Aluminum Kayak Paddle


An aluminum kayak paddle is one of the top choices for you to consider when it comes to long-lasting performance – especially for a standard kayak fishermen! Aluminum is lightweight and durable, and it will surely improve your performance on the water.  Want to learn how it can immediately improve your kayak fishing abilities and results? Let’s dive in!!

Aluminum Kayak Paddle – Overview

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In this guide, I have included as much information as possible for you to learn all of the important details about a standard aluminum kayak paddle. To keep it easy to follow, I have made sure to divide this article into small subsections. It will allow you to scan through different pieces of information – that way you can find what you need in a hurry!

I have included a subsection on the basics of an aluminum kayak paddle – it will help you get up to speed quickly. There is also a separate section containing the checklist on how you can use an aluminum kayak paddle – it will serve you as a quick reference guide. A portion of this article has been dedicated to addressing some of the important features that you need to consider when buying an aluminum kayak paddle – it will help you compare one paddle to the next to learn which is best.

In addition to that, I have also provided a link to one of my favorite kinds of aluminum kayak paddles. By no means is it the ONLY good one on the market, but its one that I have experience with and that I feel comfortable sharing with you. I’ll briefly review this particular paddle in the following section titled “My Experience” and will present you with my list of pros and cons so you can quickly learn from my own experiences.

Are you ready to know all the ins and outs about aluminum kayak paddles?!

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Aluminum Kayak Paddle – The Basics

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Shortcut to the Best Aluminum Kayak Paddle

Different materials are used in the construction of kayak paddles. Some of them feature plastic (often times called “composite kayak paddles“); others feature carbon fiber and aluminum. Aluminum kayak paddles are lightweight and long-lasting. But the good thing is, unlike other kinds of kayak paddles, they are not very expensive. If you are a recreational kayak fishermen, then these kind of kayak paddles will serve you perfectly well.  

On the other hand, the carbon and fiberglass options are high-end kayak fishing paddles. Yes, they come with some heightened elements of performance, so there is a bit of a trade off, however, they do have a hefty price tag. Probably an unnecessary expense for most kayak fishermen!

A decent quality aluminum kayak paddle can get the job done for you. You just need to look in the right place. Not only will you be able to save some money, but with good care, these aluminum paddles can last for many years. You will be able to get the most out of your investment in the long run. For instance, mine has been in my kayak for the last three fishing seasons!

But there are so many aluminum kayak paddles on the market. Choosing the right one can be difficult if you aren’t educated about what to look for. Even then, you’ll likely pick the wrong model if you haven’t first learned how to use it. But if you understand your requirements and priorities, you will get through this process pretty comfortably and you’ll be on your way to the water with a top notch aluminum kayak paddle.

How to Use an Aluminum Kayak Paddle:

Using an aluminum kayak paddle is pretty straightforward. But there are some technicalities involved to make sure that you get the best performance from it. You need to choose the right kind of aluminum kayak paddle based on your body size and stature, as well as the width of your kayak. Once you have bought your kayak paddle, it’s time for unboxing and getting accustomed to it. Here is an easy checklist that you can follow as a guide:

  • Take your kayak paddle out of the box and see how many pieces you have to assemble.
  • You will either get a 2-piece or a 4-piece assembly.
  • There will likely be assembly instructions in the box if your paddle is even the least bit complex.
  • You need to connect the shaft with the paddle heads using the ferrule.
  • You will either have a snap-button ferrule or a screw-in version.
  • Connect all the pieces.
  • Keep the midpoint of the paddle right in the line of your nose and hold the paddle in your hands.
  • Go for a few practice strokes in the air before you go out in the water. – safety first (speaking of, wear the best fishing kayak life jacket while you are out there)!
  • When you have got used to the feel, then go out on the water and practice your strokes. 
  • The “easiest” stroke is the simple forward stroke – its all you really need to get started.
  • When you are done using your paddle, wipe it clean using a soft and dry cloth.
  • For better maintenance, you can also use some anti-corrosion sprays to prevent your paddle from rusting.
  • Also, make sure that you store it unassembled and completely dry.
  • While storing it (we suggesting getting the best kayak cover), keep it away from moisture and any other element to prevent corrosion during the time you will store it.

Aluminum Kayak Paddle – Important Features

Your Kayaking Purpose

Are you a recreational kayak fishermen? Or do you compete in tournaments? For recreational kayak fishing, you can go for the kayak paddles that are made of plastic or aluminum. These kayak paddles are light and budget-friendly. These paddles, and particularly the ones made of plastics, will work better on flat waters, however.

On the other hand, if you are looking for performance-based kayak paddles because you’ve got to beat your competitors to the best fishing hole, then you need to go for carbon or fiberglass materials (unless you are using a kayak fishing pedal kayak or an electric kayak, that is). These paddles will even get you through white waters, as they are actually designed for adventure sports (though we like to use them for fishing tournaments).

Paddle Length and Weight

Paddle length and weight are critical – there is not a “one size fits all”. You need to choose it according to your body height and kayak width. There is nothing complicated about choosing the length of your kayak paddle based on the width of your kayak. If you have a broad kayak, you will need a longer kayak paddle. It’s that simple.

