How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley


Kayak fishermen need to maintain their kayak’s position against flowing currents and strong winds. A kayak anchor trolley assists kayak fishermen in the efforts to stay in the ideal positions for long hours to catch fish in increasing numbers! We have ranked The 5 Best Kayak Anchors for your convenience!

Do you know how to use a kayak anchor trolley? Don’t worry if you haven’t learned how yet – we have written this post to help you. Let’s get to it! Not familiar with this piece of gear? Check out our Kayak Anchor Trolley Ultimate Guide!

How to use a Kayak Anchor Trolley – Overview:

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In this short guide on how to use a kayak anchor trolley, I have included some valuable information for you to consider. My purpose in compiling this guide is to provide you with all the information in one, easy to follow, place. You will be up and running, using your kayak anchor trolley like a professional, in no time!

To make sure everything is easy to understand and follow, I have divided it into several sections. With these independent sections, you can get straight to the point and don’t need to go through the entire article to find what you are looking for!

In the first section, I’ll guide you on the basics – you’ll learn about kayak anchor trolleys, what they are used for, where to find them, why the are so important for kayak fishing, and more! After that, I have included a brief section on how to use a kayak anchor trolley – this will serve as your guide and you’ll be a professional in no time!

Moreover, I have included a list of important features to look for when you are evaluating which kayak anchor trolley would be a good fit for you! I will discuss each feature briefly to make sure you look for the right kind of characteristics before buying a kayak anchor trolley – you’ll be able to separate the “good” from the “rest” with ease!

To guide you further and ease your buying decision, I will provide you with the┬álink to what I feel is the best kayak anchor trolley on the market. By no means is it the ONLY top model, but it is one that I feel comfortable introducing to KFC readers. For your assistance, I will review this particular anchor trolley and will list some of its “pros” and “cons”. You can find all these details in the “my experience” section.

Parts of a Kayak Anchor

Parts of a Kayak Anchor

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley – Basics:

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Anchor Trolley Review

With the help of a kayak anchor trolley, you can move your anchor conveniently from the stern to bow and vice-versa with ease. Anchoring your fishing kayak from a particular point based on water current and the wind direction is important when it comes to choosing the right spot during kayak fishing. The trolley system allows you to drop or retrieve the anchor with ease and use it to make an anchoring point from your kayak’s bow or stern.

For kayak fishermen, it is a crucial tool to use because it allows you to stabilize your position in blowing winds and flowing waters. You won’t have to maintain your position by continually working with your kayak paddle or trolling motor anymore. Just anchor yourself and save your energy.

The best part is that you can stay in a position for as long as you need to. Goods news for you – bad news for the fish! Kayak fishermen, as you know, frequently have to find the right spot to be in the exact position to make the catch. With a kayak anchor trolley system in place, you won’t have to struggle and tire yourself; it’s just the matter of dropping the anchor and securing your positions. 

The most important feature of the kayak anchor trolley is that it should be effortless to install. All the parts should be included in the package. An experienced person might not need external guidance. 

Still, you need to have an instruction manual that will make your entire installation process smooth. A well-designed trolley system doesn’t take much time to get in place on your fishing kayak, so don’t worry that it will be too complex or take away too much time from your fishing outings!

The design and look of these kayak anchor trolleys vary, but the difference only exists in shapes and sizes. All the parts go into their traditional places within a system, and this makes the installation process even simpler. You just need to know which part goes where – we can help with that.

Cleaning and maintenance of these parts is not a big deal either. Just make sure that they are free from any mold or mildew and also make sure that you air dry them after cleaning. They will continue to perform for a long time to come.

Side Note: If you like the idea of having the kayak anchor trolley “hold” your anchor, you might also be interested in having a kayak paddle holder “hold” your paddle! We have also reviewed two of the most popular kinds of kayak fishing paddle – the aluminum kayak paddle and the composite kayak paddle!

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley – Step by Step

Here are a few steps that you need to follow when using a kayak anchor trolley – follow these steps, in conjunction with your trolley’s user’s manual, and you’ll be off and running!

  • Take your kayak anchor trolley out from the packing and find out different parts (be mindful not to misplace the small pieces)!
  • You will find a ring, a rope, and eye loops.
  • Go through the instructions manual to avoid wasting any time or damaging the part with the wrong installation.
  • Link the eye loops directly to the hull of the kayak. 
  • They go close to the edges of your kayak because the loops on your kayak are there.
  • Get the rope through the loops and the ring. 
  • Make sure all the loops and hooks are right in place.  
  • The rope going through the pulleys needs to be kept in free movement; otherwise, you cannot adjust the position of your anchor in the water.  
  • Use all deck loops and keeper hooks to ensure that the rope doesn’t have to bear much weight and tension.
  • You can add an extra pulley at the stern of your kayak, and it will absorb any shocks and vibrations pretty well.
  • Don’t forget to attach your anchor line with your kayak’s cleat and allow this line to pass through the ring.
  • Move the trolley line and see if there is any halt in the movement. 
  • The forward and backward movement needs to be smooth. 
  • If it is not, there is too much friction, and it can damage any parts or the rope itself.
  • We suggest making the installation on a level surface, over dry land.
  • You will need some common household tools (like a screwdriver and a household drill).

