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The Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder (aka the Deeper START), is the newest member of the Deeper Fish Finder Family.  The Deeper brand previously focused on creating new models that possessed the latest technology with continuously improving features.  The Deeper Start is unique because it is presented as a tool for a specific subset of the fishing population.  It is primarily marketed for the shore fishing and entry level kayak fishing niche.  All of the main technological features found in this model are also included in earlier models, but it has been created to dominate its competition in certain situations.  I detail all of the strengths and weaknesses on this Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder Review & Analysis.

Unbiased Review

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This is an unbiased analysis and review that is based on actual facts.  The KFC Community is based on trust, and I focus on providing accurate information to help members make the educated decisions.  If you have any questions regarding the methodology for rating each product, please post a comment below or message me via the Contact page.

Listing of Different Deeper Fish Finder Models

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Shortcut to Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder Review

Since this new model is now being sold, there are now 4 primary Deeper Fish Finder models.  Unfortunately, the names can make identifying the individual models complicated.  I wanted to help clear the confusion, so I decided to create this brief list of products.  They are always ranked from oldest to newest:

  1. Deeper Smart FishFinder 3.0 – This model uses Bluetooth to transmit info to your smart phone or tablet.  You can read my Deeper Smart FishFinder 3.0 Review.
  2. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro – This model creates its own WiFi signal which it uses to transmit info to you smart phone or tablet.  You can read my detailed Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Review & Analysis.
  3. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ – This model also creates its own WiFi signal to transmit data, and it also has GPS included.  You can read my detailed Deeper Smart  Sonar Pro+ Review & Analysis for more information.
  4. Deeper START Smart Fish Finder – This model is comparable to the Smart Sonar Pro because it creates its own WiFi signal but lacks GPS.  It does have several distinct features including its shape, price point, and a shorter range.  Created for shore fishing and entry level kayak fishing.


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Perfect for Kayak Fishing

deeper start smart facts

This is a detailed review for the Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder.  This review includes individual ratings for 7 separate categories that are relevant to this product niche.  I continue to utilize the same methods for all of my fish finder reviews, and this makes it easier to compare each one.  The individual category scores are used to calculate the final overall score.  I conclude this Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder analysis with my personal experience and a description for where to buy this product.

Deeper Start Smart Fish Accuracy

start smart fish finder accuracy

3.5 / 5

I consider accuracy as one of the primary areas of focus for fish finders.  Finders that deliver false or inaccurate readings are more than frustrating.  They can cause you to quickly lose trust in your device and stop using it.  On all of the previous Deeper reviews, their attention to accuracy.  The Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder has had occasional issues with accuracy.  The accuracy issues primarily affect the depth readings; the display will reflect a shallower depth than reality.  It does a fairly good job of presenting the rest of the data accurately, as long as it is in range (read about range in reliability section).  As a result, the Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder has earned a mediocre score of 3.5 out of 5.

Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder Reliability

deeper start smart review

3 / 5

I rate an item’s reliability based on the occurrence of physical & software errors.  This helps answer whether this fish finder does what it claims to do.  As a general rule, the lineup of Deep fish finders are very reliable, but this Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder has an issue with transmitting data.  Several members of this community have emailed me to voice their frustration with range.  They all had similar complaints; the device wouldn’t work outside of a 10′ range.  This reminded me of some of the general connectivity issues that hindered the older Deeper FishFinder 3.0.  Both of these devices were generally regarded as reliable in other areas.  The range issue has earned the Start Smart a reliability score of 3.0.

Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder Battery

deeper start smart battery info

5 / 5

The entire lineup of Deeper devices mentioned on KFC are powered by rechargeable batteries, and they all boast about similar battery specs.  The Smart Start claims its battery lasts 6 hours, and it takes 2.5 hours for a complete recharge.  I was able to use my Deeper Start Smart for a full day of fishing (~7 hours), and it was still running strong.  The smart phone batteries usually are the first to need a charge, since a smart phone/tablet is required to operate this device.  This is a good time to remind you to completely charge your fish finder and smart phone the night before your fishing trip.  I also recommend purchasing a power bank to enable charging during your excursion.

Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder Features

deeper start smart depth finder

4 / 5

This model lacks some of the advanced features found ion other modern devices, and is a pared down version of the more advanced Deeper Pro +.  If you enjoy fishing from shore, it should have many of the technological features you are looking for.  As a result, I have scored it a 4 in this category.

