Best Trolling Motor Battery


A kayak trolling motor battery is one of the best pieces of kayak fishing gear to hit the market in the last several years. Might have guessed that search a battery is typically associated with A kayak trolling motor. Have you ever heard of kayak trolling motors? If you have not, we suggest that you take a quick look at our kayak trolling motor ultimate guide. The ultimate guide serves as an all encompassing resource for everything trolling motor related.

We have even ranked The 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors! After you’ve brushed up on trolling motor basics, it’s time for you to learn more about the best way to power your trolling motor. Of course the best way to do so is by purchasing the best kayak trolling motor battery available on the market. Let’s get to work!

Best Trolling Motor Battery

Best Trolling Motor Battery: Guide

Best Trolling Motor Battery

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You for visiting this post about the Best Kayak Trolling Motor Battery available on the market today! The authors at have written this post in an effort to highlight all of the critical details about one of the best kayak trolling motor batteries presently available on the market after receiving numerous requests from readers that we do so.  

We want this to serve as your easy to follow reference guide so we have broken this post down into a number of individual and easy to use categories.  We start by going over some basic information about kayak trolling motor batteries – What are they? What are they used for? Are they safe on the water? Can they be used in a fishing kayak? And many other responses to commonly asked questions.

After that we have a short write up detailing how to install and use a trolling motor battery so that you can reference the list when working with a battery of your own. Next, we have included a listing of the three most important features to find it in any trolling motor battery. While you’re doing your research you will likely discover that many similar trolling motor batteries exist, and that numerous of them will contain one or maybe two of these critical features but that it is more rare to find a trolling motor battery that has all three in combination!

We highlight each individual important feature and touch on why each particular feature is so important for use of such a battery in a fishing kayak. After that, we have included a link to our favorite kind of trolling motor battery. You can click the link to go to the product page for the battery, where you can find all of the additional information about the battery’s specifications and abilities.

After you’ve learned about this battery we think that you would be interested in learning about some of our own experiences when using this battery in our own kayak fishing outings. That is why we have included a short section that goes into detail on some of our own experiences. Hopefully you can use our experiences to make your own dealings more enjoyable and productive. OK! Now it’s time to get down to business!

Parts of a Kayak Trolling Motor

Parts of a Kayak Trolling Motor

Best Trolling Motor Battery: The Basics

Best Trolling Motor Battery

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Shortcut to the Best Trolling Motor Battery Review

We think the image above is really helpful in terms of helping us understand the different components of a trolling motor battery. Batteries are common, every day items. But how do they work? I had never really thought about it until I started using a battery on my fishing kayak. Let’s go over some of the basics so we can get a better understanding of what we are working with.

To fully appreciate the difference between the type of battery that is used for kayak trolling motors and those that we find in our common every day lives, we suggest that you take a look at this helpful guide. For our purposes, you just need to know that batteries (of all kinds) are devices that allow for the storage of energy in the form of electricity. The energy only becomes released when there is an alteration of the chemicals inside of the battery. You’ll typically find “starter” batteries (like the one your car relies upon when you turn the key) and “deep cycle” batteries (the ones that are common in watercraft).

The “deep cycle” type of batteries can be charged and run down (discharged) time and time again without damaging the battery. These types of batteries are sometimes called “marine batteries” because of the commonality of their usage in watercraft. They are great for releasing a steady amount of power over an extended period of time (4+ hours). This makes them a great fit for use with kayak trolling motors and other types of boats and personal watercraft.

How to Use Properly

Best Trolling Motor Battery

Working with a trolling motor battery doesn’t have to be complicated, but it sure can be intimidating if you have never done so before. In fact, you can become seriously injured (or even worse) if you are careless when installing or using one of these kinds of batteries. This is why we want to encourage you, right here and now, to actually read through the owner’s or user’s manual that comes with your battery. Most of them contain color photos or easy step by step guides.

The list below contains several of the “main” steps to follow when working with a trolling motor battery of your own. It is our hope that this checklist will serve as an overview of sorts to familiarize you with the installation and use of trolling motor batteries. Let’s take a look!

  1. Read and re-read the user’s manual. Every trolling motor battery is different from the next, and no guide or checklist is going to be 100% accurate as to each of these different kind of models.
  2. Locate all of the switches on any device that will be connected to the trolling motor battery.
  3. Turn each and every one of these switches to the “OFF” position. Never, ever forget this step!
  4. Do this before you even think about connecting your battery system.
  5. Now, connect the RED lead wires from the kayak trolling motor to the positive (+) battery terminal.
  6. Next, connect the BLACK lead wires from the kayak trolling motor to the negative (-) battery terminal.
  7. Red goes to red. Black goes to black. Easy, right?
  8. You can check to see if your trolling motor is getting power by looking at its display.
  9. Remember, you need to locate your trolling motor battery in a safe location (like a kayak trolling motor battery box).
  10. If you are even the least bit uncertain about how to install or work with your trolling motor battery, please take it to a marine shop or battery store and ask them to work through the connection process with you. They will be happy to help and you will ensure your safety by doing so!

Best Trolling Motor Battery: Important Features

Best Trolling Motor Battery

There are actually several different models of trolling motor battery that would be quite well suited for installation into your fishing kayak. This is probably due to the fact that these batteries can be used in a variety of types of watercraft, so they haven’t had to “play catch up” like some of the other pieces of kayak fishing gear have had to do as the sport has exploded in popularity.

Whichever model of trolling motor battery that you decide to go with (making sure, of course, to buy one that is deep-cycle) you’ll want it to contain the three features that we outline below. While it is true that many, many models contain one or two of these important features, it is really the combination of each of them that makes a particular trolling motor battery the best of the best. You’ll understand why once we’ve gone into detail in each of the features below. Ready……OK let’s do it!

