Kayak Fishing with Family


More and more, KFC readers are contacting us sharing stories of how kayak fishing has allowed them to spend more quality time with their friends and family. In a day and age when this kind of quality time is harder and harder to come by, we are happy to learn of KFC’s impact upon spreading the word of about the kayak fishing experience! Below we have included several links to material on this kayak fishing platform that will help you, your family, and your friends get up and running with kayak fishing in no time. Ready to get started?

Kayak Fishing Family

Kayak Fishing with Family: Overview

Kayak Fishing Family

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This KFC article contains everything you need to know about getting started with kayak fishing. We’ve organized this post into several different categories. We begin with some of the basics needed for a kayak fishing experience. Then we include a brief write up about one of our favorite family friendly fishing kayaks – the tandem kayak! Next we talk about our own experiences while kayak fishing with our family and friends. Let’s get started!

Kayak Fishing with Family: The Basics – Life Jacket

Kayak Fishing Family

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Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a life jacket or life vest. After all, we’ve learned from a very young age that any time you are in or around the water, you need to be very cautious. One of the most popular ways to exercise the correct level of caution is by wearing a life jacket. Despite the generic name, life jackets actually come in a number of different styles that will vary largely based upon the type of activity that you’ll be participating while in the water. There are life jackets for lounging in the pool, life jackets for motorized water sports, and life jackets for water skiing and like activities, but you’ll want a fishing kayak life jacket! The United States Coast Guard has written an article on the importance of safety on the water.

Kayak Fishing Family
  1. What type of clothing you will be wearing underneath your fishing kayak life jacket. Wearing extra layers? You’ll want to buy a larger size of fishing kayak life jacket!
  2. Buy a kayak life jacket that is adjustable at the shoulders and at the waist for a more customizable fit!
  3. Keep the correct number of kayak life jackets on board with you prior to setting out onto the water to kayak fish!
  4. Do not put sharp objects in the kayak life jacket’s pockets.  Keep the sharp objects in locations that won’t be accidentally accessed!
  5. Let your fishing kayak life jacket fully air dry fully prior to putting it away.
  6. Store the fishing kayak life jacket in a temperature controlled area away from direct exposure to sunlight.

Kayak Fishing with Family: The Basics – Paddle Leash

Kayak Fishing Family

One of the most important parts of kayak fishing experience is powering and controlling the the movement of your kayak.  Several methods of propelling kayaks exist, but the most common method of kayak paddles is still the most popular. If you’ve ever used a kayak or canoe paddle, you know that they can be hard to keep ahold of and even harder to retrieve if you accidentally drop them!  Fortunately for us (and our kids), a product has been created to avoid this experience – the Kayak Paddle Leash.

Kayak Fishing Family

A kayak paddle leash is designed to ensure a continuous connection between the kayak paddle and the hull of the fishing kayak. They come in many different forms, but nearly always contain 3 basic components. A connection piece for the kayak paddle/paddle leash connection; A rope which acts as the leash portion, and an connection piece for the paddle leash/fishing kayak attachment. Many times the paddle leash is coiled or elastic material. This is helpful because it allows the kayak fisherman to use his or her kayak paddle without the leash getting in the way of the kayak fisherman’s paddling stroke!

Kayak Fishing with Family: The Basics – The Kayak

Kayak Fishing Family

The Fishing Kayak. How does it differ from other types of kayaks that you have seen on the rivers, lakes and oceans. Fishing kayaks are quite similar to “standard” kayaks, though they differ in certain areas in an aim to give the captain a more enjoyable and productive kayak fishing experience.

Fishing kayaks typically seat one or two individuals. Many are designed with multiple kayak rod holders, some of which are adjustable, allowing the captain to customize his or her kayak to their individual liking. Nearly all fishing kayaks also come with “dry storage” areas. Often times there will be a dry storage located in front, behind, and alongside of the fisherman. These compartments latch shut or “screw tight” to ensure a proper seal.

