location to location, and don’t have your line in the water, you might set it to level 4 or level 5. Remember, the lower the speed, the lower the amount of battery being used! This is a good tip to remember in case you ever get into a jam and have little battery life left!

One last thing. When you are storing your motor – you’ll want to protect it by keeping it in a high quality waterproof kayak cover. Otherwise it will become exposed to the elements and its durability and longevity could suffer!


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Ok, so you’ve learned all about kayak trolling motors, and most of them come with mounting gear. But what are you supposed to mount them to? Te rest of the post is dedicated to walking you through some of the best trolling motor mounting solutions!

Here is a summary of your three best options in terms of getting your kayak trolling motor safely mounted to your fishing kayak:

Top 3 Kayak Trolling Motor Mounts (Reviewed for 2020)

Brocraft EZ MountGarelick
Product ImageTrolling Motor MountTrolling Motor MountTrolling Motor Mount
MaterialsMarine Aluminum; Black Nylon PlasticSteel Rods; Plastic304 Stainless Brackets and Hardware; Poly Mount
Adjustment90 DegreesNoneNone
Limits36lbs of thrust~50lbs of thrust75lb motor weight
Weight~3lbs~4.5lbs~6.9 lbs
MountingBolts IncludedParts IncludedParts Included
Buy on AmazonBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Kayak trolling motors are one of the most expensive pieces of kayak fishing gear you’ll likely (some are even more expensive than the kayaks themselves). This is why it is important, even critical, for you to mount you trolling motor to your kayak via a high quality trolling motor mount. Please, please, please do not try to “do it yourself” if you do not have experience in those types of activities. Let us do the research for you and take a closer look at the three great options that we’ve outlined above. You’re certain to be happy with any of them!

Shortcut to Brocraft

Shortcut to EZ Mount

Shortcut to Garelick

We go into great detail on each of the above mounting brackets below. Every kayak fishermen is a bit different than the next. Likewise, each kayak trolling motor is a little different than the other. As you’ll learn below, it is important to align your kayak trolling motor mount’s capabilities with the requirements imposed by your trolling motor. Using too small of a mount with too heavy or powerful of a motor can lead to disaster. Likewise, too big of a mount results in excessive weight on your kayak (which we try to avoid at all costs)!

Brocraft Deck Mount Trolling Motor Bracket

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Sneak Peak at the Brocraft Deck Mount Trolling Motor Bracket
– Materials: Marine Aluminum Shaft; Black Nylon Plastic Plate
– Adjustment: 90 Degrees of Rotation
– Weight: Approximately 3 Pounds
– Limits: Only for 36lbs of Thrust and Lesser
– Mounting: Bolts Included

Materials. Any time you are securing an expensive piece of gear, you want to make sure that the materials comprising your gear are high quality. Here, we have just that. The marine aluminum shaft is extremely strong but, more importantly, it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight. Also, the nylon based plastic plate is a durable yet easy to work with area in which to make connection to the trolling motor’s clamps. This one is very self explanatory!

Adjustment. You’ll notice that the other two showcased trolling motor mounts do not feature an adjustability component. That is a feature unique to this particular model! The plate can rotate a full 90 degrees which affords the fishermen with a ton of versatility in terms of directional control of the trolling motor and shaft.

Trolling Motor Mount

Weight. Coming in at only ~3lbs, this mounting bracket brings a ton of functionality to your fishing kayak – without the extra weight. The lightweight is thanks to the aluminum fabrication. Remember, airplanes are built of aluminum. Strong and light. Perfect for a fishing kayak.

Limits. One things to be aware of – This mounting bracket is for trolling motors that are lighter in weight or less powerful in terms of thrust. The manufacturer suggests a maximum thrust combination of 36lbs. Again, while this is on the smaller size of most kayak trolling motors, it is also the size of some of the most popular flatwater trolling motors on the market – making this bracket pair hand in hand. If you have a larger motor, in terms of weight or thrust, you should look to one of the other two models showcased below.

Trolling Motor Mount

Mounting. We love when product comes with all the gear you need. That is the case with this particular mount. Now, depending on the thickness of your kayak, you may need to replace the included ~1″ bolts with something a bit longer. This is actually a very easy task and shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars. Just switch out the shorter bolts with the longer ones and drop into the prefabricated holes on the base of the mount (there are 4 such holes). This is one of the most “user friendly” mounts on the market. Very easy to install. Took me about 3 minutes (and I am nowhere close to a handy-man)!

