About Us

Why I Started This Community

I searched all over the internet for a site dedicated informing  people about Kayak Fishing.  Since I was unable to find any, I decided to create one myself.  My goal is for this to serve as a community for people to educate themselves about all aspects of Kayak Fishing.   When I say community, I really do mean community;  I have created a Facebook & Twitter account for this site to allow members to efficiently contribute information in real time.  This site is free, so when I say members, I am referring to anyone visiting this site.  This could be someone just stopping by one time to research a topic they had a question about, or it could be someone that checks the site regularly and actively participates in commentary and discussions.

Please be respectful at all times.  Please respect other members and myself.  Please do not post hateful comments.

About Me

My name is David Scott, and I consider myself fortunate enough to have been introduced to fishing at a young age.  I was by no means an expert angler, but I thoroughly enjoyed bass fishing in my area lakes.  When I was in my late teens, I went on a camping trip with my cousins.  The river portion of this excursion introduced me to the joys of kayaking.  I combined my love for fishing and kayaking on a guy’s trip in 2009.  This lit a fire within my soul that eventually led me to creating this community.  I truly love kayak fishing, and I am excited to share my passion and knowledge with others!

Free Ways to Contribute to KFC

I love getting feedback and interacting with visitors to this site.  As you read my posts, please take the time to share your knowledge.  There are several simple ways to share including posting a comment or question at the bottom of each post.  These conversations help this community grow and drastically improve the information on this site.

Thanks again for visiting the Kayak Fishing Corner Community Site!  If you are new, please Contact Me and let me know a little bit about you and your next planned kayak fishing trip!

David Scott, Avid Kayak Fisherman