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This post details the latest lineup of Deeper Fish Finder products.  These advanced pieces of technology are great tools that have taken a unique approach to finding fish.  Deeper focuses on selling portable fish finders that contain the latest features.  This company has helped improve kayak fishing and make it a more enjoyable experience.  This post is dedicated to explaining the 5 primary features of the Deeper Fish Finder devices that set this brand apart from its competitors.

If you are unfamiliar with the purpose of fish finders, you should check out my Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fish Finders.

The Latest Deeper Fish Finder Models

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The names of the Deeper Fish Finder models can be confusing and make it difficult to identify and differentiate the products/features.  I posted the names of their 3 latest models below, and I included a brief description of each one.  I have written separate articles that analyzed each of these finders in detail, and you can read my individual reviews by clicking on the product names below.

  1. Deeper Smart FishFinder 3.0 – This is the oldest model listed, and it emits a Bluetooth signal that you connect to with your smart phone or tablet.
  2. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro – This model creates its own WiFi signal which it uses to transmit info to you smart phone or tablet.
  3. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ – This is currently the newest and most expensive Deeper Fish Finder.  This device also creates its own WiFi signal to transmit data and connect to your smart phone or tablet.  The Pro+ also functions as a GPS device which gives it additional abilities.


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Shortcut to Deeper Fish Finder Review

There are many features that have helped the Deeper Fish Finder lineup become increasingly popular.  Deeper has spent the money necessary to ensure their products contain the latest technology, and it is apparent within moments of using these devices.  I have included a list of the Top 5 Deeper Fish Finder Features to detail the primary factors that make this device so great.


deeper fish finder appearance

The Deeper Fish Finders are unique, and that is apparent from the first time that you lay eyes on it.  The initial appearance made me question if this product was actually a fish finder, or if it was some other weird device.  The spherical shape actually creates an advantage over other competitors.  It is easier to handle and to cast, which brings me to the next feature…

You Can Cast the Deeper Fish Finder

deeper fish finder casting

There are very few portable fish finders that are castable, and this is by far the leader.  Most fish finders require the transducer to be attached to the boat or watercraft.  Deeper can be attached to the line of a fishing pole, and you can cast it into tight places.  The range of the latest model is extremely far, which means that you can cast it into the distance and still receive the signal.  It has the added benefit of improving your casting technique!

Deeper Fish Finder Flexibility

The Deeper Fish Finders are the most flexible devices on the market.  They are well suited for shore/bank fishing, kayak fishing, and ice fishing.  It actually has different modes to select your current type of fishing.  It can be used in fresh or saltwater.  Many of the unique features listed on this post actually help make it more flexible.  You can cast the sonar/transducer or attach it to your kayak or boat.

Deeper Fish Finders Create WiFi Signal

The Deeper Fish Finder Pro and Pro + both create  and transmit their own WiFi signal.  These finders do require the use of a smart phone or tablet, but the phone/tablet does not need to have a cellular or data plan.  I actually use an old phone that hasn’t been activated in years.This means that the Deeper Fish Finders can be used in areas without a cell signal, which are surprisingly common in secluded fishing areas.  The smart phone or tablet will be used to display the info recorded by the sonar device.

Smart Phone and Tablet App Compatibility

As stated above, the Deeper Fish Finder models all require the use of a smart phone or tablet as a display.  You connect to the device by connecting to the WiFi signal transmitted by the transducer ball.  Once connected, your phone or tablet will display and record information via the Deeper App.  The App is continually updated and improved, which means that your product gets more efficient over time.  These updates are free of charge.

Purchase the Latest Deeper Fish Finder

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Perfect Design for Kayak Fishing!

The latest product in the Deeper lineup is the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+.  This amazing technology is a powerful way to take your kayak fishing to the next level.  I have created a comprehensive post detailing the Pro+, and it will help explain the advantages it holds over competitors.  I can summarize it by stating that it is currently the leader in kayak fish finders, and it is well worth the price.


I hope that this post has helped you learn more about the Deeper Fish Finder lineup and their unique features.  This is a great piece of technology that can help improve your chances of landing a big fish.  The newer models have more impressive features, but that comes with a higher price point.  All of the Deeper models are perfect for kayak fishing because they are flexible and easy to use. Aside from using  a fish finder, here are some more tips to catch more fish!


Do you own a Deeper Fish Finder?  Are you considering buying one?  Please share your experiences or post your questions in the Comments section below.  I personally read and respond to every comment.  Thanks for adding to the KFC Community and keeping me engaged!

Deeper Fish Finder: Discover 5 Features That Make This Tool Awesome!
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Deeper Fish Finder: Discover 5 Features That Make This Tool Awesome!
Deeper Fish Finders are amazing tools that can take your fishing to the next level. They use a very unique approach to locating fish that completely changed and improved kayak fishing. They are extremely flexible and can be used in many tight/difficult situations.
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