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The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro is part of the Deeper brands lineup of advanced fish finders.  The 3 latest fish finders that they have released are all reviewed on this website, and this model is the 2nd most recent model.  The newest model is the Pro+ and the older model is the Deeper Fish Finder 3.0.  I differentiate between all of the Deeper fish finder models below.  This is a detailed review for the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Fish Finder.

If you are unfamiliar with these incredible pieces of technology, I suggest reading my Ultimate Guide for Kayak Fish Finders.

Unbiased Review

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Every review that I have posted on this website is comprised of my true unbiased opinions and knowledge.  I am very serious about writing accurate descriptions.  I never give any brands or companies preferential treatment or change scores.  I pride myself on placing all items on a level playing field.  I create these detailed reviews to help all of the KFC community readers purchase the best products.  In this case, I want you to choose the optimal fish finder for your needs.  I make it my top priority to earn the trust of the entire KFC community.  Once I earn your trust, I do my best to keep it.  If you have any questions about how I review products, please send me a message.

Separating Deeper Fish Finder Models

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Shortcut to Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Review

There are 3 primary Deeper Fish Finder models, and the names can make differentiating them complicated.  I decided to include this brief description to help readers identify each one, and they are ranked from oldest to newest (cheapest to most expensive):

  1. Deeper Fish Finder 3.0 – This model uses Bluetooth to transmit info to your smart phone or tablet.
  2. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro This model creates its own WiFi signal which it uses to transmit info to you smart phone or tablet.
  3. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ – This model also creates its own WiFi signal to transmit data, and it also has GPS included.  This review is based on this model.  You can read my detailed Deeper Smart Pro+ Review for more information.


deeper smart sonar pro review

This is a detailed analysis and review for the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Fish Finder.  I follow similar guidelines for all of the product reviews listed on this website.  Every product is reviewed in separate categories, and each category has a recorded score.  The category scores are based on a scale of 0 to 5, where a “0″ rating is terrible and “5″ is excellent.  The reviews then list an overall score which is calculated by taking an average of each category score.  If you have any questions regarding my review process, please message me or post a comment below.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Accuracy

4.5 / 5

Accuracy is extremely important for most products, but it is absolutely critical for fish finders.  The whole purpose for purchasing a fish finder is to accurately locate fish.  The Deeper brand overall does a good job of focusing on accuracy, and this model is no exception.  It does a really good job of recording and displaying the location and size of fish (and other objects).  This model does not contain GPS (Pro+ does), so it did not factor into this score.  I really did enjoy using this fish finder, and it helped put me on fish time and time again.  The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro has earned this score of 4.5 out of 5.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Reliability

4.5 / 5

Accuracy often goes hand-in-hand with reliability.  I analyzed the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro in terms of its hardware and software reliability.  I spoke with several KFC Community Members and combined their feedback with my own experiences to come up with an overall reliability score.  I was very pleased with both the hardware and software reliability, and I did not experience any issues.  The only reliability issue that I encountered as part of the member feedback dealt with the app that the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro uses.  One member stated that it the app shut down several times when they were using it, but they admitted that it was potentially due to the age of their smart phone.  Since that was the only reliability complaint, I gave a score of 4.5 in this category.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Battery

4 / 5

This Deeper Smart Sonar Pro includes a rechargeable battery in its original packaging.  The attached product manual is conservative and states that the battery should last around 5.5 hours of continuous use.  I have personally used the my Deeper Pro+ for 10 hours on a single charge during a long day of fishing.  That means that this model should have around the same battery life, since the contain the same battery.  The Deeper Pro and Pro+ both have an efficient power-saving mode.  The device only turns on when it touches water or if it is on the charger.  Usually the battery that dies first is my smart phone battery.  The smart phone is obviously essential to the use of this product, so make sure that yours is charged before you embark on your fishing trip.  The WiFi can cause phones and tablets to lose battery more quickly.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Features

4 / 5

The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro has a good number of features compared to other fish finders at this price point.  The included Wi-Fi that allows the device to transmit detailed information to your smart phone or tablet is a feature that sets this brand apart from others in this category.   The main feature that this model lacks is GPS.  That might not be a big issue for some people, but for me it is.  If you are looking for a model that includes GPS, check out my Deeper Pro+ Review.  Since this model has some impressive features but lacks GPS, I gave it a score of 4 in this category.

