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A good kayak paddle grip tape will allow you to keep a steady grip on your paddle and prevent any blisters from happening. A good quality grip tape stays free of moisture and can resist extreme temperatures. Want to learn the other reasons why this particular piece of kayak fishing gear is so important? Let’s do it!

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Kayak Paddle Grip Tape: Overview

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Paddle Grip Tape

KFC has taken great care to write this article to include all of the important details about what to consider when buying a good quality kayak paddle grip tape. I have divided the information into several different sub-sections so that it becomes easy to scan through.  

You can get straight to your focal point if you don’t have much time to go through the entire article. We have begun with a section that includes tons of basic information about kayak paddle grip tape – what is it, what is it used for, where can you buy it, and so on. Moreover, I have included a “How-To” checklist to show you how to use kayak paddle grip tape the right way!

You will also find a brief list of the “important features” you need to consider when buying kayak paddle grip tape – this will help you become educated so that you can identify the good types of grip tape from the bad. For your convenience, I have also added a link to my favorite kayak paddle grip tape – this takes out some of the research involved if you are more interested in getting to the water as quickly as possible. Moving forward, I review the showcased kayak paddle grip tape and provide you with a list of its pros and cons too.

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Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Kayak Paddle Grip Tape: The Basics

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Kayak paddle grip tape provides you with a better grip on your kayak paddle in various conditions. It is effortless to install and doesn’t cost much either. You need good quality kayak paddle grip tape if you spend a lot of time kayaking. Its amazing not only how much more comfortable your hands will be, but how much more efficient and effective you become as a kayak paddler!

The proper kayak paddle grip tape will allow you to maintain a proper grip on your paddle no matter what the conditions are. Besides that, it will stay in place on your paddle, and you won’t have to adjust it again and again. It is very beneficial for you as a kayak fisherman because you get your hands wet while fishing or bringing in your catch and then you have to quickly move forward or to another point in the water to make your next catch. If you don’t have a proper grip on your paddle, quick movements are not possible, and your kayak paddle could quickly slip down current or even to the bottom of the late – a costly mistake!

These grip tapes are very easy to install. You don’t need any previous experience to install them. Just unroll the tape and wrap it around your kayak paddle’s handle. Its that easy. There aren’t any special tools required!

The market has different types of grip tapes. Some of them are made of silicone, while others are rubber. The tape you are considering should come with the proper grip and anti-slip properties. These grips are very easy to maintain. They actually air-dry with ease. Just keep them in their normal temperature range, and everything will be good! Let’s take a look at home to use this ergonomically designed piece of kayak fishing gear!

How to Use Kayak Paddle Grip Tape?

Luckily for us, using and installing kayak paddle grip tape is actually very straightforward. Here are some important steps that you need to keep in mind when you are using the grip tape for the first time:

  • Take your newly arrived grip tape out of its packing.
  • Identify the edge where the tape starts and check both sides of it.
  • The sticky side will go on and stick to the paddle handle.
  • The outer side is either made of silicone or rubber.
  • It might have some ergonomic cuts and designs for better gripping and prevent your hands from calluses or blisters.
  • Make sure that you stick the grip tape where you place your hands on your paddle handle (following the “hand placement” step below).
  • Keep the center of the kayak paddle under your nose and then grip it.
  • Once you have installed your grip tape, it’s time to try your strokes in the air.
  • When you get used to the feel of the grip tape on your paddle handle, try it out on the water (make sure to wear your fishing kayak life jacket).
  • Now, paddle just as you would normally, you’ll immediately notice the increased comfort and gripping ability – nice huh?!

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Kayak Paddle Grip Tape – Important Features

Here are some important features that you must keep in mind when buying a good quality kayak paddle grip tape. After all, knowing how to use this type of tape is great, but you need to be able to comb through the various types of grip tape on the market to ensure that you are buying one that is a good match for your kayak fishing paddle!


There are two different types of materials used in the construction of typical kayak paddle grip tapes. One is silicone, and the other one is a rubber. Rubber has been the top choice for a very long time because of its excellent water resistivity and grip. But rubber can be a bit tough on your hands as well. 

Kayak Paddle Grip Tape

This is where the silicone grip tapes come in handy! These grip tapes are far easier to handle, and they are not too tough on your hands. You’ll notice that the silicone has a much “softer” feel while not compromising your gripping ability – the best of both worlds!


Most of the good quality grip tapes come with some kind of ergonomic design. It helps you in maintaining a strong grip on your handle. The most popular design is the ribbed design. It will also prevent calluses and blisters from occurring.

You’ll be amazed how much stronger you can grip your paddle when aided by the ribbed design – yet you won’t experience the paid otherwise associated with gripping an object so tightly. Why? Because of the “softness” of the silicone!


Like you fishing kayak life vest, the grip tape you are ordering should have a decent level of water resistivity. It becomes even more important if you spend a lot of time on the water like your average kayak fishermen does.

The grip tape needs to stay put on your kayak paddle handle no matter how you use it. It cannot “come loose” or unravel when wet – after all, this is kayak fishing, and your paddle will likely be wet just as much as it is dry! Just like your Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder, your paddle tape needs to perform – wet or dry!

Easy to Install

The ease of installation is absolutely critical. Grip tapes are very easy to install, and you can get rid of them quickly as well. Just wrap it around your handle like you would tape something. And when you feel that your grip tape is wearing out, just get rid of it and wrap a new piece. No maintenance hassles whatsoever.

Kayak Paddle Grip Tape

It is very important to be able to install, remove and replace with ease. We frequently do this on the water and we love that you don’t need any special tools or difficult to follow instructions to take these actions!


