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Remember, kayak carts are fairly new pieces of kayak fishing gear. Only recently have they entered the marketplace with greater prevalence. The quick development of new kayak cart styles, many with different shapes, sizes, capacities, and even built of different materials, prompted KFC to look back into the kayak cart market, this time with an eye towards kayak fishing. We wanted to find the undisputed Best Kayak Cart.

Best Kayak Cart

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Best Kayak Cart

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Parts of a Kayak Cart

Parts of a Kayak Cart


Best Kayak Cart

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Shortcut to Best Kayak Cart Review

The result of the quest first posted in this article is this Best Kayak Cart article. We have included all of the important details about the Best Kayak Cart that you’ll want to know to make the determination as to whether you agree with our opinion.

Because it is a rather complicated target, we have organized this post into separate categories. First, we discuss the basics of this cart. We have then included a short checklist about how to properly use this cart in your own kayak fishing outings. Next, we go into several of the different important features contained within the best kayak cart, and even include a link where you can visit the product page to learn more about why this cart is our favorite. Finally, we share a little bit about our own experiences using a kayak cart while kayak fishing.

We hope you enjoy reading this post as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Kayak carts have fundamentally changed the way we go about transporting our fishing kayaks. We are convinced that they’ll do the same for you, and we want you to understand all about them so that you can make the right decision for yourself! Before you dig in, we suggest you take a look at our Kayak Cart Ultimate Guide. In it, you’ll find an all encompassing article for all things kayak cart.

How to Use It

Best Kayak Cart

As with anything else, there are proper and improper ways to use a cart. If you use it properly, a kayak cart will be a fantastic and safe piece of kayak fishing gear. Used incorrectly, however, and you put not only the safety of your kayak at risk, you are also endangering yourself and anyone who happens to be nearby. Following the short “how to” checklist below will help ensure that you use your kayak cart appropriately!

  • Begin by unfolding your cart and extending it to the position it will be in during transport.
  • You’ll notice that a kickstand is included with the cart, and you’ll want to fold it down such that the cart sits flat and balanced on the ground.
  • Next, confirm that the cart has been properly assembled. We like to do this by pushing down on the rubberized pads to determine if the cart sways or flexes significantly.
  • You want your cart to be fairly rigid to support the kayak’s weight, and you’ll want to ensure that the cart’s wheels do not have an irregular share or any cracking in their treading (very rarely do they have this).
  • Now is the time to lift your kayak by the hull and hover it above kayak cart.
  • You will want to position the kayak such that the hull is directly over the cradle of the cart.
  • Once centered, gently lower the kayak into the cradle.
  • You’ll want to ensure that the weight of the kayak has been evenly distributed. We always like to lightly push the front and back of the kayak to make sure the kayak cart maintains a stable balance.
  • Finally, loop the included straps around the body of the kayak and attach them to one another.
  • You’ll want to tighten these straps securely to make sure your kayak doesn’t bounce loose from its cradle while you are traversing bumpy roads or pathways!
  • Now you are ready to push your kayak and cart down the path and to the water!

Important Features of the Best Kayak Cart

The initial thing that caught our eye when evaluating numerous kayak carts  was how similar they all appeared to be. Most were the Sit on Top Kayak Cart style. Others were the Sit In Kayak Cart style.

Best Kayak Cart

There was very difference between most of the highly rated models. Maybe that is one of the reasons why we thought the cart shown above was worthy of the Best Kayak Cart designation. Its designers have taken a unique approach with its design. Admittedly, this approach was a risk. In this case, their risk has been rewarded.


best kayak cart

We’ve included the flexibility of this kayak cart as one of its best features. It is also one of the reasons that it has been named the Best Kayak Cart. If you’ve read KFC’s Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Kayak Cart, you already know that there are a number of different types of “flexibility”. Look at the image above and you can see that here, when we use “flexibility”, we are referring to the ability of this cart to adapt to fishing kayaks with many different shapes and sizes of hull.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the adjustable arms are comprised of a rubberized padding. This padding is tacky enough to prevent your fishing kayak from sliding forward or backward while you are moving it from location to location.

Best Kayak Cart

We have noticed that when the padding is exposed to the sun for a long period of time, and sometimes during cold weather, the padding can lose its adhesiveness. Do not let this concern you, as the included heavy duty strapping will make certain the fishing kayak doesn’t slide too far! Take a look at the close up image of the strap above. It is strong enough to keep your kayak safe and sound!

Sturdy Wheels

Best Kayak Cart

The heavy duty (and treaded) wheels on this cart are also a great feature! At this point, I have used this kayak cart on tons of different surfaces. I’ve discovered that it is capable of navigating them all with ease! It even easily manages sand at the beach! I think this is because of the kayak cart’s puncture proof wheels and the included tacky grip and rubberized tread.

Its a good thing these wheels are so durable because this kayak cart claims a loaded weight capacity of 300lbs! That is way heavier than any fishing kayak! Also, like in the image above, the high capacity allows the kayak fisherman to load a number of accessories into the fishing kayak to move several things safely and efficiently at one time. Dual uses earned this cart points towards the Best Kayak Cart designation!

Convenient Design

We included the picture above because it shows one of my favorite features of this kayak cart. The kickstand! I was surprised to see how many kayak carts  did not include a kickstand! How is a kayak fisherman supposed keep the fishing kayak balanced the while at rest? It wouldn’t be possible. The kickstand makes it easier to load, unload, and rest the fishing kayak. If your kayak cart doesn’t have a kickstand, you’re signing up for a difficult task!

Best Kayak Cart

Don’t be concerned about the kickstand getting in your way. Once you are ready to get moving, just move the kickstand up and out of the way (just like in the picture we’ve included above). No special tools or extra pieces of equipment needed. The kickstand has no downside!


