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As a beginner, you can take any kayak paddle, after all, a paddle is just a paddle, right? But when you realize that you have to spend countless hours paddling during an average kayak fishing trip, then you need to look for the best kayak paddle for the money! A paddle should withstand thousands of strokes and shouldn’t cause you any blisters or paid! 

Best Kayak Paddle for the Money – Overview:

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This post on the best kayak paddle for the money contains all the necessary information that you need to make an informed purchase decision. I have broken it down into several different subsections for your convenience. It will allow you to scan through all the information quickly.

I have included a section that contains information on “the basics of the best kayak paddle for the money.” There is another section on “how to use a kayak paddle.” Another section has information on various “important features” that you need to consider before buying the best kayak paddle for the money.

For your convenience, I have included a link to my favorite kayak paddle for the money (and trust me, I do NOT like spending money on anything but the best). I have also briefly reviewed this product and will provide you with a list of its pros and cons under “My Experience” section.

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Best Kayak Paddle for the Money – Basics:

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Paddle for the Money

Being a budget-friendly kayak fishing paddle doesn’t mean that these kayak paddles need to be cheap in quality. The best kayak paddle for the money is made of decent quality materials, but they are not unnecessarily high end. 

You are going to find fiberglass or carbon-reinforced in this category. These kayak paddles do a pretty good job for their price.

The best kayak paddle for the money is an ideal option for anyone who doesn’t kayak fish on a weekly basis. Apart from that, it is a good weapon of choice for those who are learning the art of kayak fishing – even the truest of beginners! Even if you are an experienced kayak fishermen, you want to get the best bang of your buck by investing in the best kayak paddle for the money. 

The only difference between such paddles and the expensive, high-end ones is that these paddles are not made of expensive materials. However, the overall feel and performance in terms of durability are not influenced significantly.

They come with all the important features that you need as a kayak fisherman, such as easy assembly, measurement stick and hook retrieval system.

Best Kayak Paddle for the Money – How to Use it?

Here is a list of all the important steps that you need to take before you enter the water with your kayak paddle.

  • Open up your kayak paddle pack and identify various items in it.
  • There will be the unassembled kayak paddle parts in the box along with the instructions manual.
  • Go through the instructions carefully and identify the shaft and paddle heads.
  • Now according to the instructions, connect the paddle heads with the shaft as described.
  • Even if you are a beginner kayak fisherman, connecting the paddle parts is not that of a big deal.
  • Now you do need to identify the ferrule type before you start connecting the parts.
  • You will either find a snap-in ferrule or its screw-in version.
  • After putting it all together, try it out and get used to it before you enter the water (practice your strokes in the air).
  • Once you are comfortable, get out in the water and try it.
  • Go for the J-strokes because they don’t consume much of your energy and are still very productive, allowing you to cover a good distance. 
  • When you’re done, disconnect all the parts, clean and dry them before you store them away in a dry place (like your waterproof kayak cover).

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Best Kayak Paddle for the Money – Important Features:

There are various important features that you should consider before buying what you are hoping to be the best kayak paddle for the money. I have listed all these features down below for your reference. If you find a kayak fishing paddle that has all of these, then you should rest assured that you’ll be happy with your decision!


Deciding the right length and width of your kayak paddle is very important. The length of your paddle will vary depending upon your height and your kayak’s width. When measuring your height, don’t include your total body height. 

You won’t be standing in your kayak. Therefore, you will only need to measure the height of your torso. Measure it by sitting on the ground. Note the distance between the tip of your nose and the surface between your legs. This is called your “torso height”.

With this measurement, you can choose the right length. Apart from that, you will also need to account for your kayak’s width. If your kayak is broad, then you need a long kayak paddle. If the kayak is narrow, then a smaller kayak paddle will work for you.

Using a long kayak paddle on a narrow kayak will make it difficult for you to maintain your balance on the water (though you’d be able to counteract this if you learned how to use kayak outriggers). And using a small paddle on a broad kayak will make you put in a lot of effort, and paddling your kayak all the way across the lake in search of a fish will become very tiring for you (unless you are using a foot control trolling motor, in which case we suggest you DO spend the money on a trolling motor battery box)!

Therefore, you will need the right kayak paddle length according to your torso height and your kayak’s width. Here is a chart that can help you make an informed decision:

Best Kayak Paddle for the Money

Blade Shape

Your kayak paddle blade shape must align with your style of paddling. There are two different types of blades you can find based on your paddling style.  

– High Angle

If you paddle with a “high angle” and your shaft remains vertical during the strokes, then you should go for a wider blade with a short length. You already make your strokes strong, and now you don’t need any assistance from your kayak paddle. These blades are suitable for white water conditions and racers (but probably not your average kayak fishermen).

