Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery


Kayak trolling motor batteries are critical pieces of kayak fishing gear. As written in ourĀ Kayak Trolling Motor Ultimate Guide, kayak trolling motors are the perfect method to get you from location to location on the water, without paddles! Take a look at our ranked 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors! And then let’s dive into our review of the Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery!

They allow you to no longer worry about working up a big sweat by paddling a long distance! Not to mention, being beat to the best spots by your competitors! It is tough to underrate the value of finding the best kayak trolling motor battery!

Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

Unbiased Review

Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

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We write our kayak fishing reviews based upon unbiased research. We evaluate each and every piece of kayak fishing gear on a level playing field.The reviews posted on this kayak fishing community are written to help KFC readers, like yourself, discover the best kayak fishing offerings on the market today!

In this article, showcases the best kayak trolling motor battery!  We are certain that this showcased model is perfect for kayak fishermen of all abilities!

Parts of a Kayak Trolling Motor

Parts of a Kayak Trolling Motor


Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

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Shortcut to Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery Review

Shortcut to Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery Box Review

How can you be certain you are purchasing the best kayak trolling motor battery? After all, the market is quickly ballooning with offerings. You are in luck, because this post by is the perfect free resource for helping you, and the rest of the kayak fishing community, make the best decision!

We have written this post to include all the important details. We found that it was most helpful to our readers to separate this article into a number of different categories. We’ve included a brief “how to use” a trolling motor battery tutorial, a listing of several of the important features of the best kayak trolling motor battery, and even a short write up about our experience with this particular trolling motor battery. Near the end, we’ve also included a link where you can find out more about the trolling motor battery we review, and can even decide to purchase one for yourself!

It is important to make sure that your kayak trolling motor battery is aligned with the kayak trolling motor itself. But the fit between the battery and the motor isn’t the only important place of compatibility. You’ll also want to make sure to select a kayak trolling motor battery that can store a charge that will align with your kayak fishing outings.

Longer trip? You’ll need a bigger battery. Only fishing for a brief time? Save the extra money – buy a smaller kayak trolling motor battery, and use the left over to buy a high quality kayak trolling motor mount. Find out some of the other considerations you ought to make, and learn why KFC makes the recommendation that we do on our pick for the Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery!

How to Use the Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve bought the best or the worst kayak trolling motor battery on the market. If you don’t know how to use it, you’re going to find yourself reverting to paddling your fishing kayak by hand, while your trolling motor is quite literally “powerless” to help you! To avoid this, let’s take quick look at the “how to use” list we’ve included below:

  • Safety first, make sure that all switches are turned to the “OFF” position prior to getting underway with the connection of your trolling motor battery setup.
  • Locate the trolling motor battery and its battery box in a location that will be “out of the way” so that it and your other kayak fishing gear are not competing for space.
Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery
  • Make sure that this location is close enough to the location that you will locate your kayak trolling motor to allow for the connection cables to safely reach between the trolling motor battery and the kayak trolling motor itself.
  • First, connect the RED cable lead found on the trolling motor to the positive (+) battery terminal.
  • Then, attach the BLACK cable lead found on the trolling motor to the negative (-) battery terminal.
  • While not identical, these two steps are kind of like the process you use when jumping a car.
Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery
  • Be sure to seek assistance from an experienced marine battery installer if you are uncomfortable with the installation process.
  • Once connected and integrated into the trolling motor battery box that we’ve showcased below, you should see an indicator showing the level of charge of the trolling motor battery.
  • Make sure to continually monitor your level of charge, as you’ll want to leave yourself plenty of power to get back to shore, especially if you are fishing far from land!
  • The trolling motor battery we suggest is known as a “deep cycle battery” (see more information below) and should be recharged as soon as possible after each time you use it.
  • Do not allow your trolling motor battery to remain in a depleted state for a long time (like the image below), because this will reduce capacity of the battery to hold future charges.
Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery
  • It is our experience that a basic 10-15 amp charger will be perfectly capable of recharging the trolling motor battery, though we’re quick to suggest that you consider a charger which contains a timer (as this helps mitigate the risk of a potential overcharge).
  • You’ll determine your recharge time period as a function of the percentage amount of depletion of your trolling motor battery. The more depleted, the longer the period of charge required.
  • Importantly, charge time is also a function of the amount of amps you are pushing to the trolling motor battery. If you are pushing 15 amps, the battery will charge much more quickly.
  • Make certain to reference the user instructions for the kayak trolling motor battery and the charger that you have elected to use. You’ll want to confirm that the battery and charger are comparable with one another to avoid injury and complete a successful charge!

Important Features

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A Great Choice for Kayak Fishing!!