Best Kayak Cart

KFC’s #1 favorite feature of this kayak cart is portability. The portability is one category where this Best Kayak Cart earned the most points. The cart easily breaks down into small pieces allowing you to store it in locations that are convenient for you. The trunk of your car, under the bed, or even down in the hull of your fishing kayak (check out the image below which shows how this can be done!) this kayak cart has been designed with portability in mind.

To add some personal opinion, my favorite part is that breaking down the kayak cart didn’t require any special tools. First, I’m not a handy man. I do not have very many tools. Second, and more importantly, who has room in their fishing kayak to bring along extra tools in the first place? Not me!

Buy the Best Kayak Cart

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A Great All Around Model!

We’ve listed all of the important features above. Each of them make it clear that this kayak cart is far beyond all of its competitors. There can be no doubt that it is the Best Kayak Cart on the market today. The common theme running through all of the features and attributes of this cart is that it has been made of high quality components.

Sadly, many of the kayak carts on the market today simply won’t stand up to the rigors of kayak fishing. They typically break down at the hinges, or their tires become irregularly shaped. The manufacturer of this kayak cart has engineered its way out of these problems. They’ve designed a kayak cart that can withstand becoming dry, then wet, then dry again, over and over for many kayak fishing seasons end on end.

If you want a kayak cart that is going to serve you during the heat of summer and the cold of winter, this model is your best bet. It does not become piping hot to the touch when exposed to the direct sun, nor does its rubberized padding become ineffective when submitted to freezing cold temperatures. KFC always encourages that its readers consider “year-round” kayak fishing gear, and this kayak cart perfectly fits that description!

My Experience

Best Kayak Cart

We were surprised how well this kayak cart performed right out of the box. Not only did it have an appealing and flexible design, its functionality was perfect for what we required in our kayak fishing outings. When we kayak fish, we often travel to very remote bodies of water. This often leaves us with with long distances to travel from the parking lot to the water’s edge.

Best Kayak Cart

The cart is the best solution to this problem. But not just any cart. We need the absolute Best Kayak Cart, and the kayak cart we showcase in this article is it. It is truly perfect for kayak fishing. We’ve appreciated it more and more each time we’ve used it. Also, with each new outing, we’ve determined that a different feature would be the one that awarded this cart the Best Kayak Cart designation.  In this article, we’ve listed only a small number of our favorite features. If we tried to list all of them, we’d be writing for hours on end!


Quality – 4.25/5

Quality is one thing that is often lacking and not just in kayak carts. Kayak fishing gear is still relatively new to the marketplace. Because of that, the lesser quality manufacturers are still in the market and you need to be careful to avoid being stuck with an unreliable kayak fishing accessory. This cart scores high in quality. We are impressed with its “no slip” surface and particularly its treaded wheels. These are two high quality features that are often overlooked by its competitors.

Performance – 4.5/5

The cart performed just as promised. I loaded my fishing kayak and adjusted it a number of times to make sure I had the center of gravity nicely balanced. Each time I pushed and pulled on the kayak, the cart itself did  not groan, creak or shift in a way where I thought it was compromised. We actually took the cart down a relatively rocky path that day. Its large wheels were well suited to navigate the bumpy terrain!

Price – 4.25/5

While you can sometimes find a cart for as cheap as $50, we would suggest that the cart is not a place where you want to be on the “low end” to try to save a few bucks. This cart can usually be found for between $100 and $250 depending on where you source it from. While somewhat expensive, at least in terms of kayak fishing gear, we tend to think of it as a cheap insurance policy. So many times, we are tempted to hand carry our kayaks in dangerous areas where we would be better and safer served by moving them with a kayak cart. Safer for all parties involved, including the kayak!

Durability – 4/5

As with any piece of kayak fishing gear, the durability of this cart is going to be directly impacted by the care which is provided to it by the kayak fisherman. If you do not subject the cart to needlessly rough usage, if you store it indoors and away from wide temperature swings, and if you use care when lowering the kayak atop the cart, it will serve you well for season after season – ours certainly has!

Overall – 4.25/5

Coming in at an average score of 4.25, this cart is the best one that we have evaluated (among tens upon tens of carts). Its unique design may spawn some competitors or even knock offs, as the manufacturer seems to have deviated from the traditional design and has been rewarded in terms of creating a very reliable cart! We love the kayak cart’s low profile and how it can easily be transported and stored for periods when it is not in use. This is a great piece of kayak fishing gear for those of any level of skill or experience – check it out!


I hope this post has helped you learn more about why we feel this is the best kayak cart on the market today. Remember, if you have any questions about how we made the determination that this model is the best cart, please comment at the bottom of this page, we’d love to hear from you!

As you know, I prefer to buy my kayak fishing gear one time and only one time. Kayak fishing is an expensive hobby. In the long run, you’ll be much better off by investing a little bit more money at first on a nicer piece of kayak fishing gear. Why? Because its durability is going to outlast some of the cheaper kayak fishing accessories on the market. KFC feels strongly about our Best Kayak Cart recommendation – We know it will last many seasons!

KFC’s Best Kayak Cart suggestion assures you are getting a cart with all the best features and qualities. Durability, efficient design, sleek appearance, wide wheel base, and kickstand, all make for a very competitive cart. Buy it once, and buy it right the first time. You won’t regret this one! What if you are looking for something a little more basic? Take a look at this Standard Kayak Cart. We usually find it best to push the kayak and cart to the water by using a boat launch.

Want to put your skills to the test? Read up on some sample kayak fishing tournament rules before engaging in your first tournament!


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