Best Kayak Paddle for the Money

– Low Angle

These paddles are suitable when you want to keep your paddle horizontal during your strokes. It is a relaxed way of paddling and is a good choice for long kayak fishing outings. You don’t need to put in a lot of effort because these blades are thinner and somewhat flappy. These won’t allow you to exhaust quickly on the water. They are good for the long haul!

– Blades

Go for the lightweight options, where plastic or carbon is infused with fiberglass or nylon. They are durable and offer good value for money. Your shoulders, arms, wrists and hands will thank you (just like they will for investing in a kayak paddle holder)!

– Shafts

Best Kayak Paddle for the Money

For the shafts, you need to choose aluminum because it is lightweight and affordable. But you need to be careful because these shafts may get very cold or hot in extreme temperatures. You can also explore fiberglass or carbon; they are high-end materials.


Best Kayak Paddle for the Money

There are two options available for you to choose from. A 2-piece assembly is simpler but takes more space. On the other hand, the 4-piece assembly takes a little more time but disassembles into a very compact size. It is a good choice if you have limited storage space available. It also makes a lot of sense for those who “backpack” to their kayak fishing destination.


Go for a shaft that enables you to rotate the blades for alignment and easy adjustability. With the angled adjustment, you can prevent any resistance from the wind. This becomes more and more important depending upon the ferocity of the wind you are facing. If it is a calm day, the feathering won’t be of much noticeable benefit!

Hook-Retrieval System 

Best Kayak Paddle for the Money

Look for a hook-retrieval notch so that you can rescue your line and lure. Oh, come on, admit it! All of us get our lines stuck every now and then! You can get those pesky hooks free easily with a built-in hook retrieval system! You may even pay for the cost of the paddle over time in terms of lures saved (I know I have)!

Buy the Best Kayak Paddle for the Money

Buy on Amazon

The best kayak paddle for the money is the model that we’ve showcased for you above. This kayak fishing paddle is available in different lengths, and you can choose according to your kayak’s width and your torso height (just like you learned about above). Furthermore, it is a highly suitable option for beginner to moderate level experienced kayak fishermen, giving it broad appeal!

Best Kayak Paddle for the Money

The fiberglass-reinforced blades offer you a flawless combination of durability and weight. You’ll experience a smooth paddling with less fatigue. I have noticed that I am far less sore after a long fishing trip because of this feature. The ovalized grips are made to sit better in your hand, and the coated shaft stays in your hands comfortably for a long time. This results in fewer blisters and a more enjoyable time fishing!

Best Kayak Paddle for the Money

Also, it comes with a snap-in button for easy assembly. No special tools required! You can also offset the feathering according to your requirements. Built by kayak fisherman, for kayak fisherman, it also features a small notch for hook-retrieval on its one blade. You can easily free your jigs and lures with it. Money in the bank!

My Experience

My experience with the showcased model has been extraordinary. It exceeded all my expectations. The kayak paddle is very lightweight, and it will not fatigue you no matter how long you stay on the water. 

It is also available in three different lengths, and you can choose the right one according to your kayak’s width and torso height. This is great – my friend uses the shorter paddle, and I went with the longer version!

There is a small hook retrieving notch on one blade that I used to free jigs and lures. I used this feature more than I thought would ever be possible! I liked the feature to offset the paddle heads from 0 to 60 degrees. The 2-piece assembly is quick to complete, but it does need some storage space.


  • Lightweight construction.
  • Durable blades and shaft. (no wear and tear yet)
  • Hook retrieving a notch on one blade. (pays for itself over time)
  • Paddle heads offset adjustments.
  • Easy to assemble. (no special tools needed)
  • Available in three different lengths (220cm, 230cm and 250cm).
  • Measurement system on the shaft.


  • The offsetting angles are too high (0 to 60 degrees).
  • The 2-piece assembly requires some storage space.


I do hope you have found my guide on the best kayak paddle for the money to be both useful and informative. If you are looking for the best kayak paddle for the money, then choose the model I have showcased above. By no means is it the ONLY great value, but it is certainly in the top tier!

If you are a an beginner or moderately experienced kayak fishermen, it will serve you well. It is effortless to assemble and lightweight in construction. There are different lengths available so you can pick the right one according to your torso height, kayak width and paddling style.  It has been a great match for my style – and it wasn’t bad on the bank account either!!


Do you use a kayak paddle that has been built specifically for kayak fishing? Did you spend a bunch of money on it? Perhaps you are looking for something a little more “pocketbook friendly” so you can save some dollars for other kayak fishing gear? Let us know your experiences with kayak fishing paddles by posting below! We read and reply to every comment and absolutely love interacting with the kayak fishing community!

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