As mentioned above, all signs for the best of this kind of battery pointed to the above. This  Sealed Lead Acid (often abbreviated as “SLA” ) rechargeable and maintenance free battery is the perfect fit for many of the categories that KFC considers as “must haves”, required to earn our “showcased” referral.

Before we get too far, remember that TechTarget defines ampere hour as, “is the amount of energy charge in a battery that will allow one ampere of current to flow for one hour”.  Why does this matter? Because this is the measure of how long you’ll have power on the water!

The manufacturer describes this kayak trolling motor battery as “spill proof”, meaning that you can mount the battery in any number of positions without concern about compromising the efficiency or capability of the battery. KFC is quick to recommend that kayak fishermen only consider a “spill proof” kayak trolling motor battery, as only this type of unit will afford you the flexibility of mounting or locating the battery in many different locations within the fishing kayak.

Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

In addition, this showcased battery has a “high discharge rate”, which is basically just a fancy way of measuring the rate at which the battery is discharged when compared to its maximum capacity. In other words, how quickly (or in this case slowly) does the battery become depleted.

Our favorite part? This kayak trolling motor is capable of performing in a wide range of operating temperatures, ensuring that you are able to kayak fish on the coldest of winter mornings, and the hottest of summer afternoons!

What else? Importantly, this kayak trolling motor battery has a “deep discharge recover”, which is the manufacturer’s way of stating that the unit can routinely and repetitively be drawn all the way down, then recharged and used again with no material adverse impact upon its functionality. This is obviously an important consideration in any decision to buy a kayak trolling motor battery. You’ll want to be able to run your battery over and over, without fearing that you are “using it up” on a more permanent basis.

Remember, if you are going to spend good money on a kayak trolling motor battery, you’ll want to strongly consider purchasing a protective box in which to house it. These protective boxes are known in the kayak fishing industry as “battery boxes”, and they come in several different sizes and levels of sophistication.

Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

But why get just any battery box when there is one model on the market, available for a reasonable price, that is truly top of the line? We are referring, of course, to the model depicted above, a 17″ by 12″ by 10″ battery box, complete with a built in battery meter, and featuring an LED notification system. With this battery box, my stubborn kayak fishing friend would never be at risk of getting stuck out on the lake again. Why? As illustrated above, this battery box will measure your kayak trolling motor battery’s charge with just the push of a button!

But simply knowing the charge of the kayak trolling motor battery isn’t enough to get this battery box featured on this article. Not even close! So what put this battery box over the top? It comes with a plug in USB charger and accessory port!

Look closely at the zoomed in image above. I’m sure that I am not the only one who wishes that he has had access to a phone charger as the hours of my kayak fishing trip have flown by without me taking notice of the time. A dead kayak trolling motor battery is bad, but add that to a dead cell phone battery, and you could find yourself in a scary situation!

Finally, not only does this particular battery box keep your kayak trolling motor battery safe from exterior impact or water, it also has been built with a rubberized “no slip” footing, so that it won’t slide around while the fishing kayak is traveling over rough seas or choppy water! Kayak fishermen already have enough gear to keep track of inside the hull of the fishing kayak. The last thing you want to worry about is your kayak trolling motor battery sliding freely along the kayak!

Buy the Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery & Battery Box

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Keep your Battery Safe!

We’ve written in great detail about all of the important features that you’ll find in the kayak trolling motor battery and battery box highlighted above. Trolling motor batteries, while not the most expensive pieces of kayak fishing gear, aren’t inexpensive. Because of their price, you want to make sure that you buy a kayak trolling motor battery right the first time.

But it isn’t price alone that makes this decision so important. When you are kayak fishing, there are many occasions when you will be very far from shore. There are also instances where you will be fishing in tight channels. Each of these instances will require that you have absolute confidence in your kayak trolling motor battery and its reliability. A kayak trolling motor is a great tool, but it will be totally worthless if your battery malfunctions or otherwise fails on you during the kayak fishing outing!

The trolling motor battery and battery box highlighted above are perfectly suited for kayak fishing. The battery itself is “deep cycle” allowing for season after season of heavy use and recharge capabilities. It fits perfectly in the battery box, allowing the kayak fisherman to quickly gauge remaining power,  and to protect both you, and the battery itself, from interfering with or otherwise harming the other.

The quality of both products is essentially unmatched relative to the other availabilities on the market. With this kayak trolling motor battery and box, you can be assured that this combined kayak fishing accessory is one that isn’t going to require seasonal replacement. We’ve read countless product reviews that demonstrate similar findings when evaluated by other kayak fishermen. The reviews also attest to durability through the hottest of summers and the coldest of winters, an added bonus for the year round kayak fisherman!