Kayak Fishing Family

Next, many fishing kayaks have kayak paddle holders. Paddle holders are large clamps into which the captain is able to place and store his or her paddles while on the water. They are typically located on the sides of the kayak. The fisherman will need to alternate from holding his or her paddles to his or her fishing pole, and then back again! The paddle holders and rod holders are a great bonus for allowing these alternation to occur in an easy manner!

The fishing kayak offers allows you to experience the fishing process from just inches above the waterline. You also have the added benefit of being almost entirely soundless. Yes, most fishing kayaks are without mechanical motor, so you can soundlessly approach your targeted fishing area! Now, you can certainly find kayaks with electric motors on the market – great if you are looking for a little extra speed and power! And if you need a good anchoring device after all that power, the Minn Kota Talon might be a good fit for you!

Kayak Fishing with Family: Tandem Kayak

Kayak Fishing Family

The most obvious feature of the Tandem Fishing Kayak jumps right out at you. The two seats! After all, the word “tandem” means, “having two things, one arranged in front of the other”. Here, of course, the two things are the kayak seats!

This fishing kayak comes with six  pre installed kayak rod holders on each side, and one on the front! Yes, seven total rod holders, right out of the box! Also included are also two waterproof storage hatches – great for keeping dry gear (like your wallet, phone, etc.) dry while you are out on the water. Finally, there is an inset cargo hold near the stern (or back) of this fishing kayak. Cargo can be safely secured in this area through the use of the included bungee cord. This is a great area to store your tackle box, cooler or even a few extra life jackets!

Kayak Fishing Family

It doesn’t much matter who sits in what spot (front or back) in terms of age, but you do want to consider casting ability. Keep in mind that each fisherman must be aware, at all times, of his or her fishing line to ensure that it does not tangle with that of the other’s. Even worse, an inattentive kayak fisherman might accidentally snag his or her partner with the hook! Not fun!

Kayak Fishing with Family – Buy a Tandem Fishing Kayak

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Perfect for Kayak Fishing with your Family!

This tandem fishing kayak truly has it all. It is well built and decked out for kayak fishing purposes! The kayak has a 34″ beam or width.  The 34″ beam is wide enough to provide a balanced surface capable of managing the weight of two actively fishing occupants. The kayak had a load capacity of 440 pounds. Another cool option is a lightweight kayak. Check out our post on the best lightweight kayak, it could be a good fit for you and your family!

Kayak Fishing with Family: My Experience

Kayak Fishing Family

We started kayak fishing with our kids several years ago. While younger, they seemed to enjoy the kayaking part of the experience more than the fishing part. This has changed as they have matured, as they have been more capable of handling the periods of time when the fish just aren’t biting!

Kayak fishing has been a great way to bring the family together for a healthy and fun activity. Even better? It is a relatively inexpensive activity! Sure there are some upfront costs involved, but after those are paid you can use and reuse your gear time after time. Most fishing destinations are accessible for payment of  a small fee (like state and national parks) or are even free! Hard to beat that, especially for those KFC readers with larger families! While you’re at it, check out other some of these other fun and free family activities!

One extra tip: We found that it was way easier to transport our kayaks (and all of the other gear) by using kayak carts that have been designed for kayak fishing! Also, if you are considering taking your family kayak fishing in the ocean, make sure you consider installing kayak outriggers that have been designed for ocean conditions! Both of these products will help keep you and your family safe!


Kayak Fishing Family

We hope this article has served you as a useful guide and has helped you learn more about kayak fishing with family and friends. Remember, if you have any questions about kayak fishing or doubts about whether kayak fishing is right for you and your family, be sure to write to us and let us know! We deeply value your feedback!

Kayak Fishing with Family: Comments

Have you ever been kayak fishing with family or friends? What has your experience with the life jacket been like? Anything you’d change or suggest? What overall score would you give the experience?  Please share your knowledge with the KFC Community by posting a comment below.  I read and reply to all comments, and I love interacting with our readers!

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