Best All Around Kayak Trailer

Best All Around Kayak Trailer

Before you get started on this KFC post on the Best All Around Kayak Trailer, and in order to ensure that you have the best possible understanding of all things kayak trailer, we would suggest that you devote just a little bit of time to reading our Fishing Kayak Trailer Ultimate Guide.

KayakFishingCorner has devoted a tremendous amount of energy to comparing and contrasting all of the various types of kayak trailer on the market today. This was no easy task. We discovered that, over the last several years, particularly in the last two years, and largely in part of the exponentially increasing prevalence and popularity of kayak fishing, kayak trailers have  become more available, and this wider availability has in turn made the products more affordable (a nice turn of events for you and I). In our research, we found many kayak trailers that were specifically built as trailers for kayak fishing:

Best All Around Kayak Trailer

We also found many kayak trailers that had been designed uniquely for the purpose of transporting fishing kayaks by SUV. KayakFishingCorner decided to write this particular post after so many of KFC readers wrote in to us requesting our opinion on the Best All Around Kayak Trailer. They told us that they had read about all of the different kayak trailers on this kayak fishing community, and wanted our opinion on the singular kayak trailer that ticked the most boxes in terms of being the Best All Around Trailer.

Best All Around Kayak Trailer

We thought this request made a lot of sense. After all, there is so much material available on the different types of kayak trailer, and perhaps certain readers are less interested in a specific trailer, and more interested in one that can suffice a number of “general needs”. We started our effort at generating a meaningful response by collecting and reviewing all of the  kayak trailer research, material and information we could find. Once we were certain that we were thoroughly versed on things “kayak trailer”, we isolated the list to only a handful of kayak trailers that we were positive were great candidates for a Best All Around Kayak Trailer designation.

The last step was to take all of the front running kayak trailer candidates, and whittle them down to just the best of the best. This involved a great deal of discussion and disagreement, all as part of the process to fully vet our ultimate suggestion. After all, to be designated as the Best All Around Kayak Trailer, the trailer must be stacked against a number of other top trailers, then judged on a whole range of factors. If you are busy, and want to skip the somewhat cumbersome, and definitely time consuming process of educating yourself on all things trailer, you have landed on the the right post! Read on to discover KFC’s designation of Best All Around Kayak Trailer!


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Best All Around Kayak Trailer

You should know that we commit to never provide any particular company, retailer or manufacturer with biased or inflated rankings or reviews. We can assure you that our evaluations are conducted on an equal and level playing field.

Best All Around Kayak Trailer

In this article, wants to help you learn about the #1 model so that you can determine whether this particular kayak trailer will fit your kayak fishing needs.  We write each of the unbiased kayak fishing product posts you see on as our primary means of earning your trust.

Best All Around Kayak Trailer

Do you have any questions about how goes about its business of investigating and opining upon kayak fishing gear?  We have very much enjoyed the research that has gone into this post, and we hope you find this article to be informative and maybe even lead you to consider the purchase of the Best All Around Kayak Trailer!

Best All Around Kayak Trailer: Introduction

Best All Around Kayak Trailer

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Shortcut to the Best All Around Kayak Trailer Review

There are so many types of speciality kayak trailers on the market. Kayak trailers for trucks, kayak trailers for SUVs, kayak trailers for kayak fishing. With all of these options, how can we be sure that we aren’t selecting an overly specialized trailer? What if we are just looking for a jack of all trades? Put simply, what if we are looking for the #1 All Around Kayak Trailer?

Best All Around Kayak Trailer: My Experience

Best All Around Kayak Trailer

When I was an amateur kayak fisherman, I was hesitant to buy a kayak fishing trailer. I simply didn’t think that I needed one. Not to mention, I thought that they were bulky and hard to drive. Simply put, I was intimidated by the idea of owning and driving a trailer. I decided that I needed something easy.