Best Trolling Motor Battery

Deep Cycle. Do not buy a trolling motor battery unless it is deep cycle. Only a deep cycle model of battery can be discharged and recharged numerous times without causing damage to the battery. You’ll want a battery that can run (or be “cycled”) at least 500 times to a 50% discharge (depletion of battery) before it begins to wear out. Otherwise, you’ll be replacing your battery too frequently – throwing money down the drain!

Durable Design; Low Maintenance. Your trolling motor battery is going to bounce around. A lot. Just think of the impact your kayak takes while you are bouncing around in the water or throwing it atop your kayak cart once you are done fishing for the day. Well, given that your battery is indirectly affixed to the hull of the kayak itself, it will take some punishment too!

Our favorite models are AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) designed so that you don’t have to deal with the maintenance of checking water levels or cleaning terminals. You’ll also want the battery to be housed in a protective reinforced plastic material to add a second layer of protection and durability. You can add to battery’s protection by locating it in a battery box (like mentioned above). Most batteries will fit with 27 inch battery boxes.

Discharge Rate; Temperature. Remember, you are only going to be able to stay on the water as long as your battery will allow. Many trolling motor batteries have been designed to withstand temperatures that are frequently encountered when kayak fishing (most kayak fisherman are on the water year round)! Just to be on the safe side, we suggest confirming that your battery can withstand anything from 5 to 115 degrees.

Best Trolling Motor Battery

Many people think that it is difficult to keep deep-cycle batteries charged up and in good condition. Well, it doesn’t have to be, but you need to remember that recharging your battery as soon as you get off of the water will help extend its life! Look for a model that has “high packing” density because this feature aids with starting power.

High packing models also tend to have a larger “charge acceptance”, being the capability of the trolling motor battery to receive and hold energy when external factors (temperature, charging voltage, number of prior charges) are taken into account), even when compared to other types of deep cycle batteries.

Buy the Best Trolling Motor Battery

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Perfect for your Fishing Kayak

There are several great models of trolling motor battery on the market and this is great news for the kayak fishing community! However, when we are kayak fishing, we put our trust in the model that we’ve linked to above – it is our favorite. We think that it is the best trolling motor battery around, certainly if you are looking for a battery to use when kayak fishing!

The  Sealed Lead Acid ( “SLA” ) styled trolling motor is quickly and easily recharged and very, very low maintenance. In terms of safety, this model of battery is “spill proof”, which means that you can locate it in numerous positions or angles without being worried about accidentally harming the efficiency or performance of the battery. Remember the amount of room you have to work with in a kayak is limited, a “spill proof” design will be a great perk when you are needing to get creative with where to locate the battery!

In addition, this model has a very high discharge rate (like you learned about above). As a reminder, this is just a way of measuring the rate that the battery is discharged relative to its maximum capacity. Simply put, it is a way of stating how quickly (or slowly) the battery is depleted when in use! Finally, we like that it is deep cycle, meaning that the battery can be drawn (discharged) all the way down, then recharged over and over without concern about materially harming the battery or its functionality!

My Experience

I want to share a little bit about my own experience using a trolling motor battery. I need to begin the story by mentioning that I never really thought I would be one to enjoy using trolling motors on my kayak fishing trips. I had a fear of sorts that the noise from the motor, or maybe just the presence of the motor itself, would Take away from the serenity that I love so much. Fortunately, I have learned from experience that my fears were unfounded.

Remember, as you’ve learned above, these types of trolling motors are battery powered, making them much quieter than the gas powered motor is that you might find on larger types of watercraft. I’ve been very pleased with the capacity of my trolling motor battery. It has a deep cycle feature and I have run it down and charged it back up hundreds of times at this point. I am pleased to say that it performs just as well today as when I first took it home from the store.

I do think that it’s critical to buy a trolling motor battery that has a large capacity for battery life. Otherwise you are at a very real risk of draining your battery to zero and potentially being located far from the shoreline.


Phew! That was a lot of information! I hope this article has served as a helpful and easy to follow guide to help you learn all of the important details about trolling motor batteries and their use in kayak fishing! If you’ve made the decision to set aside your paddles and to navigate the water with ease by using a trolling motor, then your next step is to buy a trolling motor battery. After all,  even the best trolling motor isn’t going to do you much good if you buy a low quality or low capacity trolling motor battery!

If you’ve made it to this point in the article and feel that there are some unanswered questions or you’d simply like to know more about trolling motor batteries (and whether they are right for you), we strongly recommend that you post in the Comments section below! We read and respond to every comment and, odds are, if we don’t know the answer to your question, one of the other thousands of kayak fishing enthusiasts who visit this page on a daily basis will be able to help you out!

One final pointer. Kayak trolling motor batteries are going to make your fishing kayak heavier. Even those fishing kayaks that aren’t loaded up with additional gear can be heavy and awkward to carry! We’ve discovered that kayak trolleys can make transporting your kayak to and from the water much, much easier! Give one a try and let us know what you think!


Did you know that trolling motor batteries could be used in fishing kayaks? Have you ever used one during your own kayak fishing outings? What was your experience? Did you use one battery or two? Did you buy a Trolling Motor Battery Box so that you could protect it from accidental water splashes and monitor your remaining power supply? Did you locate it in the front, middle or back of your kayak? Do you have any tips or tricks that you’d like to share with your kayak fishing brothers and sisters on this kayak fishing community?

Please share with all of us by posting in the Comments section below! We love to hear from KHFQ readers and we are certain that we can all learn from one another by taking advantage of this free kayak fishing resource! Please promise us you’ll be safe when using your trolling motor battery and be sure to reference your particular models users guide and instructions when installing and using your battery!  See you on the water and good luck out there!! 

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