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For those of you who are into kayak fishing, even if you are just beginning, you need to have a kayak anchor trolley installed on your kayak to ensure a proper anchoring technique. For your reference, we have ranked The 5 Best Kayak Anchors for you!

A kayak anchor trolley will keep you in place over your target, even against strong winds and swift currents. Let’s discover why the kayak anchor trolley is such a critical piece of kayak fishing gear!! Shall we?

Kayak Anchor Trolley – Overview:

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I have written this post in an effort to include all of the important information that you need to know to become proficient about all things kayak anchor trolley!! I have made sure that I present each and every topic in smaller fragments so that you can easily understand everything – I don’t like to read confusing articles, and I suspect that you don’t either.

For that reason, I have organized everything in a proper format to make sure that everything becomes very easy to follow and sift through when you are in a hurry. Less time reading = more time on the water kayak fishing!

I will begin with a small section on the “Basics” of kayak anchor trolleys – you’ll learn what they are, how to use them, why they are so important for kayak fishermen regardless of level of skill and experience, and so so on!

The next section includes on a short and easy to follow “How to Use” checklist that will serve as a quick reference guide for getting you up and running with your kayak anchor trolley in no time flat!

I have also included a brief listing of all the “Important Features” that you need to consider when buying a kayak anchor trolley – if you keep an eye out for these features, you’ll be certain to be happier with your ultimate purchase!

For your convenience, I have also added a link to my favorite kayak anchor trolley – this will allow you to skip the “research” and jump straight to a kayak anchor trolley that I have detailed below. All this information will be presented in the “My Experience” – I like learning from the experiences of others, perhaps you do too!

Parts of a Kayak Anchor

Parts of a Kayak Anchor

Kayak Anchor Trolley – Basics:

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Anchor Trolley Review

A kayak anchor trolley allows you to move the kayak anchor from your bow to the stern and back with ease. After all, you might need to anchor your fishing kayak from a certain point, depending on the current, in order to have a better chance at a catch. With this kayak anchor trolley system, you can easily retrieve or drop the anchor from the side of your kayak. Pretty cool huh?

It is a very important tool for kayak fishermen because you can easily find an anchoring point to make a stop and catch some fish quickly. Most kayak fishermen will experience anchoring difficulties caused by swift currents or strong winds – but with the a quality kayak anchor trolley, that is not going to be a problem at all! We’ll explain why below, so don’t worry!!

Side Note: If you want to further protect against strong winds and swift currents, you need to learn how to use kayak outriggers (we have reviewed the 5 best kayak outriggers, here)!

A kayak anchor trolley essentially provides a kayak fisherman with a safe position in which to anchor, relative to the conditions that he or she is experiencing. Oh, and don’t worry, the installation process is not that difficult, and even a beginner can follow the instructions and get the job done!!

Of course, there are different types of kayak anchor trolleys available on the market, but they effectively only vary in terms of their design and appearance.  All of them function in the same manner with different designs of the carabiners!!

Here’s the best part… You don’t have to do much when it comes to cleaning or maintaining. Just use hot water, air dry the parts, and your entire anchor trolley system will look as good as new!!

Side Note: A kayak anchor trolley is different than a traditional kayak anchor (check out our review of the 5 best kayak anchors and you’ll see the difference quickly)!

How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley?

Here is a step-by-step procedure detailing the process of properly using a kayak anchor trolley. Remember, each system may be a bit different than the next, so be sure to reference your user’s manual for any specifics. That said, between your user’s manual and the checklist below, you’ll know what to do!!

  • Get the kayak anchor trolley out of its packing and identify all the components present in it. (Be sure to be mindful not to lose any of the small pieces)!
  • There will be a ring, eye loops, and a rope. Set these to the side.
  • Connect the eye loops on the hull of your kayak; they should be near the edges of your kayak.
  • The rope of your kayak anchor will go through the ring and set it up right at the end when you are done with setting up your anchor trolley (don’t worry, we have pictures below).
  • Pass the rope through the pulleys to make back and forth motion.
  • Now connect the ring with the rope.
  • Just make sure that the rope passes through the deck loops and the keeper hooks.
  • Of course, an optional pulley can be added to absorb any shocks due to kayak movement, and it needs to go right through the deck loop on your kayak.
  • Now the anchor line goes through the ring that you have just installed within your trolley system.
  • Attach the anchor line with the cleat on your kayak and pass the line through the ring.
  • Now try and move the trolley line and check whether you can move the carabiner backward and forwards.
  • Check everything before you enter the water just to be sure.
  • We suggest making the entire installation on flat, dry land.
  • You will need household tools (like a battery drill and a screwdriver, but nothing too fancy)!

Side Note: Pair your Anchor Trolley with the Best Kayak Paddle for Fishing!

Best Kayak Anchor Trolley – Important Features:

Simple Design and Construction

The design of the kayak anchor trolley should be simple to use. Regardless of your experience on the water, if an anchor trolley system is simple to use, you can easily install it without any external assistance (save for the user’s manual and this resource, of course)!

Kayak Anchor Trolley

If the system looks like it is too convoluted, it probably is. Stick with a kayak anchor trolley that hasn’t gone overboard on the bells and whistles – after all, the concept you are going for doesn’t require any unnecessary complications.


