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The sheer thrills of kayaking won’t be there if you are not able to properly steer your way through the waves. For this, you need to have the best kayak paddle in your hands, one that makes maneuvering effortless.

Best Kayak Paddle: Overview

Best Kayak Paddle

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I have written this post to provide you with all the information and critical details associated with the best kayak paddle. For helping you in sifting through the information easily, I have broken down this post in several subsections.

First, you’ll get to know the basics of the best kayak paddle. Then, we’ve added a short checklist on how to use the best kayak paddle. We’ve also created a user friendly list of all the critical features that you need to consider when looking for the best kayak paddle.

I’ll also share a link to the best kayak paddle. For your convenience, we’ve jotted down some pros and cons of the best kayak paddle based upon our own personal experience. I thought that I should bring the pros and cons to your notice as well.

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

The Basics

Best Kayak Paddle

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Paddle

The kayak paddle highlighted below comes from a company well known for its high quality and long-lasting products. It is the best kayak paddle because it has gone through stringent performance tests.

It is available in three different lengths, including 220 cm, 230 cm, and 250 cm. This is important, as kayak fishermen come in different shapes and sizes. Getting the properly sized paddle is critical for your comfort and efficiency (efficiency is also particularly important if you are kayak fishing in a pedal kayak).

One of the best features of this kayak paddle is that it has an angler-friendly design. Why is that important? It means that you don’t need to keep a close eye on the paddle while fishing with the fear that your paddle will sink.

This kayak paddle also features blades (the “paddles” at the end of the shaft) with carbon reinforcement. Because of this, they are lightweight, but they don’t compromise on durability. A lightweight paddle paired with a lightweight kayak is a dangerous combination (for the fish, at least)!

These paddles also feature a retrieval system for your fishing line. The company has designed it to conveniently free a hook if snagged. Therefore, this kayak paddle can help in rescuing lures or even pull a big catch. We get into detail on the technique behind freeing a “snagged line” later in this post.

Its shaft is also made of lightweight carbon for long-lasting performance with an inbuilt measurement system. This is HIGHLY convenient on the water. You can use it to measure the size of the fish that you have caught.

Finally, this model of kayak paddle features a 2-piece paddle construction with boasts of a snap-button ferrule (this is how the two pieces are joined together – without the need for special tools). Therefore, the paddle is very easy to store (we keep ours in the car) and is also a good option for travel (I have a friend who takes his on backpacking trips).  

Still new? Take a look at the best kayak paddle for beginners to get you off and running!

How to Use the Best Kayak Paddle

Best Kayak Paddle

Here are some simple steps that you need to follow in using any kayak paddle (tailored to the particular model of paddle that we’ve showcased in this article). As always, your first step should be to acquire and always wear your kayak fishing life jacket, then…

  • Remove the kayak paddle from its box.
  • Begin identifying the materials that are in the box.
  • Identify the two paddle pieces.
  • Connect them using the snap-button ferrule.
  • Orient the blades correctly.
  • Adjust your hand grip on the shaft by resting the center of the shaft on your head.
  • Now start practicing your paddle stroke with hand movements.
    • Take a look at some different strokes and their uses, here!
  • Your hands need to be at least 40 cm apart from one another while holding the shaft.
  • After being entirely comfortable, try it out in the water.
  • Make sure that the paddle is at least 30 cm away from your body.
  • Forward-stroke is recommended because it takes less effort and allows you to cover more water.
  • When you are done, clean your kayak paddle with fresh water with halves apart.
  • Also, clean the ferrule and make sure that there is no debris in it.
  • Dry your kayak paddle completely, so no water stays there.
  • Now store it in a cool and dry place.

Important Features of a Kayak Paddle

Best Kayak Paddle

Available lengths

You want a kayak paddle that is available in three different lengths. You can optfor the 220 cm paddle that is designed for the smaller kayaks. You can also choose the 230 cm paddle that is best for almost any type of kayak. The largest one of them all is the 250 cm kayak paddle that is designed for larger kayaks (if kayak fishing in a large kayak, be sure to look into acquiring a kayak stabilizer).

Design; Efficiency

The angler-friendly construction of this kayak paddle makes it handy for the kayak fishermen. You don’t need to babysit your kayak anymore! Just start the paddling, stop anywhere you like, focus on catching fish, and get back to moving on. You don’t need to lock your paddles and lose your fish in the process! It is a huge convenience for anyone who feels babysitting the paddle is a huge burden! Also, while on the topic, if you DO want to stay for awhile, instead of “moving on”, you need to look into acquiring a kayak anchor (learn how to use a kayak anchor)!


