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KFC advises its readers to travel to all different types of waters to enjoy a variety of kayak fishing adventures. Many KFC readers visit traditional lakes for their kayak fishing experiences, and that isn’t surprising.

Recently, however, many readers have contacted KFC suggesting that they have tried kayak fishing on mountain streams, alpine lakes, rivers of all different sizes and speeds, and some even on salt water bayous and oceans! Some readers expressed frustration with how poorly their kayak cart handled the sandy beach. Others simply requested that we research to find the very best Kayak Beach Cart.


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Kayak Beach Cart

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Parts of a Kayak Cart

Parts of a Kayak Cart


Kayak Beach Cart

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Shortcut to Kayak Beach Cart Review

The request that KFC research to discover the very best kayak beach cart sounded like a fun idea to us! The result of that research is included in this Kayak Beach Cart article. Here, we have included all of the important details about the kayak beach cart that has proven to be the best of the best. We want to make learning about this particular cart easy and fun. To do so, we have organized this article into several different categories.

First, we go over the basics of the kayak beach cart, making sure that you appreciate the difference between a beach cart and a standard kayak cart. Next, we have included a short “how to” checklist that will help you get up and running with your kayak cart in no time flat. Then, we’ve added a write up that covers a number of  the important features of the kayak beach cart. After the features, we’ve included a link to our favorite beach cart’s product page so that you can find more information if you’d like to learn more. Finally, we’ve included a short commentary about our own experience with the cart!

We hope you enjoy reading this post as much as we have enjoyed writing it! But wait! Before you begin, we would recommend that you read through our Kayak Cart Ultimate Guide. The ultimate guide is an all encompassing write up on all things kayak cart. Done? Ok, let’s get started!

The Basics

Kayak Beach Cart

If you’re an avid KFC reader, you’ve discovered that there are many different styles of kayak cart that are used for kayak fishing. First is the “Sit On Top” Kayak Cart and the associated Sit In Kayak Cart. These are designed to move your fishing kayak over a number of different surfaces. Check out the image below:

Kayak Beach Cart

There is also the Standard Kayak Cart, which has been built to fit the demands of the “all around” kayak fisherman. These different types of kayak carts are perfect for the purposes for which they have been built. The problem is, nearly all of these kayak carts are designed to handle rough or compact surfaces, like rocky trails and graveled trails. Almost none of them are built to manage the soft sands you run across on the beach while on the way to a kayak fishing outing on the ocean. Where there is a problem, there is always a solution in the works! This problem is perfectly solved by the Kayak Beach Cart depicted in this KFC post.

How to Use the Kayak Beach Cart

Kayak Beach Cart

The short checklist below should serve as a guide to help you get underway with your kayak beach cart! If you follow these easy steps, you ought to be assured of a safe and easy transportation along a sandy shoreline. Trust us, moving through the sand is complicated enough, don’t make it next to impossible by trying to drag your kayak, especially when you could use a kayak beach cart!

  1. Begin by opening the kayak cart into its upright and unfolded position.
  2. You’ll first want to check to make sure that the balloon wheels are safely attached to the cart’s axle. Do this by making sure that the bolts at the end of the axle are in place.
  3. Now, the kayak cart’s balloon wheels should inflated to the suggested level of pressure. Remember, the balloon wheels have been specifically designed to function best at the proper level of pressure. Do not under or over inflate them.
  4. Pull apart the frame of the cart so that a cradle is formed. You’ll notice that the cradle will be centered right above the cart’s axle.
  5. We like to test each arm of the kayak cart, making sure that all of the joints are sound and secure. You do not want the cradle to significantly bend or sway.
  6. Locate the kayak cart near your fishing kayak’s hull. Remember, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Now you won’t have to move the kayak too far once you’ve picked it up off the ground!
  7. Grab the inside of the kayak’s hull and lift upwards with both hands. I am right handed, so the best way for me to lift the kayak is to stand to the left of the kayak, then placing the kayak cart on the right side of the kayak.
  8. Lift and maneuver the kayak’s hull to be directly above the kayak beach cart’s cradle.
  9. Gently and slowly lower the kayak into the kayak cart’s arms.
  10. You’ll then want to make certain that your kayak is safely balanced. We double check this by putting pressure on the front and back of the fishing kayak. Look to  see whether the kayak cart begins to tip over when the pressure is applied.
  11. If you are able to equally distribute the weight of your fishing kayak, you will be able to easily transport the kayak right along the sand with ease!
  12. Finally, we always suggest that you loop the straps securely round the frame of the kayak then reattaching them to the kayak cart. Rarely would the kayak bounce free from the cradle of the kayak beach cart, but the straps will provide nice peace of mind!
  13. You’re done! Time to hit the sand!

Important Kayak Beach Cart Features: Balloon Wheels

Kayak Beach Cart

If you closely inspect the design of the wheels, you can see just how much wider these wheels are than the wheels of a traditional kayak cart. Measuring ~13 inches in diameter, and ~7 inches in width, they are almost twice as large as the “normal” kayak cart wheels.

