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People who kayak frequently, either for professional or recreational reasons, including kayak fishing, might end up developing backache issues! This is largely due to the angle of the seat in the kayak’s cockpit. However, using a kayak seat pad (particularly the best kayak seat pad) can protect your back from developing these aches!! Even if you don’t have any back issues, such a seat pad will keep you relaxed and comfortable during long kayaking sessions!

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Best Kayak Seat Pad – Overview

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The whole purpose of creating this post is to provide you with a one-stop resource for a comprehensive amount of information on kayak seat pads. Because of that goal, I’ve kept all the information well organized, and sectioned out by topic, so that you can easily sift through it and get to the point!

Due to the availability of an overwhelming number of these seat pads, finding the right one can be difficult – and in this instance, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Since it directly impacts your overall comfort and back support, probably more than any other single item of kayak fishing gear, you need to get your hands on a quality product!

I’ll start with the basics of buying a kayak seat pad and then will list down some steps on how to use such a pad in your fishing kayak. By keeping these basics and the specifics of us in the back of your mind, you can be nearly certain that you’ll be happy with your kayak seat pad even if you don’t buy the one that we suggest later in this post!

In the next section, I’ll provide you with a list of important features that you need to consider if your goal is to buy the best kayak seat pad (and one that, of course, meets all your requirements). If you keep these important features in mind, and keep clear of any of the cheaper (i.e.: less comfortable) models, you’ll be thanking me later (and so will your back)!

Shortly after that, I’ll review my favorite seat pad to make things easier for you. As you might have guessed, it is my opinion that this particular model is the best kayak seat pad on today’s market, though there are several that come in a close second and third place! I’ll also list down its pros and cons and the review is available in the “My Experience” section – just in case you are into that sort of thing!

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Best Kayak Seat Pad – Basics

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Seat Pad Review

Seat pads for fishing kayaks are extremely useful because they provide you with excellent support and comfort. No matter how long you stay in your fishing kayak, and even if you are using an Electric Kayak, these pads will keep your lower back comfortable and intact and you won’t develop any pains or cramps in the long run. This elongated time on the water, of course, means that you are increasing the likelihood of bringing in a larger number of fish!

And the best part is that you can use these seat pads, even though they are intended for use as kayak seat pads, at your home in your regular chair as well. For example, I use mine as a bleacher seat from time to time (especially during periods of cold weather). So, to reiterate, they are extremely versatile – giving you a good bang for your buck.

The quality of the foam used in the construction of a seat pad should be right up there with any other feature you would consider when making the purchase decision – frankly, I suggest that foam type be the #1 thing you consider. The foam needs to conform well according to your body shape and it should be breathable as well. Since you’ll be using your cushion in the outdoors, therefore, it needs to be very durable. 

Moisture-wicking and water resistivity properties should also be there – after all, you are using this in your fishing kayak, and it is bound to get at least a little wet! And make sure that the design and shape of the pad match the seat of your kayak! This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many kayak fishermen get a pad that is too small for their seat or too large for their seat for that matter!

You just have to place your pad on the seat of your kayak and sit on it. Aside from that, there are no real specifics in terms of an installation – pretty simple, huh? Just be sure not to pick a heavy pad, it will add to the overall weight of your kayak and that is the LAST thing you need!

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How to Install the Best Kayak Seat Pad?

When it comes to the installation of a seat pad in your fishing kayak, there isn’t much to do – lucky for us, because there is already enough to keep up with when you are heading out onto the water to catch some fish! You don’t need any special tools or installation hardware for doing this because it’s just a pad and you only have to place it in the seat and sit on it. Nevertheless, here is the process you’ll want to follow:

  • Take your kayak seat pad out of its packaging.
  • You won’t find anything else in the packaging besides some cleaning and maintenance instructions. No tools, nuts, bolts or anything else to keep track of.
  • Just place it on the seat of your kayak and check to see if the size is suitable. It should fit just atop the pre-built seat within the kayak’s cockpit – not too small or narrow, and not to large or wide!
  • Take your seat and make any necessary adjustments according to your preferences.
  • Shift your weight from side to side and front to back to get a feel for how far it might move when you are casting or reeling!
  • Examine the comfort level of the seat cushion – is it something you are going to feel comfortable sitting on for 6, 7 maybe 8 hours at a time?!
  • Check to see whether you are slipping from your position by mimicking a cast and, even better, a paddling stroke!
  • Also, examine how breathable the cushion is to further assess its comfort level – this is critical in ensuring that you do not “sweat out” your pants, especially in hot conditions!
  • Go through the instructions for proper care and maintenance to ensure its durability.
  • Make sure to wipe down your kayak seat pad after each use before storing it in a cool, dry place – this will make sure it lasts you for many seasons to come!

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Best Kayak Seat Pad – Important Features

For finding the best seat pad, you must consider some important features. In this section, I’ll list down some of these that you need to consider when buying a seat pad for your kayak. By keeping these features in mind, and buying a kayak seat pad that contains several, if not all of them, you’ll assure yourself of a high quality purchase!

Proper Back Support 

When you are looking for the best seat pad for your kayak, you need to consider proper back support. It will allow you to sit in your kayak for long hours. And even if you have some back issues, a quality seat pad is going to be a useful feature in terms of helping you lesson them while on the water.