Aluminum Kayak Paddle

But there is a little technicality that you need to keep in mind when choosing the paddle length based on your height. Make sure that you choose the length of your kayak paddle based on the height of your torso. That’s right, it is your torso height (not your overall height) that is important in this equation. It is important because, while seated in your fishing kayak, you are not stand-up paddling, you are seated with the distance from your shoulders to the water being the important measurement.


Design is also important when looking for the right type of aluminum kayak paddle. The good thing is that there are different designs available on the market. You have to consider the design of your shaft as well as the paddle head for the best performance.  Look for a shaft that has ergonomic grips – they’ll keep your hands from tiring too quickly!


You’ll find asymmetrical blades and dihedral blades. Asymmetrical blades are designed for experienced kayakers and they are pretty lightweight. But they are wobbly in the water. Dihedral blades, and you can learn more about that term here, can distribute water on both the halves evenly, so there won’t be any wobble.

Aluminum Kayak Paddle

You can also go for either wide head or narrow head paddles. The wider heads are better for power stroking in fast-flowing waters. However, their narrower counterparts are better for touring or recreational kayaking. They are also great for kayak fishermen – which is what matters most to us!


You can choose a straight shaft or a model that is more kinked from where you place your hands to grab it. The straight ones are better for the experienced kayakers, but the kinked ones are a better option for the beginners. This is a good time to be honest with you abilities as well – you don’t want a kinked model if you aren’t knowledgeable and experienced on how to correctly use it.

The kinked shafts allow you to have a better grip on your paddle, and you will be better in your forward strokes. However, the straight shafts are more diverse because you can do different strokes with them based on your needs and preferences. Kayak fishing requires a mastery of a lot of different kinda of paddling strokes, so you’ll want a model that allows you to perform them.


There are different materials that you will find in different kayak paddles. Some are even made out of treated wood! The aluminum kayak paddle is good for a recreational or touring kayak fishing trip. So long as you are kayak fishing in steady or slow-flowing waters (and not white water), the aluminum model is acceptable for you.

When there is an aluminum shaft, you will usually find plastic paddle heads or those made of polypropylene or nylon. These materials are used with aluminum shafts so that the overall weight remains under control, and the kayak doesn’t get heavy. Light wight is an important thing to keep in mind (you might also be interested in getting the best lightweight kayak). Otherwise, a heavy paddle will fatigue in your hands and arms – bring you in off the water and away from the fish sooner than you’d like to be.

Buy the Best Aluminum Kayak Paddle

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The best aluminum kayak paddle that money can buy, at least in our educated opinion, is showcased above. It is built of an aluminum alloy that is lightweight, while still being heavy-duty. It also comes with a paddle leash which is a very thoughtful touch. For some reason, if you lose the grip on your paddle, you won’t have to worry because it is not going to get too far!

Aluminum Kayak Paddle

The total length of this aluminum kayak paddle is 220cm, which is suitable for medium or short torso height – remember the importance of measuring your torso height? We learned about that above. But that’s not all… You can adjust three different angles of the paddle heads.  This is great in terms of extra versatility!

The paddle heads on this particular model are made of high-quality plastic and have a dihedral design. It means that water flow will be equally distributed over both the halves of the head. Not only is this easier for most beginners, it keeps you from becoming tired as easily. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with any wobbles while making strokes. Nice and smooth!

My Experience

My experience with this aluminum kayak paddle by has been pretty good. Like I said, I have had it in my own fishing kayak for several seasons now. Despite being aluminum, this paddle is very lightweight to use. It is a good choice for you to consider if you do recreational kayak fishing. A decent design that works, and it won’t break your wallet either. The kayak paddle has a 2-piece construction for easy assembly and convenient storage.

You won’t find any measuring or ideal hook retrieval systems on this paddle, those are admittedly disadvantages, but it does all the basics right – and thats often what a beginner is looking for! That paddle leash is truly a blessing because you won’t have to get wet even if you lose your paddle! Pays for itself quickly!!

If you are like me, you like to learn from the experience of others, so here is a list of pros and cons that I have for you regarding this particular aluminum kayak paddle – I hope it is helpful to you in terms of making your evaluation.  


  • Effortless assembly (no special tools needed) and convenient storage.
  • Three locking positions for your paddle heads to make it feathered for easy strokes (great adjustability).
  • Hollow metal shaft to help keep it afloat (though not fully).
  • Paddle leash to keep it in your access all the time.


  • Aluminum makes it a non-floating kayak paddle (mitigate by using your paddle leash).


I do hope that my aluminum kayak paddle guide proves to be a good resource for you when you are looking for a kayak fishing paddle of your own. I have compiled it to help you in finding the right aluminum kayak paddle that meets all your needs, though you can certainly kayak fish with non-aluminum models as well.  

Apart from that, I have also covered a range of different aspects of choosing the right aluminum kayak paddle. I have recommended to you my favorite and even added a link to their product page. It is one of the best aluminum kayak paddles on the market for those who love recreational kayak fishing (but not white water kayak fishing).


Have you every used an aluminum kayak paddle? Did you use it while kayak fishing? How did it perform for you? Did you find that, while it was lightweight, it was still durable enough to withstand the inevitable dents and dings that come over the course of a kayak fishing career? Share your experience with us! We love for your to share any tips, tricks or other recommendations you may have with this kayak fishing community! We promise to read and reply to every comment!

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