This larger wheel design is important, as it allows for the weight of the fishing kayak to be spread over a wider surface area, which assists in reducing any sinking into the sand. This is the exact same concept as snow shoeing, used by inuit peoples (the inventors of the fishing kayak):

Kayak Beach Cart

Oh, and by the way, please don’t worry about the name “balloon”, because these tires aren’t going to “pop” under normal, or even heavy,  loads. These “Balloon Wheels” aren’t your normal latex type balloon material.

Kayak Beach Cart

The Balloon Wheels have been specifically designed for the outdoors. But not only the outdoors, they are built for the sand! They can safely handle a 165 pound load! With this capacity, you can be sure that these wheels aren’t going to leave you stuck in the sand.

Important Kayak Beach Cart Features: Easy Storage 

Over time, I have collected so much kayak fishing gear that it is beginning to displace my other household materials and supplies! I have begun to place a premium on any piece of kayak fishing gear that can be reduced or collapsed into a more suitable size. The Kayak Beach Cart is a perfect example! The Kayak Beach Cart is easy to assemble, requires no special tools, and expands and collapses with ease!

Just break it down for easy and convenient storage. Put it in your trunk or closet. When you are ready, snap it right back into shape! It is ready when you are ready to transport your fishing kayak to the beach. It really is that easy!


Durability is considered by KFC to be among the most valued of any kayak cart feature, and this Kayak Beach Cart has been designed with durability at the forefront. We selected the above image to give you a close up look at the quality of manufacturing associated with this kayak fishing cart.

Kayak Beach Cart

As you can see, the kayak cart’s frame is nice and wide. We have included the measurements, which are indicated above. The manufacturer has also designed a 10 inch spring loaded “kick stand”. The kick stand is used for keeping the Kayak Beach Cart balanced and level when loading and unloading.

Don’t worry about the included kick stand getting in the way. Once you are ready to get going, simply move the kick stand up and out of the way. No special tools or extra pieces of equipment are needed to do so. The kick stand is an included feature that comes with no drawbacks!

Buy the Best Kayak Beach Cart

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Perfect for the Beach!

You’ve read the important features above. Simply put, this kayak cart is perfectly adapted to handle the sandiest of shorelines. Without the right tools, moving a kayak is very difficult. Kayaks are long, heavy and irregularly shaped. Those realities combined with the normal difficulty of walking in the sand make navigating a fishing kayak across a sandy shore a very tricky task!

The kayak beach cart is the perfect tool for this specialized need. Of course, the balloon wheels are its defining feature. We’ve been very pleased with the quality of these wheels. Though they are inflatable, they do not puncture easily, and they show little to no sign of wear and tear when subjected to periods of colder weather. Strain during colder weather can be a concern for certain inflatables, but these balloon wheels have been made of material that doesn’t risk cracking or deformation when subjected to the cold. Its a good thing too, because we love kayak fishing in the winter time!

My Experience

I was basically stuck. I had worked my way through the rocky pathway all the way to the beach, with ease, but I hadn’t accounted for the last 300 or so feet down to the water’s edge.

Kayak Beach Cart

I knew that the kayak cart was my best solution. But I also knew that not just any kayak cart would work, I needed a kayak cart that was specifically built for the sandy beach! We have highlighted it in this article, and it was perfect for my ocean based kayak fishing trips. As we’ve stated, the Kayak Beach Cart is designed around an entirely unique wheel system. Remember, the wheels are basically low pressure balloon tires. They make traveling over the softest of sand, even with the heaviest of fishing kayak loads, completely manageable! It has turned out to be one of my favorite pieces of kayak fishing gear!


Kayak Beach Cart

I hope this article has helped you learn more about the conveniences of using a kayak beach cart. Remember, if you have any questions about whether a kayak beach cart is the right piece of kayak fishing gear for your own outings, please comment near the bottom of this page. We’d love to have a discussion about the pros and cons!

Kayak carts come in so many unique styles and sizes. Each is certain to have its own advantages. But, if you are desiring to kayak fish the high seas, you should put serious consideration into buying a Kayak Beach Cart. Fishing kayaks are very heavy. The weight alone will push the wheels of a traditional kayak cart into the soft sand. If you aren’t careful, this may leave you stuck at the beach instead of out on the water with the fish!

KFC’s Kayak Beach Cart suggestion ensures that you are getting a kayak cart with all the right features. These qualities will provide a successful navigation across the sandiest of beaches. Its durability, efficient design, wide “balloon wheel” base, and of course the kick stand, combine to make for a very tough kayak cart! It will surely navigate the softest of sand and the tightest of closet spaces! Still not sold? Check out our Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Kayak Cart! Not interested in fishing from a kayak? Here are some other ways to fish at the beach!

Want to more fully submerse yourself in kayak fishing? Follow some of the professionals, here!

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  1. Have you tried pulling your Kayak over a little bit of a rocky and sandy beach? Do these wheels hold up to a rock/sand mixture?

    1. Hi Stephen,

      I’m no palm reader, so its hard to picture the type of surface you are traveling over. This cart is very durable, but if you are traveling over more rock than sand, perhaps a different model of kayak cart is best. Check out our Kayak Cart Ultimate Guide where we’ve written an all encompassing guide about different kayak carts and the different terrains for which they are suited.

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