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Before digging into our recommendation on the Best Truck Kayak Trailer, we advise you to visit our Fishing Kayak Trailer Ultimate Guide. KFC has spent a great deal of time evaluating the many styles of kayak trailer available on the market today. Luckily,  due to the exponential growth in the popularity of kayak fishing in recent years, kayak trailers have begun to enter the market with explosive frequency.

Many kayak trailers are specially designed for transporting numerous types of fishing kayaks. Still other kayak trailers are designed for those KFC readers who desire to transport their fishing kayaks by SUV kayak trailer. Many of these kayak trailers are built by Malone Kayak Trailer, and they are fine products.

Best Truck Kayak Trailer

We decided to write this KFC post due to inquiries from many of the KFC community that have written in requesting our thoughts and recommendations on the Best Truck Kayak Trailer. We were happy to undertake the research and the task at hand. Finally, after collecting and evaluating materials and information provided by a number of kayak trailer manufacturers and retailers, we were able to narrow the list down to only a small number of kayak trailers. The final step? We compared and contrasted this final list to further narrow it down to the #1 Best Truck Kayak Trailer.

Best Truck Kayak Trailer

This was no easy task. If you’re a KFC reader that drives a truck,  and you’ve decided its time to take your kayak fishing obsession on the road you can’t go wrong by purchasing our recommendation as the #1 Best Truck Kayak Trailer.

Unbiased Review

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All KayakFishingCorner product reviews are based upon my own testing, analysis,   investigation, and review. Over many years of kayak fishing experience, I have established the experience required to knowledgeably evaluate these kayak products, and I continue to treat doing so very seriously.  I commit to never give a particular brand or company preferred status or publish misleading or inaccurate reviews, and I evaluate each and every product on a level playing field.

These posts are published to assist all KFC members and readers learn about the best kayak fishing products for their individualized kayak fishing endeavors.  Here, I want you to read about the Best Truck Kayak Trailer to ascertain whether it meets your kayak fishing needs and requirements.  If you have any questions about how I evaluate kayak fishing products, please send me a message and I’ll get back to you as promptly as I can. I hope you enjoy this post as much I have enjoyed writing it!

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Shortcut to Best Truck Kayak Trailer Review

Best Truck Kayak Trailer: Introduction

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User Friendly; High Visibility!

Many KFC readers own trucks, and many truck owning kayak fishermen have attempted, sometimes successfully and sometimes not, to transport their fishing kayaks by putting them in the back of the truck bed. While this may work for some extended bed trucks, a standard fishing kayak simply won’t (safely) fit in common truck beds. An opportunity for a unique kayak fishing product was born, and our post on the Best Truck Kayak Trailer features the outcome: The truck bed extender kayak trailer.

My Experience

I was faced with a dilemma. I either had to give up my truck, or give up transporting my fishing kayak to new destinations. I noticed that there were a number of fishing kayak trailer products on the market, but then I saw that there was one specifically built for trucks. I was intrigued. I was tremendously pleased with what I learned, and couldn’t believe the simplicity of the design. I couldn’t believe that all I needed to do was to lower my truck tailgate, and insert the trailer into the tow hitch.

That was it. After that, my fishing kayak could be laid flat in my truck’s bed with the portion of the fishing kayak sticking out of the back being safely cradled in the kayak trailer’s supports. If you have a truck, and if you are concerned with transporting your fishing kayak in your truck bed, I can assure you that this product will quickly alleviate your concerns.

Best Truck Kayak Trailer: Our Pick

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Ideal for Fishing Kayaks!

This particular form of fishing kayak trailer won our recommendation for the Best Truck Kayak Trailer for a number of reasons that we go into below. Of course there are a number of other methods by which to transport your fishing kayak, but those of us with trucks are unfairly constrained in our options. Have no fear. This option, specifically designed for trucks, is perhaps the best option for trailering your fishing kayak of all. Lets take a look at why.

