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You can stay in your favorite fishing spot for hours by using the best kayak brush gripper. Not familiar with the term “brush gripper”? Fear not, but you’ll want to check out our Kayak Brush Gripper Ultimate Guide to get you up to speed!

Just attach the brush gripper with nearby stationary objects like a dock, brush, grass, a tree or branch, even a group of logs. Want to learn why this particular brush gripper is your best choice for kayak fishing? Let’s read on!

Best Kayak Brush Gripper – Overview

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I have compiled this comprehensive post for all those kayak fishermen who are currently dealing with some kayak anchoring issues. I’ve included all the important details about the best kayak brush gripper.

This guide has been divided into small sections to make sure that all the information remains well-organized and easy to sift through. You’ll be able to find what you are looking for and get back on the water quickly! 

First of all, you’ll get to know about the basics of the best kayak brush gripper. We discuss what it is, what it is used for, what it is made of, how it works, and other similar information.

Secondly, there is a brief checklist that will highlight all the important points associated with how to use a brush gripper effectively. After all, even the best kayak brush gripper isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t know the right way to use it!

Furthermore, I’ve included a link to my favorite kayak brush gripper. By no means is it the ONLY top quality brush gripper on the market but, for the reasons I am going to get into later, I think it edges out the competition by just a bit!

Later on, I’ll review this particular gripper and will provide you with a list of its pros and cons. You can read all about it in the “My Experience” section. Ready to get down to business? I know I am!!

Best Kayak Brush Gripper – Basics

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Brush Gripper Review

Kayak fishermen can conveniently use vegetation, bush, and even small limbs on the shore for anchoring their kayaks with the help of a kayak brush gripper. This tool prevents your kayak from drifting away with the flow of the currents or gusts of the winds.

It has a “fish grip” design coupled with the spring-loaded tension. So if you pull it harder, its grip improves and becomes tighter. These are built to function like the popular children’s toy – a “Chinese Finger Trap”.

Best Kayak Brush Gripper

The best kayak brush gripper comes with a tight line rope as well that enhances its hold even further. Its kind of like using the Best Kayak Paddle Grip Tape in terms of becoming stronger as you pull harder! But you need to keep in mind that this anchor is not designed to “anchor into” mud like those conventional anchoring systems. We have ranked The 5 Best Kayak Anchors for you! You can think of a brush gripper as a “surface anchor” of sorts.

Apart from using it as a gripping anchor, you can use it to hang something like a lantern when camping. Therefore, it is a lot easier to use and store. It is a better-suited device for the kayak fishermen who are looking for a lightweight anchoring option. It is also quite handy for those who are tight on space (and, be honest, what kayak fishermen ISN’T a little tight on space)!

It is also very simple to use, and there is no previous experience required for this purpose. Just set it and forget it and turn all your attention to what is more important, and that is scoring a catch for the day.

How to Use a Kayak Brush Gripper?

In this section, I list some of the important steps that you need to remember when using your kayak brush gripper. A kayak brush gripper will only function correctly when you use it properly – so pay attention!

  • Remove your kayak brush gripper from its packing/box.
  • Identify the different items included here.
  • In most cases, you will find the fish-shaped gripping device with a line of rope.
  • The rope usually features nylon or plastic, and the gripping device is usually made of metal.
  • You might find the line rope with a hook that you can attach to the brush gripper. 
  • Now, connect the head to the shaft with the included bracket.
  • Once you are done securing the line with the gripper, try it by clinging it to a nearby limb or bush that you can find.
  • You will notice that the tighter you pull the line; the gripper will make a stronger hold.
  • Once you’re comfortable with it, it’s time to take it out on the water.

Side Note: If you liked this “how to” checklist, you might also be interested in learning how to use kayak outriggers or how to use a kayak paddle leash. Each of these posts will help you learn to become a more well rounded kayak fisherman! Learn how to stay comfortable in your kayak for longer with the Best Kayak Seat!

Best Kayak Brush Gripper – Important Features


The materials used in the construction of these brush grippers varies widely. Most of them are made of metal, while some of them will also feature plastics of different kinds. 

Best Kayak Brush Gripper

While metals are far more durable and long-lasting in terms of performance, the plastic ones are lightweight. However, due to the size of these devices, weight doesn’t matter much. So it is better to choose metal over any other material. It’ll last you longer and save you money in the long run!

Design and Construction

Another important feature to consider here is the design and construction of a brush gripper. The most common design is the “fish-grip”, where the device has a fish-like shape, and the teeth are designed similarly. 