My Experience with the Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery

I decided that I needed to upgrade my kayak trolling motor battery after a friend of mine got stuck out in the middle of the lake due to a dead battery. Well, he wasn’t stuck, because he had his kayak paddles, but he wasn’t pleased! Being somewhat of a stubborn individual, my friend decided to try to save some money by purchasing a lower quality kayak trolling motor battery. Needless to say, the decision didn’t pay off.

I decided to conduct thorough research on the various kayak trolling motor batteries on the market today so that I could avoid his mistake, and instead purchase the best kayak trolling motor battery, regardless of cost! I conducted this research by visiting our local kayak fishing retail store, reading through a handful of retailer and manufacturer brochures, and by visiting some of the other kayak fishing communities on the internet.

My research all clearly pointed back to one particular type of kayak trolling motor battery, and one certain manufacturer, the one you’ve now read about above! I knew that I had discovered a top of the line product, and couldn’t wait to make my purchase and try it out first hand!

Oh, and now that you’ve learned about our favorite kayak trolling motor battery, we suggest that you take a look at combining it with a kayak stabilizer. KFC has thoroughly researched that particular piece of kayak fishing gear as well, and has even named a best kayak stabilizer, check it out! If you’re purely using your kayak for fishing, then perhaps a kayak outrigger for kayak fishing would be the best fit!


Quality – 4.15/5

There are a number of different qualities of trolling motor battery on the market. Because of safety considerations, we highly suggest that you only move forward with those on the higher end of the quality spectrum (like the Mighty Max model that we’ve linked to above). Remember, the Mighty Max (unlike several of the low quality models of battery) is “spill proof” which means that you can mount the battery in any number of positions without concerns about harming the capability (or safety or efficiency, for that matter) of the battery.

Performance – 4.5/5

It is always important to consider “discharge rate” when evaluating kayak trolling motor batteries. Our favorite model has a “high” discharge rate. As a reminder, this is essentially a measurement of the rate at which the battery is discharged when measured against its maximum capacity. One easy way to think about it is how quickly (or in this case slowly) does the battery become depleted. We’ve been very pleased with the long life of this trolling motor battery. Its long life is a direct contributor to the high marks it has earned from KFC!

Price – 4/5

Kayak trolling motor batteries usually go for $100 to $200. This range depends on where you buy them (online, the local marine store, a specialty batteries store, and so on). This is a purchase that should be made without an eye towards trying to save a few dollars. There is a direct correlation between battery price and overall battery quality/performance. While you don’t want to needlessly spend more money, the certainty that comes with buying a higher quality (and thus higher priced) kayak trolling motor battery will help keep your mind at ease when on the water and far from the shoreline!

Durability – 4.33/5

This is one piece of kayak fishing gear that is going to be bounced around quite a bit. After all, the trolling motor battery is usually going to be affixed to the kayak’s hull or laid flat against the kayak’s bottom. Each wave is going to transfer motion to the battery. We’ve used this battery in fairly choppy conditions (boat wakes, ocean waves, etc) giving it a pretty good rattle and roll! The battery’s performance was totally unimpacted, earning this particular model high marks in terms of durability! We’re about to begin with season #4 of use for this model and it performs (and stores charges) just as well as when we first took it out of the box!

Overall – 4/5

Coming in at just under 4.25 out of a possible 5, you can tell that KFC thinks pretty highly of this particular model. As stated above, you’ll want to buy it in conjunction with a trolling motor battery box to achieve the highest possible performance and durability. While an additional expense, the battery box is a great asset (and provides you with digital measurement of the battery’s remaining life). Remember, we always suggest that you bring at least two batteries on board for your fishing trip. Great peace of mind is provided by having a “spare” just in case you forget to closely monitor your battery gauge or you just want to spend more time on the water!


I hope this article has helped you learn more about why we are certain this is the best kayak trolling motor battery on the market today! The decision to buy a kayak trolling motor battery, and a battery box to house it in, is an easy one. These two pieces of kayak fishing gear, when combined, make for a very formidable kayak fisherman. But remember, if you’re going to spend money on kayak fishing gear, spend it wisely.

While there are a number of other high quality kayak trolling motor batteries and battery boxes on the market, KFC can independently verify that the batteries and battery boxes showcased on this article are the best of the best. Oh, and by the way, looking for an easy way to move your fishing kayak easily? See if this kayak cart could be right for you! Remember, if you have any questions about the best kayak trolling motor battery, or you’d like a little extra information on some of our favorite features, please make sure to comment near the end of this post! Interested in learning more about the history of the battery? You can find out more in this helpful article!

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    1. Dave,

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