EZ Mount Trolling Motor Mount

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Sneak Peak at the Brocraft Deck Mount Trolling Motor Bracket
Materials: Steel Connection Rods; Hardened Plastic
Adjustment: None
Weight: ~4.5lbs
Limits: ~50lbs of thrust from trolling motor
Mounting: All necessary mounting gear included

Materials. The steel connection rods on this particular model are high strength and very easy to use. You’ll notice that they are “threaded” such that they can easily be twister (tightened) with no special tools. The indented turning nobs at the ends of the rods are designed to make the rods easy to tighten even with wet hands or in cold weather. This is a forward thinking addition and one that some other types of trolling motor mounts are lacking.

Trolling Motor Mount

Adjustment. There is no adjustability component to this particular model. As you can see from the images, the mount slides over a flat surface on your kayak (along the side). Your trolling motor then latches to the mounting plate and, assuming you’ve purchased a high quality trolling motor, easily latches to the mounting plate with any adjustability being handled at the trolling motor level (as opposed to the mounting bracket).

Weight. At only 4.5lbs, this trolling motor mount does not cost you anything in terms of additional weight added to your fishing kayak – a real plus! However, do let its light weight trick you into thinking that this mount can’t handle heavy duty loads! Its quality materials and smartly engineered design allow it to support trolling motors exceeding 50lbs of thrust!

Trolling Motor Mount

Limits. Speaking of thrust, capable of handling 50lbs, this mount is a good match for the vast majority of kayak trolling motors on the market. We do suggest that you stick very closely to the guidelines. If your motor generates more thrust than the limit, you need to opt for a mount that can handle the heavier load. However, when used within its specifications, this is a great match for a ton of different models of outrigger!

Trolling Motor Mount

Mounting. We were able to mount this to a kayak in about 3 minutes. Its very easy – all the mounting gear is included. Just slip the mount over the top of a flat area along the side of your kayak. Then, once you have it at the right level, screw down the two steel rods to affix the mount to the kayak. No special tools needed!

Garelick Stationary Outboard Motor Bracket – Vertical Transom Mount

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Sneak Peak at the Brocraft Deck Mount Trolling Motor Bracket
Materials. 304 Stainless Brackets and Hardware; Poly Mount
Adjustment. No traditional adjustment
Weight. ~6.9lbs
Limits. 75lbs.
Mounting. All required gear is included.

Materials. The 304 stainless steel is the most common type of stainless steel on the market. That’s how you know its good. And it better be, because thats the foundation upon which your expensive trolling motor will be mounted. The poly plastic mount is a nice hard surface that really gives your motor something to “grab” onto. This manufacturer has truly used top of the line components.

Trolling Motor Mount

Adjustment. Again, this is a “fixed” model where any adjustment needs to be done by the trolling motor, rather than the mount. This isn’t a problem, as most trolling motors have the ability to tilt or angle to align with the fishermen’s needs. Just make sure to check all the specs on your motor to make sure it will align with this mount in terms of adjustability!

Weight. This mount weights ~7lbs and is one of the heavier models of mount on the market. As you might suspect, this mount is built for heavier and more powerful kayak trolling motors. Now, weighing only ~2x as much as some of its less sturdy competitors, you might consider moving ahead with this model just in case you ever decide to upgrade to a heavier or more powerful model of trolling motor!

Limits. Before you think this trolling motor mount is stronger than The Rock, you need to know that it still has limits! You should not attach any kayak trolling motor that weighs in excess of 75lbs to this mount. Again, most kayak trolling motors will be under this weight limit – so you should not have a problem.

Trolling Motor Mount

Mounting. The mounting gear is included. A nice touch! The 4cm Black Poly Mounting Board, which measures 20cm in width, is secured by 4 stainless steel nuts and bolts that are included in the packaging. Also, there are a number of pre-drilled holes in the stainless steel base to provide you with some optionality in terms of a custom positioning of the mount and motor!


You made it! We set out to write this post to teach you EVERYTHING there is to know about kayak trolling motors and kayak trolling motor mounts!

You learned what sizes are appropriate, the difference between “transom” and “bow” mount, what kind of materials you should look for, what weights are acceptable, and tons of other great information about kayak trolling motors!

But we didn’t stop there! We also teached you about kayak trolling motor mounts. After all, what good is a trolling motor if you don’t have somewhere to mount it! You learned about the important styles, what materials they should feature, whether they needed to be adjustable, weight limits, and how easily they can be mounted to your kayak!

We hope you’ve found this KFC post to be helpful, informative and fun to read. If you have any questions, please do feel free to post below. We’d love to interact with you!

5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors: Any Comments?

Do you have any personal experience in using a trolling motor while kayak fishing? What particular model do you have and do you like it? What features do you like about it? What would you change? How did you mount it to your fishing kayak? Do you have any experience with the motor mounts that we showcased in this article? What about other ways of attaching your trolling motor to your kayak? Please post below and share with us! We love interacting with the kayak fishing community and we promise to read and reply to every comment!

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