Materials are extremely important for anything that involves any usage of water. Your kayak will be exposed to elements out there – this is kayak fishing!! Go for the right kind of materials to make sure that your trolley system doesn’t break apart after one or two trips out to your local fishing hole!

Kayak Anchor Trolley

Look for a nylon rope because it tends to withstand plenty of moisture. The ring and the pulleys or loops should be made of hard rubber or plastic or with some metal having a protective coating on. It will ensure that the trolley system will continue to work for a long time to come.

Positioning Flexibility

Your kayak anchor trolley system needs to provide you with an option to move around with ease. It must enable you to choose your position on the water regardless of the current or wind direction.

Kayak Anchor Trolley

Being able to adapt your kayak’s position on the water in the face of evolving currents or wind conditions is of paramount importance – this, after all, is the main purpose of such a system!

Anchor Compatibility

Also, make sure that your kayak anchor trolley system is compatible with the anchor that you are using for your fishing kayak. You need to make the right choice when buying, or you will have to deal with the hassle later on.

Kayak Anchor Trolley

Also, if you are using a normal weighted anchor, then you don’t need a thick rope on a small kayak. If you have a large kayak, then choose a thick trolley rope so you can use a heavier anchor.

Stern Design Compatibility

Check whether the stern design is compatible with the kayak trolley system that you are evaluating. Different kayaks have different stern constructions, and the same is true with respect to trolley systems.

Kayak Anchor Trolley

The positioning systems vary due to the difference in the kayak’s length or the trolley system in use. Be sure your fishing kayak and your trolley system pair well to one another in terms of design!

Buy the Best Kayak Anchor Trolley:

Buy on Amazon

The best kayak anchor trolley that you can choose for your next kayak fishing trip is depicted above. The following is going to show you why it is one of the best, if not the VERY best, kayak anchor trolley that you can find on the market.

Kayak Anchor Trolley

One of the top features of this kayak anchor trolley system is that it features pulleys manufactured by a quality third party manufacturer. These pulleys are one of the best when it comes to smooth operation and durability. The system allows you to turn the bow of your fishing kayak into the current to make sure to keep the experience smooth for you (good news for you – bad news for the fish (just like the Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder)).

Kayak Anchor Trolley

Additionally, the trolley system features “zig-zag cleats” to ensure you can maintain a stable position into the wind and/or the moving water. All the installation and use information is included in the package (it is quite user friendly as well). Just use your instruction manual and get the things done with ease. A proper install leads to proper use!!

Kayak Anchor Trolley

There is a 30-foot long rope also included in your purchase. It is the best kayak anchor trolley system particularly wth respect to water-resistant rubberized anchors. But of course, you will have to buy the anchor separately!

My Experience

My experience with the anchor trolley above has been awesome! The best feature, I think, that I noticed when using this kayak anchor trolley is its ease of installation. It is one of the easiest to install systems on the market. Others look way, WAY to difficult for someone with my kind of technical or handyman skills (just ask my wife)!!

Kayak Anchor Trolley

Everything is included in the purchase, and you don’t have to arrange anything separately (aka – no separate trips to hardware store). For your further assistance, the owner’s manual is also there. The system runs on the third party pulleys, which are some the best to use on the water (that is why they were selected for incorporation into this trolley system)! They can withstand elements and can stand the test of time as well!!

The rope is made of nylon. Therefore, it is pretty sturdy. The ring that comes with this trolley system has a triangle shape that will hold the anchor line in place and provide more stability to your position of the water.  

Kayak Anchor Trolley

Oh, and speaking of the rope, it comes in a 30 foot length. Therefore, you can use it in a range of different kayaks in size. The rope is also reasonably stable, meaning that it can absorb shocks to keep your position on the water stable.


  • This kayak anchor trolley system features third party, extremely high quality pulleys for longevity and stability.
  • The system ensures that you can convert the bow of your kayak into the current smoothly.
  •  Small-sized zig-zag construction of the cleat to ensure stability.
  • Triangle ring to keep the anchor line firmly in place
  • Includes all the instructions and guidance to set it up.
  • Includes a 30-foot long rope that is suitable for kayaks of all sizes
  • The mounted pulleys are slightly raised so that they don’t brush with the surface of your kayak.


  • Only suitable to work with rubber anchors.
  • Works better with longer kayaks.


I sincerely hope that my kayak anchor trolley guide has proved to be very useful and informative for you. Not many kayak fishermen have even heard of a kayak anchor trolley!! That is why I wanted to write this guide to contain all the information that you need to know so that you can be a knowledgeable purchaser if you DO decide to buy a kayak anchor trolley. If you’re looking for the best bang of your buck, then there is none better you can find than the model we showcased above.

Kayak Anchor Trolley

This trolley system is suitable to use with long kayaks. The parts are designed to maintain a stable position on the water. It is an excellent product for kayak fishermen who tend to stay on the water for long hours (in which case you should definitely look into getting the Best Kayak Seat), especially those who are battling strong winds or swiftly flowing currents. The top feature of this trolley system is that it is effortless to install and secure your fishing kayak!!


Did you know that a product like the kayak anchor trolley existed? I’ll be honest, I knew a lot about kayak anchors, but I didn’t know much about anchor trolleys until I saw a friend of mine had one installed on his fishing kayak! Perhaps you have installed one on your own fishing kayak and want to share some tips and tricks with us? Be sure to post below and share your story with us! We read and reply to every comment and love interacting with the kayak fishing community!

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