Best Kayak Seat Pad

Hence, you need to choose a pad that provides you with adequate lumbar (lower back) support. This is especially the case if you are a kayak fisherman because you will be staying on water for long hours, and hopefully being rewarded by bringing in a TON of fish! 

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Adequate Size

You must consider buying a seat pad for your kayak that is sized properly. It must match the size of your kayak seat – makes sense, doesn’t it?

Best Kayak Seat Pad

If it’s too small it will keep moving from its place and if it’s too large then it won’t be a perfect fit. So not going with the right size will make things very uncomfortable for you. So pick a kayak seat cushion wisely. We suggest measuring the inside of your kayak (the seat area) before making the purchase. Even better? Physically place the kayak seat pad in the kayak before you buy it – making sure of a proper fit!

Quality Material 

The material used in the construction of the seat pad you are considering needs to be of high quality. It is important because your pad will be exposed to elements in the outdoors and, therefore, it needs to be breathable and have moisture-wicking properties.

It must also be resistant to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Both of these elements of nature are going to be VERY present during any kayak fishing outing – its simply the nature of the sport!

Anti-Slip Properties

Another important feature that is commonly overlooked, even by some of the most skilled and experienced kayak fishermen, is the anti-slip characteristics of a seat pad!

Best Kayak Seat Pad

With this property, your pad will hold its place on the kayak seat and it won’t budge even if you move around a lot on it, which is certain to happen during period of rapid paddling, or instances where you are standing to cast, then sitting, then standing again! Therefore, with anti-slip properties, you won’t have to deal with any frequent readjustments!

Buy the Best Kayak Seat Pad

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The best kayak seat pad, at least in the humble opinion of your friendly host, is the one I’ve showcased for you above! You just need to pick the right size according to the seat of your kayak – not much to it! Well, and you need to choose the color, of course! You get to choose from 8 different colors! So now you do not have to worry about the matching of your all of your other kayak fishing gear – as surely there will be a color that suits your cosmetic needs!

Best Kayak Seat Pad

This seat pad is made of a closed-cell structure and I love it because it ensures moisture-absorption (this is particularly helpful when kayak fishing in the Ozark alpine lakes during July and August). It also contours well according to your body shape – in fact, we’ve found that it “fits” even those of my friends with somewhat, shall we say “unique” body types (sorry Niick)! The outer layer of this pad prevents UV rays from the sun and provides good breathability!

It also comes with anti-slip features that I found very useful. The cushion will not displace or otherwise slip around and I don’t have to make any adjustments again and again. This was probably my favorite feature, as there is nothing worse than having to constantly shift a pad around to get it into the right (not to mention comfortable) position!

Best Kayak Seat Pad

It is built for the outdoors and, just as it performs well in the heat, it won’t get frozen either due to its closed and dense structure! It is versatile and you can use it on all kinds of other seats as well (like bleachers are sporting events, for example)!

My Experience

My experience with this particular kayak seat pad has been pretty consistent – and I mean that as a compliment! I got to choose from a range of different colors according to my kayak’s color (red and yellow, if you were wondering). Its closed-cell structured foam (named “Softek”) boasts quality and it doesn’t absorb moisture at all (perfect for those of us with “efficient” cooling systems – also known as heavy sweaters).

It contours well according to your body shape and it won’t get hard or brittle in cold weather. You can use it indoors as well as outdoors. It is extremely lightweight and comes with an inbuilt carrying handle as well – a really nice touch, and very much appreciated by yours truly – as my hands always seem to be full of kayak fishing gear! 

Best Kayak Seat Pad

But if you’re looking for a seat pad that comes with a backrest then sadly, the kayak seat pad that I have suggested above does fall short in this department. But you can use two of the seat pads to sort that out – building your own chairs, of sorts! However, you will find it difficult due to the design and construction of a kayak seat – its just the way it is. 


  • Moisture-wicking and UV-proof (great for kayak fishing).
  • Come with anti-slip properties (necessary for those who paddle or stand and cast (even if you have learned How to Use Kayak Outriggers).
  • Excellent conformance (even for those with “unique” body types).
  • Lightweight to carry (and the built-in handle helps too).
  • High-quality closed-cell Softek foam (good for ensuring performance in cold weather)
  • Available in several different colors!


  • No backrest (but this can be mitigated by buying two of these particular seat pads and building a DIY backrest)!


I hope my post has been useful for you in finding the best kayak seat pad – its SUCH a critical piece of kayak fishing gear, after all. I’ve included all the necessary information that you will require for finding the best kayak pad to meet your kayak fishing needs!

To briefly reiterate everything that I’ve discussed above, the best kayak seat pad needs to be very versatile. It should be made of extremely durable materials. UV and water resistivity is a must for any outdoor product. Since you are going to sit on it therefore, it needs to conform well and provides excellent support to your lower back. 

The anti-slip feature is the additional comfort during long hours of kayak fishing. Not only it is available in variant colors but the overall construction of this pad is lightweight as well. 


So, what do you think about my recommendations? Do you agree with it or not? What measures do you take to stay comfortable during your long kayak fishing sessions? Have you ever used a kayak seat pad? You might have used the one that I’ve mentioned above? Or maybe you are a fan of an entirely different seat pad?

Perhaps you would want to share some details about your favorite model and let the group know about your opinion! We read and reply to every comment and LOVE interacting with the kayak fishing community!

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