Ease of Use

4 / 5

The Deeper branded fish finders are all fairly intuitive and easy to use.  This is contrary to the difficulty of using and reading the display of other more traditional brands.  This model, the Deeper Start Smart, is more simple than the newer models because it is meant primarily for fishing in close proximity.  The Deeper app is required to be downloaded on your smart device in order to use this fish finder.  This app has a sleek and intuitive design that makes it very easy to navigate.  The only negative for this model goes back to the frustration experienced when trying to connect your phone or tablet to the fish finder.  This can occasionally take several minutes, and it makes using the finder impossible during the downtime.  It has earned a score of 4 in this category.

Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder Price

3.5 / 5

The price for this model is fairly high when compared to the newer models that have additional features.  I found this model listed for $170-180 which is slightly cheaper than the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro (reviewed here).  I would personally choose to purchase the Pro over this model at the current price points due to the improved signal of WiFi.  The Pro actually transmits its own WiFi signal, so it can be used anywhere.  A small fraction of people prefer Bluetooth (possibly due to increased battery life), and these people may want to consider purchasing this model new.  For everyone else, I would recommend searching for this model on sale, purchasing it used, or purchasing a newer model.  Due to the current price point of this product, I have assigned a score of 3.5 for this category.

Deeper Brand Customer Service

4 / 5

As I have stated in the newer Deeper model reviews, I’ve had a limited interaction with Deeper customer support.  This is where the KFC readers come in handy, so I asked for their experiences!  New technology requires a good customer service presence in order to answer questions from new or existing customers.  Unfortunately, many of these teams are underfunded with other brands.  Early on, I felt that Deeper had done a pretty great job, so I had them scored as a 4.5 in this category.

The Deeper Team does still seem to value the customer experience, but I have had a few members reach out to me with issues.  After receiving feedback from several members, it is apparent that Deeper has had issues resolving glitches in their mobile app, specifically with their iPhone App. Many people view the app as one of the most important features, so additional support needs to be focused on this area.

Overall, I do feel that they do try to keep customers informed and happy.  I have still rated them a strong 4 in this category due to their good customer service presence.  If you have a personal interaction with this company good or bad, please shoot me a message or post a comment below.  That is the best way for me to continue keeping this section current.

Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder Overall Score

The Overall Score is calculated by averaging all of the category scores listed above.  I generally consider a score of 4+ as really good and 4.5+ as excellent.  The Overall Score for the Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder is  3.8, which is pretty good.  Deeper is a solid company that is selling this accurate fish finder that is a bit pricey and has some connectivity issues.  This product is still a great tool for helping kayak anglers catch fish.  I recommend that most readers purchase the newer Deeper models to obtain the latest features.  For those that decide to purchase this model, I suggest buying via a clearance sale or to purchase it used from a reliable vendor with an easy return policy.

My Experience with Deeper Start Smart

Now it’s time for my favorite part, I get to talk about me! I love trying out the latest fishing technology, so I was excited to try this DSSFF out. While this specific model wasn’t my favorite, I have purchased and enjoyed using all four Deeper fish finder models reviewed on this site.  This is a great brand that continues putting out fun devices.    I currently have the newest version of this model, the Pro+, installed on my kayak.  I purchased the newer Pro+ in 2017, and I still absolutely love it.  I will purchase the next model when it is released as well. The Pro+ and the fishing kayak cart that I use for transporting my fishing kayak are my two favorite pieces of kayak fishing gear.

Purchase Deeper START Smart Fish Finder

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I hope you have enjoyed this enhanced review of the Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder. I know that many of you are like me and will do crazy things to try and catch more fish; I’m talking to you, Craig! Many tools and techniques are a complete waste of time, but a few can be a great addition to your next fishing trip. I think it is clear from this detailed review that The Deeper Start Smart (DSS) falls somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. The DSS is a decent piece of technology with a few weaknesses.  If you are in the market for one of these devices, I suggest checking out one of the other Deeper devices that I have reviewed!

Deeper Start Smart Comments

Do you own or have you ever used a Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder?  Did you enjoy it?  Do you agree with this assessment?  Your experiences are valuable and can help others learn from your perspective. Please share your thoughts with the KFC Community by posting a comment below.  I really appreciate your ideas!

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