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Kayak carts are multipurpose pieces of kayak fishing gear. They can transport a number of watercraft other than kayaks, like small sailboats, for example. Many kayak carts are constructed of high strength material which allows them to handle loads that are way heavier than the weight associated with a single fishing kayak.

Take a look at the versatility of the kayak cart shown products on KFC’s Kayak Cart Ultimate Guide! This KFC article focuses on types of kayak cart for kayak fishing. Below, we showcase our favorite 3!

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Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

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Parts of a Kayak Cart

Parts of a Kayak Cart


Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

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Shortcut to Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing Review

In this post, we have included all of the important details that you need to know to properly and safely use a kayak cart for kayak fishing. Why? Because KayakFishingCorner.com is focused on discovering the best kayak cart for kayak fishing adventures and helping ensure that our readers know how to use it! This singular focus narrows the scope of kayak carts pretty significantly. This is because a kayak fishing cart is going to have certain features that a regular kayak cart might not have.

With such a large topic, we’ve separated this post into several different categories. First, we go over some of the basics of a kayak cart. Next, we include a brief checklist that will help get you and your kayak cart up and running in no time. Third, we include recommendations and write ups on our three favorite kayak carts for kayak fishing with links that direct you to product pages where you can learn more! Finally, we’ve included a few words about our own experience with using a kayak cart for kayak fishing. We hope you enjoy reading this post as much as we have enjoyed writing it and we encourage you to write in to KFC to share your feedback!

The Basics of Evaluation

KayakFishingCorner.com is the internet’s destination for all topics related to kayak fishing. It should come as no surprise that KFC’s favorite type of kayak cart is a kayak cart that is designed to be used for kayak fishing. Recently, a significant number of KFC readers have contacted us requesting that we research to discover the best overall kayak cart for kayak fishermen!

After countless hours, and significant debate, the KFC team was split on a particular group of kayak carts. We decided it was just not possible to name a single “best overall” kayak cart for kayak fishermen. If we did, it would not have been fair to the other highly deserving candidates.

KFC decided to write a different post, not one focused on the best Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing, but rather the top 3! Perhaps this is a better approach after all. Now we’ve provided the KFC readers with a handful of options to account for different preferences of different kayak fishermen. KFC knows that no two kayak fishermen are totally alike. Some believe the Sit On Top Kayak Cart is best. Others think that the Sit In Kayak Cart is best. Please write in to KFC and share your opinion with this kayak fishing community!

How to Use a Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

We want to get started with a short checklist that will serve as a guide to getting you quickly underway with using your cart for kayak fishing! If you follow these steps, you should be assured of a safe and easy commute to and from the water.

  1. Begin by assembling the kayak cart into its upright position.
  2. Confirm that the wheels are safely attached to the axle. Double check that the bolts at the end of the axle are in place.
  3. The kayak cart’s wheels should inflated to an appropriate pressure. If you have non-inflatable wheels, be sure to check for cracking or irregular shaping.
  4. Open the frame of the kayak cart such that the cradle is formed. The cradle should be centered directly above the kayak cart’s axle.
  5. Apply pressure on each arm of the kayak cart, checking to make sure that all of the joints are securely bolted. The cradle should not significantly bend or sway when you apply this pressure.
  6. Move your fishing kayak near the kayak cart, or vice versa. You want it to be close by!
  7. Position the kayak cart near the kayak’s hull. This way, you don’t have to move the kayak very far once you’ve lifted it.
  8. Grab ahold of the inside of the kayak hull with both hands. I am right handed, so I stand to the left of the kayak, placing the kayak cart to the right of the kayak.
  9. Position the kayak’s hull directly above the kayak cart cradle and slowly lower the kayak into the kayak cart’s arms.
  10. Make sure your kayak is safely balanced on the kayak cart. We double check this by applying pressure on the front and back of the fishing kayak and looking to see whether the kayak cart begins to tip over.
  11. The more equally you are able to distribute the weight of your fishing kayak, the easier it will be to transport the kayak to and from the water!
  12. Finally, you must attach the straps securely round the frame of the kayak and then reattach them to the kayak cart. Securely tightening your straps will give you great peace of mind in your kayak’s stability when you are going over difficult terrain!

Model #1

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Perfect for Kayak Fishing!

Built of aluminum pipe and anodized stainless steel, this kayak cart is perfect for the wide ranging weather experiences a kayak fisherman is certain to encounter in their kayak fishing career. This kayak cart can get wet, dry, and wet again,  over and over without compromising its structure or safety.

The ability to stand up to so many different kinds of weather conditions is important because this will directly impact the strength of the kayak cart. The “all weather” ability isn’t the only  “strength” of this kayak cart. With a weight capacity of 150 lbs, this kayak fishing cart is built to manage even the heaviest of fishing kayaks. Remember, in many instances, fishing kayaks are weighted down with additional kayak fishing gear, and this kayak cart can withstand the load!

Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

What good is strength if you can’t maneuver your fishing kayak to the water? That is where this kayak cart really earns its points toward being designated a  Top 3 Kayak Cart. The kayak cart rests upon extra large (9-1/2 inches in diameter) “puncture free” wheels, which measure an impressive 3-1/2 inches in width. This size allows the kayak fisherman to smoothly travel across dirt, rocky pathways, asphalt, gravel and even beach sand! 

Lastly, flexibility and convenience. This is where we were certain that this kayak cart would perfectly suit our kayak fishing outings.  Maxed out on space? This kayak cart is quickly broken down into a smaller size, allowing it to easily fit into the trunk of your car, the garage closet, or even inside the hull of your fishing kayak!

Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

If you want a top of the line, all around high quality kayak cart, this kayak cart is a great option. It was an easy choice for inclusion on this KFC article. We hope that the KFC readers who decide to move forward with this kayak cart will write in with their opinions and photos of the cart. Maybe they’ll make it onto KayakFishingCorner.com?!