Best Kayak Brush Gripper

The advantage of this design is that the grip becomes stronger as the device gets pulled due to the teeth bent inwards. Other designs are available as well, but this is the most effective one of them all; hence, you should prefer it.

Length of the Line Rope

If you already have a line rope to use with your brush gripper, then you can skip this part. But most of the brush grippers these days come with their line ropes. Some of them have hooks or rings on them for you to fasten them to your brush gripper. Others might need to tie them to the device for a secure hold. The choice is up to you. 

Best Kayak Brush Gripper

If you are good with rope knots, then you can use them, so you don’t need any rings or hooks. Its length has a key role to play because you can significantly increase the area covered with a long rope without losing the grip or anchoring support.

Weight and Size

Of course, with a larger size brush gripper, weight is going to matter a lot. Many brush grippers don’t weigh much because of the high-quality materials used in the construction. If you do kayak fishing in a region where the water flows fast with high winds, then you will need a bigger brush gripper for a stronghold. And it should be made of metal. 

Best Kayak Brush Gripper

You can use a plastic one if the region where you are kayaking doesn’t experience high winds. But plastic is less durable than metal, and your brush gripper might not last for very long. Remember, some of the secret behind the performance of a brush gripper is in its engineering – so you don’t have to rely 100% on the weight or size, but these two features are still very important in finding the best of the best!

Buy the Best Kayak Brush Gripper

Buy on Amazon

The best kayak brush gripper that money can buy in terms of performance and reliability is the one that we have showcased directly above. You can use it to hold your kayak, boat, or canoe – of course we use ours for our fishing kayak, as you might have suspected!

This brush gripper comes with a 9 feet long paracord that can significantly increase your area coverage. And it allows you to fish comfortably anywhere you want without losing your hold.

Best Kayak Brush Gripper

And the best part is that the harder you pull it, the stronger it grips – just like a Chinese finger trap! It means that its performance will increase ten times on stronger currents due to the tension construction.

You are not dropping it into the water, so you cannot scare the fish away either as in the case of a conventional anchor. Apart from that, you can also use it to secure your paddle or similar items and don’t drop it in the water to blow your cover.

My Experience

My experience with this particular brush gripper has been extraordinary. Its aluminum construction makes it lightweight, and the fish-grip tension securely holds your boat in place. The device comes with a 9-foot long rope and provides you with good coverage. You can use it with any shore limbs, docks, or vegetation with ease. It is very simple to use and easy to maintain and store.

Best Kayak Brush Gripper

The brush gripper is designed to keep boats, canoes, and kayaks that are up to 22 feet in length. Therefore, it can bear some weight. The nine feet long paracord is exceptional in terms of tension and hold. And as you are going to use it on the water, it will keep performing over time. Remember, if you want to obtain increased anchor coverage, you can purchase additional para-cord at any hardware store!


  • Aluminum construction ensures its lightweight but durable performance.
  • Nine feet long paracord provides you with good area coverage.
  • Can hold boats, kayaks, or canoes up to 22 feet long.
  • Excellent to use for kayak fishing due to light weight and small size.
  • Can hold various objects (similarly to a Kayak Paddle Holder), and you won’t need to drop them into water (won’t scare the fish away).
  • Easy to clean, maintain, and store.


  • The rope that comes with it might be fitted to small at nine feet long (we suggest buying additional footage of para-cord at the local hardware store if you’d like additional length).


Now you have all the info that you need to find the best kayak brush gripper, and I do hope that you have found this information useful. I have tried to include all the bits and pieces to make the guide as comprehensive as possible!

For a quick recap, a brush gripper allows you to maintain your position on flowing water, even when combined with strong winds! It will prevent you from drifting away from your favorite spot with the current. You can use it for your canoe, boat, or kayak by just attaching it with any shore limbs, docks, or vegetation. Your best pet is low hanging branches, at least in my opinion!

Some brush grippers come with longer ropes, and they offer good area coverage. These devices have a unique fish-grip tension that keeps the hold strong. The stronger you pull the tight becomes the hold. It is much lighter than your conventional anchor, and it won’t make any noise either.


Did you know that a brush grippers could be such a great alternative to traditional anchors? Had you ever considered using one in your own kayak fishing game? Perhaps you’ve even had some experience with our showcased model and want to share your thoughts and opinions with us? Please do so by posting in the Comments section below! We read and reply to every comment and LOVE interacting with the kayak fishing community!

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