Ease of Use

4.5 / 5

Most other fish finders have traditionally been very difficult to use and very difficult to read the displays.  The line of Deeper fish finders all require a smart phone or tablet with the ability to connect to WiFi..  The sonar/transducer ball actually emits its own WiFi signal, and it connects to your phone to record and display the information via the Deeper App.  The Deeper App also allows you to access additional other features and customize display settings.  As a result, the ease of use is primarily dependent on the Deeper app.  I have been very pleased with the Deeper App, and they have done an excellent job on staying current on updates.  The lack of GPS and GPS related features can make it more difficult to use, because you may have to use it in conjunction with a separate GPS device.  That is the only reason why I have not given this device a perfect score in this category.  It has been awarded a 4.5 instead, which is still very respectable.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Price

4 / 5

The price for this model may appear high when it is compared with other models, but I feel that it is fairly reasonable for the features offered.  The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro current price of well over $100 may cause customers to be shocked at the lack of GPS, but the other WiFi features help justify this level.  Many other brands, including some Garmin models, include GPS and additional hardware for around the same price.  The other brands do not have the unique flexibility of this model and ease of use.  I feel that the price is probably a bit high for the features offered, so I have recorded a score of 4 in this category.

Deeper Brand Customer Service

4.5 / 5

As I have stated in my other Deeper model reviews, I have personally had little interaction with the Deeper company team.  The only way for me to gauge customer service is by speaking with my excellent KFC members and looking closely at existing complaints.  Unique products and tech gadgets like this require a large customer support presence to help communicate with existing and prospective customers.  Many companies skimp on their customer support staff to save money, but it hurts them in the long run.  After hearing about several member experiences, I am confident that Deeper has placed a high priority on keeping customers informed and happy.  I have rated them a strong 4.5 in this category due to their strong customer service presence.  If you have a personal interaction with this company good or bad, please shoot me a message or post a comment below.  That is the best way for me to keep this section current.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Overall Score

The Overall Score is calculated by taking an average of all the other scores listed above.  I consider a score of 4+ as really good and 4.5+ as excellent.  The Overall Score for the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro is  4.3.  Deeper is a solid company that is selling this accurate and reliable fish finder that does a great job of helping kayak fishermen and women catch fish.  Although there is a newer model that includes additional features, I still recommend this model for people that do not need their fish finder to contain GPS.  I include a link to purchase the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro below.

My Experience with Deeper Pro

I really did enjoy using this Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Fish Finder.  I enjoyed the ease of use, and it didn’t take the same long learning curve that many competitors require.  I think it is so fascinating that these fish finders transmit their own WiFi signals.  As you can see from the review above, it is accurate, reliable, and it should help everyone find fish.  The only drawback that I experienced with this model was that it did not contain GPS, and I really do love my GPS.  I especially enjoy GPS when it comes to kayak fishing, and I think it is a necessity when fishing in unfamiliar waters.  I currently have the newer version of this model, the Pro+, installed on my kayak.  I purchased the newer Pro+ in 2017, and I still absolutely love it.

Purchase Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Fish Finder

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Perfect for Kayak Fishermen!


The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro is a high-quality fish finder that can be purchased for a fairly reasonable price.  It is not the newest Deeper Fish Finder, and it does not contain GPS.  If the lack of GPS does not bother you, this is one of the best fish finders you can buy.  If you would like to see more about the Deeper GPS Model, check out my associated review.  The Pro+ is currently the model that I use, but the Pro is also a great product.  You can’t go wrong with the Deeper Fish Finders, as long as you find the particular model that has the features that fit your needs.  That’s what these reviews are used for!

Interested in learning more about the sonar technology that makes this product so effective for kayak fishing?

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro: Comments

Have you used a Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Fish Finder?  Do you agree with this review?  What overall rating would you assign?  Please share your comments below and share your knowledge with the KFC Community.  Thanks for taking the time to help this resource grow!

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