There are different color options available for you to try as well, according to your kayak paddle and your kayak. Choosing the color of the grip tape is purely up to your preferences and likings.

Kayak Paddle Grip Tape

Let us suggest that you go with something brightly colored (like red or yellow). Why? A brightly colored kayak paddle grip tape will help you and your kayak to better “stand out” on the water – making you more visible to other vessels on the water and thereby increasing your safety – as well as the safety of everyone else around you! How about that for a win-win?!

No Sticky Residue

Do you want a sticky paddle? I didn’t think so! It is an important feature to consider as well because you don’t want to waste your time cleaning that residue that remains on your handle once you remove the tape. A good quality grip tape won’t present you with such issues to deal with.

These grip tapes do not “adhere” with sticky glues or substances. Instead, they are built of a material that “self adheres”. That means it likes to stick to itself, but not much else. This is great in case you want to change the color of your grip tape for another – just unwrap and replace with ease!

Buy the Best Kayak Paddle Grip Tape:

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The particular tape that we’ve highlighted above is an excellent choice to use as your kayak paddle grip tape! This tape is so versatile that you can use it on your tool handles and with your sports and fitness equipment too, though we bet you’ll be pretty persuaded to leave it on your kayak paddle once you see how comfortable it is!

Available in three (and sometimes more) different colors, it is made of weatherproof silicone, meaning that it is perfect for the variety of weather and water conditions that you’ll face while kayak fishing. It is resistant to water and can repel salt from sweat or various other substances too (like fish guts). Apart from that, it can quickly get dry once it is exposed to these elements.

Kayak Paddle Grip Tape

Moreover, when you remove the tape, you won’t find any sticky residues on your handle. So you can apply the tape safely anywhere you want! Additionally, the soft silicone rubber prevents blisters from happening – this is perfect for kayak fishermen who spend ours on the water with paddle in hand. The tape has a ribbed design on it outside to allow you to maintain a steady grip. The grip tape will remain tacky (notice that I did not say “sticky”) with its anti-slip features.

The grip tape has excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays from the sun, and it won’t fade. It can also withstand cold temperatures (and takes well to gloves – if you are wearing gloves while kayak fishing in colder weather). Its temperature resistivity range is -65F to 500F (I know, I know, it doesn’t get THAT hot, even in Texas)! And the best part is that you can use it on any diameter handle too, so it doesn’t matter if your shaft is thin or thick – in this case, size really doesn’t matter!

Kayak Paddle Grip Tape

The thickness of this grip tape is 1.7mm, and you will get 60 inches of it in a single role. This is more than enough to adequately cover your kayak paddle with a little bit left over for replacement!

My Experience

Kayak fishermen, or even regular kayakers, have to deal with blisters and calluses. All these rowing and stroking actions can be taxing on the hands. Add to this that your shaft is often wet, making a slipping and sliding of a paddle a common occurrence – increasing the likelihood of the development of a severe blister! Therefore, a good quality kayak paddle grip tape is mandatory – otherwise, you risk having your fishing outing cut short due to blister pain!

My experience with this grip tape has been great so far. It meets all the requirements that I have highlighted in the Important Features section. The grip tape is made of silicone rubber, and it is very easy on your hands. I like that I don’t feel like I have to squeeze quite as hard to keep a firm grip on my paddle!

It also maintains a steady hold on the paddle handle – no slipping or sliding, even when wet! The grip tape comes with a ribbed design, and it stays put in your hand pretty well no matter how fast you paddle or what kind of paddling stroke you use.

Installing it on your shaft is not a big deal either, nor is the removal process. Taking it off of your handle won’t leave any sticky residue, either. This is probably my favorite feature and its why I feel so comfortable suggesting this particular grip tape to you!

Kayak Paddle Grip Tape

It can handle extremely cold and hot temperatures and can grip any diameter handle with ease. Not only can you use it on your kayak paddle handle, but you can also use it with tons of other stuff. My friend has wrapped the handle his fishing pole – though that seems a little excessive to me (though I do wrap the handle on my kayak anchor and the throttle on my kayak trolling motor)!


  • The gripe tape is made of weather-resistant silicone rubber – perfect for year round use!
  • It repels salt and water from your sweat or any other chemicals.
  • Dries up pretty fast after being exposed to elements, ensuring that your hands to not have to be placed on a wet grip time and again!
  • It doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind when you remove it.
  • The grip tape is dishwasher safe.
  • It is built for extreme performance with a temperature range of -65F and 500F.
  • The tape is UV resistant as well.
  • You can use it on any diameter handle with ease.


  • Doesn’t unwrap conveniently for a correction, if you happen to make an error when initially wrapping it, better to just replace!


I hope this guide about kayak paddle grip tape has proven to be handy resource for you! I have included all the information that you need to know to be able to buy a high quality grip tape for your kayak paddle! You should be able to separate the “best from the rest” with ease! For a quick reference, you would be wise to consider the kayak paddle grip tape that we’ve showcased above.

While it is not the ONLY quality grip tape on the market, it is surely one of the absolute best! It is a very effective grip tape that you can use not only on your kayak paddle shaft, but anything else where you’d like a little better grip! It has an excellent surface feel and will keep your hands protected from any calluses and blisters. You can conveniently use it for long hours if you want – you’ll immediately notice the reduced fatigue on your hands!


Did you even know that there was such a thing as Kayak Paddle Grip Tape? I’ll be honest – I knew there was tape for tennis racquets and shovels, but not for kayak paddles! So, what do you think of my recommendation? Do you agree, or do you have your recommendation to give? Perhaps you’ve found another way of avoiding those pesky paddle induced blisters! Leave your comments and suggestions below, and keep the conversation going! We read and reply to every comment and we love interacting with the kayak fishing community!

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