A trailer that could satisfy my general kayak fishing needs. Something that could accommodate a number of different fishing kayaks and allow for easy connection of after market gear. A trailer that could be driven on the highway without losing stability. A trailer that could withstand the bumpy trail down to my local lake. I needed the #1 All Around Kayak Trailer.

Best All Around Kayak Trailer: Our Pick

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Best All Around Kayak Trailer

We get it, we’ve experienced it, there is simply so much kayak fishing gear (including kayak trailers!) on the market today that frequently it makes sense to simply find a product that combines many of the elements and features you’d like to see into one package. It is this very combination that we have found in the kayak trailer that we’ve named the Best All Around Trailer. Do not worry if you do not have 4 fishing kayaks like in the image below. We have merely included this image to show you the capacity of the Best All Around Trailer. 

We love the flexibility of this trailer. Its user can easily remove and add back the kayak cradles shown above to meet the needs of the particular kayak fishing outing they will be embarking upon. As you can see, when this trailer is used at full capacity, whether doing so with fishing kayaks or with kayak fishing equipment, the result is impressive.

This kayak trailer ranked as KFC’s Best All Around Kayak Trailer due, in part, to its versatility and quality. It is built with marine grade and pre-galvanized steel and measures an impressive 78 inches wide and 164 inches long. Its tires are of a quality that can support this wide frame. The spacious frame also affords the user with a versatile platform upon which to load a fishing kayak or any number of pieces of related gear. Take a look below:

Best All Around Kayak Trailer

This model is designed with extra long, 78 inch, high quality coated steel cross rails that can be outfitted to fit most after market kayak fishing attachments (if, that is, you want to purchase after market attachments at all). Its 2 inch hitch is “standard” and allows connection to your vehicle of choice.

It supports loads of up to 350 pounds, which is more than enough capacity for a number of fishing kayaks. You can also haul fishing kayaks of up to 19 feet long, which of course easily accommodates the size of most fishing kayaks. 

Take a look at the above. You can see that all of the required kayak mounting gear has been included with this – The #1 All Around Kayak Trailer. Perhaps this is our favorite feature of this particular trailer package. Inclusion of all this gear reduces the risk of potential error of buying after market mounting products that don’t align perfectly with the trailer, a very dangerous situation.

Finally, this is manufactured from the highest quality materials, includes an ergonomic mounting handle designed for maximum ease in attaching the trailer to your vehicle. This mounting handle feature is actually quite rare among kayak trailers on the market today. Finally, it also comes with a heavy duty fail safe chain to give even further assurance of the safety of your fishing kayak while it is under transport. Let’s face it, kayak fishing involves travel on some bumpy roads!

If you are here, you are looking for the best kayak fishing gear. Take a look at how the Best Kayak Seat Cushion can improve your kayak fishing outings and why the Best Kayak Rack for Dock is continually #1 on our kayak fishing wish list!

Best All Around Kayak Trailer: Conclusion

We searched and searched for a kayak trailer that made it easy on its users. A kayak trailer that was built of materials that would withstand heavy utilization over many seasons of kayak fishing. One that could be customized and amended as a kayak fisherman’s needs changed over time. One with required gear already included, saving the kayak fisherman from risk of error.

We knew we had discovered the best when we discovered that this particular trailer ticked all required boxes. If you are looking for a kayak trailer that will serve a variety of types of fishing kayaks, you’ve found it here! Want to know more about kayak trailers? Check out The Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers! Be sure to learn how to properly use your trailer before getting on the road!

You’ve mastered safety with your trailer, but what about safety on the water? Learn more about how to stay safe during your kayak fishing outings, here!


Do you have any questions regarding KFC’s opinion on the Best All Around  Kayak Trailer? Do you agree with the particular parts of the trailer that we think separate it from the pack? What about questions or comments on kayak fishing in general? Would you like to see KFC write about any particular topic?  Please share with the rest of the KayakFishingCorner community by posting in the Comments section below.

Best All Around Kayak Trailer - The #1 Kayak Trailer of the Year
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