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How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley – Important Features:

User-Friendly Construction

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley

With experience, you can go for some of the advanced trolley systems. But in most cases, choose a design that is effortless to set up and use. When the design is simple, it is not going to take much time to set it up, and this can be a huge benefit, as it will result in more time for you on the water!


How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley

Of course, you’re going to use the trolley system on your fishing kayak; therefore, it is going to be in contact with water and UV sun rays. Because it will be exposed to the elements, it needs to be made with extremely sturdy materials. You don’t want your kayak anchor trolley system to break after a few trips!   

Positioning Flexibility

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley

The trolley system should come with the right kind of flexibility. You must be able to alter your position and maintain it with ease. When you know the water and wind conditions well, you can choose a trolley system with slightly less flexibility in positioning.

Anchor Compatibility

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley

Your kayak needs to be compatible with the anchor system. Many kayak anchor trolleys are compatible with rubber and silicone anchors. You might also find some trolley system at work great with metal anchors too, but they are designed for larger kayaks and boats. Choose the right option, or your kayak anchor won’t be able to hold itself and the kayak in place.

Stern Design Compatibility

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley

Stern design compatibility is also imperative for the proper function of a kayak trolley system. Different kayaks come with different stern construction, and the trolley systems differ as well. The positioning of different connection points may vary in different trolley systems and kayaks, but just make sure that you reduce the tension in the rope for better support and flexibility.

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley – Buy the Best

Buy on Amazon

The best kayak anchor trolley is showcased above. It comes with high quality, third party manufacturers pulleys as well. These are the best in longevity and performance. You can easily direct your kayak’s bow into the current without a fuss. And if you have installed it correctly, the entire operation will be very smooth too!

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley

Furthermore, this particular kayak anchor trolley system comes with “zig-zag” cleats. We have included a picture of this feature above. This feature helps you maintain a stable position despite currents and the direction of the winds. For the newcomers, there is an instruction manual included, so you don’t have to deal with any ambiguities. I thought it was pretty easy to follow and it even had a few good pointers! Its worth a read!!

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley

You will get a 30-foot long rope, and you can use it on kayaks ranging in different lengths (after all, some fishing kayaks are longer than others). The trolley system is good to use with any rubber or silicone anchor system, and it is straight forward to clean and maintain! Two of my favorite features when it comes to kayak fishing gear!

My Experience

I have thus far had a great experience with this particular kayak anchor trolley. Effortless installation is the best feature of this trolley – and trust me, I am no handy man!

I had no problem installing it on my kayak. But still, I think that even a novice can get it done in no time provided that you follow the manual (its very user friendly – and you can always contact us if you have any issues).  

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley

The pulleys are great because they can withstand the exposure to the elements (and if you fish as much as I do, your pulleys are going to get wet)! Your purchase also includes a nylon rope, and it can stand the test of time for several seasons (don’t worry – replacement ropes are cheap and easy to find). Its ring is triangular in shape, and it will keep the anchor line in place with ease. The 30-foot long rope is suitable to use on long kayaks, and it is very stable, and it can absorb shocks pretty well.


  • This system comes with high quality pulleys that are durable and resilient.
  • The working of this system is very smooth.
  • There is a “zig-zag” design on the cleat to keep the rope in place.
  • With the triangle ring, the anchor rope stays in place.
  • The instruction manual is a good help and nicely written.
  • You will also get a 30-foot long rope better suited for longer kayaks.
  • The slightly raised mounted pulleys don’t scratch your kayak’s surface.


  • Better suited for lightweight silicone anchors.


There you have it!!! I do hope you have found this article to be helpful in terms of teaching you everything that you need to know to learn how to use a kayak anchor trolley! I have tried to include EVERYTHING you need to know about how to use a kayak anchor trolley. If you are interested in getting the most out of your investment, or if you just want to skip the whole “research” part, you should take a look at the model we’ve showcased above!

It is the best in terms of performance and durability, and it will keep you in place on the water! Great news for you – not so great for the fish!!

Here is a link to another of the Best Kayak Anchor Trolleys money can buy!


So what do you think? Before you read this article, did you even know that there was such a thing as a kayak anchor trolley? We’ve found that most are familiar with traditional kayak anchors, but aren’t familiar with trolley systems. Perhaps you have some personal experience that you’d like to share with this kayak fishing community?! We’d love to hear from you! We read and reply to every comment and love interacting with the kayak fishing community!!

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