Model #2

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Great Choice for Rough Terrain!

The initial thing we noticed about this kayak cart was its unique design. Nearly all kayak carts closely resemble those showcased first and last in this article. This kayak cart is different. Perhaps these differences are its strength. Perhaps these differences provide the basis for being named a top Kayak Cart. Weighing just 10 pounds, and declaring a weighted load capacity of 300 pounds, this kayak cart is able to handle the heaviest of fishing kayaks. Even when the kayak cart is loaded down with additional kayak fishing gear.

Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

If you take a close look at the above, you’ll notice that this kayak cart includes  a kickstand. Kickstands are ideal for leveling kayak carts when loading, unloading, or just leveling the cart while at rest. Most kayak carts fail to include such a feature, leaving the kayak fisherman looking for a large limb, tree branch, or other item for purposes of holding up the fishing kayak to a usable and level plane. Finally, we’ve placed a lot of value on this kayak cart’s tool free assembly. Being “tool free” is critical for allowing a kayak fisherman to deploy and then collapse this kayak cart efficiently.

The image we show above displays the adjustability of the arms on this kayak cart. Why does KFC believe this is such an important feature? Many times a kayak cart is used to transport more than just its owner’s fishing kayak. What if you own more than one fishing kayak? Perhaps you’ve decided to upgrade in size and quality as you’ve become a more experienced kayak fisherman. Maybe you kayak fish with your friends, and some of these friends want to “borrow” your kayak cart to move their own fishing kayaks. The hulls of fishing kayaks likely differ from one another, being a little different in shape and size, and having an adaptable kayak cart is a great bonus!

Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

What’s else? Kayak fishing destinations usually require travel over rocky or dangerous pathways. It is easier to traverse these paths by use of a kayak cart. What good is a kayak cart if it is built upon low quality or easily pierced wheels? Failure of your fishing kayak cart’s wheels will leave you in a tough spot. This kayak cart earned its spot as a top Kayak Cart because of the included “puncture free” wheels. Look at the close up image of the wheel above. Not only is it puncture free, it also includes high quality treading to allow the kayak cart to perform well over dirt, gravel, asphalt, and loose sand. Who wants to go to the beach?

Model #3

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Heavy Duty Tires!

KFC likes products that assist us in making sure our fishing kayaks stay in top condition year round. A kayak cart is a great way to make sure the fishing kayak’s hull remains free from damage. Why? It prevents you from being tempted to drag your fishing kayak for “just the last couple of feet”.  What good is a kayak cart if its arms aren’t appropriately padded? Look closely at the image above. See how this kayak cart’s arms have thick padding to make sure the kayak’s hull is well protected? This is somewhat rare to find in a kayak cart, and this feature has earned high marks as a Top Kayak Cart.

Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

Overtime, my car’s trunk has shrunk. The garage closet has lost square footage. Actually, maybe that’s not accurate. The fact is that I have continued to collect kayak fishing accessories and am quickly running out of space! KFC places high value on any piece of kayak fishing gear, like this kayak cart, that is flexible or can “fold flat”. This makes bringing the kayak cart along for your kayak fishing trip a much more pleasant task. KFC’s favorite part? No special tools are needed. You can collapse the cart in just a few moments. This means more time on the water. Less time messing around with your gear!

As shown above, this kayak cart has large wheels. By large, we mean both in terms of width and diameter. This allows the kayak cart to handle a number of different surfaces. The V-Necked arms are set wide. 15 inches wide. This is suitable size to manage fishing kayaks of different shapes and sizes. KFC’s favorite part of this kayak cart and what makes it so great for kayak fishing? The kayak cart comes with 12 feet of heavy duty strapping. This is used to secure the fishing kayak, making sure that it stays safe and sound in its padded arms while being transported. This manufacturer has made sure that all of the bells and whistles have been included on this kayak cart. All of these extra touches have earned it many points towards being named a Top Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing.

My Experience Using Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

I had long since learned that a kayak cart was a necessary piece of kayak fishing gear. I knew this for a number of reasons. One such reason was how helpful I found the kayak cart to be in terms of moving my fishing kayak, and the fishing kayaks of my friends, over rocky pathways. Too many times had I  encountered situations where it wasn’t safe to try to “muscle” the fishing kayak over or around a particular obstacle.

The kayak cart is a perfect solution for this problem. I didn’t want just any kayak cart. My kayak fishing trips usually involved difficult terrain, and I needed to make sure my kayak cart was up to the task. This is when I began the background research necessary to write this post on the Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing.  I had already researched the topic very significantly.


Kayak Cart for Kayak Fishing

We hope this article has helped you learn more about how to use a kayak cart for fishing outings. After you’ve read it, are you not convinced as to whether you should buy a kayak cart? We suggest that you take a look at the Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Kayak Cart. Once you’ve become convinced that a kayak cart is the perfect kayak fishing accessory for you, you should put serious consideration into one of the carts showcased above.

If you still have questions about whether using a kayak cart is a good idea for you, please be sure to comment towards the bottom of this page. We’d be happy to hear some of the reason for your hesitation, and perhaps we can help offer advice! After you’ve decided, please write in to KFC and share your story with this kayak fishing community! Looking for something a little more simple? See if the Standard Kayak Cart could be right for you. Remember, proper use of a kayak cart can help you avoid a number of injuries, especially those to your lower back!

A little on the competitive side? Before engaging in a little friendly competition, we suggest that you set some ground rules. You can use this resource as a good reference guide!


Do you have any questions about how to use a kayak cart? What about other questions about kayak fishing in general?  Please let us know by sharing with the rest of the KayakFishingCorner community! Just post in the Comments section below!

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