Find a manufacturer that has used high-quality carbon materials in the construction of the kayak paddle that make the paddle extremely lightweight. You want to be able to easily handle and maneuver it. Lightweight paddles are easy in steering, and your hands won’t get tired even if you use them for long hours. Both the shaft and the head of the paddle should be made with carbon, so they can be durable and light.

Inbuilt measurement system

The shaft of the kayak paddle has a measurement system on it. You want to be able to measure your catch in both inches and centimeters. This measuring system is a handytool for many of those commercial kayak fishermen who want to measure their catch before they put it into the basket (some laws even require this – take a look here)!


The convenience of storage and portability is another huge advantage. Look for a ferrule based design that boasts a snap-button mechanism. It means that you can conveniently connect and disconnect the 2-piece paddle with the shaft as per the requirements. After unbuttoning, the paddle becomes very compact and easy for storage!

Hook retrieval system

Let’s face it, sometimes your hook and/or line can get stuck! You want to find a paddle with an easy hook/line retrieval system. These are awesome to help you free a snagged hook, help rescue smaller grubs and jigs or pull in a big fish. It is also a great way to grab loose cords!

Buy the Best Kayak Paddle

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The Angler Ace is the best kayak paddle that you can find on the market. Lightweight, durable paddles and hook retrieval system are among the top features that make this paddle the best kayak paddle – I am going to explain why it is the best that money can buy!

With these paddles, you’ll cover twice the distance with half the effort. Returning home without getting exhausted is a great achievement, especially when you paddle into the wind for most of your time.

This paddle checks every box in terms of form and function (remember the Important Features to look for, detailed above?). The company has designed the paddle not only to enjoy the activity of kayaking, but it is equally good for kayak fishing. You can use it at the commercial level too.

First of all, it is made of carbon, so the paddle is extremely lightweight without compromising on durability. Second, it is very easy to handle, and you don’t have to keep it tied to your kayak when you are busy doing something else.

There is a hook-retrieval system conveniently located on the carbon-reinforced blade of this paddle. You can easily free your snagged hook using this system. It will also help you in rescuing your lure or even pull in your big catch. You can do this by going 180 degrees in the opposite direction as the line was pointed when it became snagged.

Best Kayak Paddle

The shaft of the paddle comes with a measurement system in inches and centimeters. This system enables you to measure your catch, an important process that you have to go through if you do commercial fishing.  

Easy steering and maneuverability are one of the best features of this kayak paddle. You won’t feel the paddle in your hands because it is very light. It is one of the reasons why if you do kayaking for long hours, which is usually the case for kayak fishermen. 

My Experience with the Best Kayak Paddle

My experience with this kayak paddle from Bending Branches has been outstanding. As a casual kayak fisherman, I have found this kayak paddle to be as near to perfect as there is on the market. It has all the features you need as a professional or just a casual kayak fisherman.

The paddle is extremely lightweight and durable. It features a measuring system on the shaft, and the paddle meets all the industry standards that are there for such products. This paddle is angler-friendly, and you can even use its hook retrieval mechanism for rescuing your lure and also pull large catches. You also don’t need to keep it attached to your kayak with the fear that it will drop into the water. It also features a snap-button system for the ferrule for easy storage.

Here are some of the merits and demerits of this kayak paddle:


  • The shaft of the kayak paddle has a measuring system on it.
  • The paddle head and the shaft are made of lightweight yet durable carbon.
  • It has a hook-retrieving system that allows you to rescue your lure or pull in big fish.
  • You don’t need to keep it attached to your kayak because it won’t drop into the water.
  • The shaft and the heads have a snap-button system for quick attachment and detachment.
  • Very easy to store once you detach the heads from the shaft.Available in three different lengths


  • The offsets aren’t accurately adjustable.
  • The hook retrieval system is only present on one side of the paddle.

Side Note: You can learn more general information about how to use kayak paddles, here!


I found the Angler Ace paddle by Bending Branches to be the best kayak paddle that you can find on the market. It is a top choice if you are a kayak fisherman – regardless of skill or experience. The shaft of this paddle has a measurement system on it, and it allows you to measure what you have caught. What a great asset for a kayak fisherman!

Apart from that, the lightweight carbon construction of this paddle makes it extremely durable. You can easily maneuver it and carve a way out even in those difficult waters. The paddle also has a hook-retrieval system that can help you in pulling in your catch and also free your lure from tangled.


So what do you think about my best kayak paddle recommendation? Have you used it before, or do you have your recommendation? Feel free to drop your comments below and let me know what you think? We love interacting with this kayak fishing community, that’s why we read and reply to all comments! Be sure to share your tips, tricks and experiences with us!

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