Strength. To win Best Truck Kayak Trailer, strength is perhaps the most important of all other features. This kayak trailer is constructed of heavy duty steel tubing to ensure you keep a rigid frame while your fishing kayaks are under transport at high speeds on highways, and on bumpy roads encountered lakeside.

Best Truck Kayak Trailer

Fishing kayaks are large, irregularly shaped, and often times quite heavy. It is critical that the kayak trailer remain uncompromised in its form, and keep in that condition use after use. This kayak trailer passes the strength test with flying colors.

Best Truck Kayak Trailer

It also includes predrilled holes for just the right level of customization, securing by heavy duty locking bolt. These are the type of “extras” KFC looks for when evaluating kayak fishing products, and the manufacturer of this kayak trailer hasn’t done anything to cut corners and potentially compromise strength.

Capacity. The  heavy duty steel tubing comprising this kayak trailer is capable of supporting a distributed load capacity (meaning between the truck bed and the kayak trailer itself) of a whopping 750 pounds! Even if you are concerned about your ability to get the weight distribution right, the bed extender capacity is 150 pounds, and that is nearly 3x the amount of weight of the ordinary fishing kayak!

Best Truck Kayak Trailer

Fishing kayaks are expensive, and the last thing I want to be concerned with when transporting my own is whether my kayak trailer will have the strength and capacity to handle the road. With this particular type of kayak trailer, I know that my fishing kayak, my truck, myself, and all of the other occupants of the road are in good shape! 

Concerned about whether your fishing kayak will fit? Don’t be. This kayak trailer is highly customizable to safely accommodate fishing kayaks of a number of shapes and sizes. Take a look at the above diagram, then be sure to evaluate the specifications of your truck. I think you’ll be pleased to find that more than likely (at least based on our readers’ experience) your fishing kayak will safely fit.

Quality. KFC will not name a low quality product on its website. Its simply something we feel strongly about. In fact, it is the quality of this kayak trailer that has earned it a spot on our Best Truck Kayak Trailer post.

Best Truck Kayak Trailer

Again and again we read KFC reader reviews of this kayak trailer, and again and again we saw instances of users complimenting the manufacturer on its savvy design, ease of use, and expressing overall appreciation of and satisfaction with the kayak trailer. A number of readers indicated that they have used the kayak trailer for any seasons now, and that it performs just as well today as it did when they first installed it onto their trucks. If that isn’t a testament to the quality of this kayak trailer, I don’t know what is!

Best Truck Kayak Trailer

Safety. The most important consideration by KFC when authoring this post on the Best Truck Kayak Trailer, dovetailing with strength, is the safety of the kayak trailer under inspection. We sought to confirm that all necessary safety features, and conveniences, were included in the kayak trailer we were going to suggest. This one passes the test with leaps and bounds.

Best Truck Kayak Trailer

Protective and reflective safety tape is included on the kayak trailer, ensuring that you, your fishing kayak, and your kayak trailer remain nice and visible while undertaking transportation during the dawn or dusk.  

A red caution flag is included for conspicuous placement on the end of your fishing kayak to put other drivers and passersby on notice of your extended load. The manufacturer of this kayak trailer clearly had safety in mind, and kept it at the forefront, while designing this piece of kayak fishing gear.

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Best Truck Kayak Trailer: Conclusion

Best Truck Kayak Trailer

If you are looking for the best truck kayak trailer, look no further, You have found it. Aside from all of the positive attributes, features and characteristics outlined above, it is perhaps the ease of use and simplicity of design that we have found most impressive. Its amazing that this kayak trailer has only recently burst onto the scene, but we are certain it will remain there for many years to come. If you are serious about transporting your fishing kayak with your truck, and want to do so in one of the safest and most convenient ways this is the kayak trailer for you! Kayak Fishing with a friend? Check out the Best Kayak Trailer for Two Kayaks and trailer two fishing kayaks at once! Don’t have a trailer hitch? Learn how to install one here!

Here are some other handy tips and tricks to help guide you in the process of transporting your fishing kayak with your truck!


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