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Kayak paddle grips come in VERY handy while you are kayak fishing during extreme temperatures. In most cases, you’ll need kayak paddle grips for protection against warm, even hot, paddle shafts because most of us prefer to use kayaks in the summers – the glare on the shaft of the paddle can really heat things up! Want to learn how to protect your hands from blisters and burns, all while keeping a better hold on your kayak paddles? Let’s DIVE in!

Kayak Paddle Grips – Overview:

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I’ve created this post on kayak paddle grips so that you can conveniently access all the information in one, easy to follow post. You won’t have to jump around from one site to another for gathering with different points about which kayak paddle grip is better. I’ve fragmented this guide into smaller subsectionsto make it easy to scan and sift through!

I’ll begin with a section about the basics of kayak paddle grips. You’ll learn what they are, what they are made of, how they are used, why they are so popular, and so forth!

The following section contains a brief list of steps containing information on how to properly use kayak paddle grips.

After that, you’ll get to know some of the most important features that you MUST consider when buying kayak paddle grips. Following these guidelines when buying kayak paddles grips will ensure that you are happy with your purchase!

I’ve also added a link to my favorite kayak paddle grips, and I’ll review it in the My Experience section. Now, by no means is this particular paddle grip the ONLY top notch model on the market – however, it is one with which I am quite familiar and I feel comfortable introducing it to this kayak fishing community!

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Kayak Paddle Grips – Basics:

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Paddle Grips Review

Many people ignore kayak paddle grips, confusing them with Kayak Paddle Holders, but they are one of the MOST important kayaking accessories when it comes to comfort – trust me, I make this statement from first hand knowledge! These grips keep your hands safe from extreme temperatures so you don’t have to hold a hot paddle! You’ll also become a more efficient paddler, as a side benefit!

Additionally, these grips keep your hands safe from developing any calluses or blisters due to long hours of paddling while on an elongated kayak fishing outing! Different manufacturers use different types of materials to make these kayak paddle grips. Most manufacturers prefer to use gel or neoprene for this purpose.

Kayak Paddle Grips

Both of these materials grip well, and they will keep your hands safe from any unwanted injuries (blisters and burns being the most common, of course). These grips will keep your hands safe from gripping a paddle that has gotten too hot due to sunlight. They are water-resistant as well – a very important feature given the nature of the kayak paddle.

Cleaning and maintaining kayak paddle grips is not a problem either, so long as you get one made of the right material. You can conveniently throw them into your washing machine for cleaning. While you can do this after each use, you can also go on several trips in between washes without much downside!

How to use Kayak Paddle Grips

Using kayak paddle grips isn’t a complicated task at all – lucky for us! However, to further assist you in this regard, I’ve created a list of steps that you need to take before you get out on the water. Following these steps will ensure that you are using your kayak paddle grips correctly and that they have been properly installed!

  • Get you kayak paddle grips out of the box.
  • Some manufacturers sell two grips while others sell a single piece.
  • Based on your purchase from a certain manufacturer, identify the items in your box.
  • Usually, you won’t find anything else in the packaging besides the grips themselves and the instructions manual that will guide you on how to put them on your paddle.
  • Now take your paddle and place your hands on its shaft where you normally place them to grip it while paddling.
  • Most grips for 1-piece paddles come with Velcro while the ones for 2-piece paddles come with some kind of sticking substance.
  • Just make sure which type of connecting mechanism your kayak paddle grips have.
  • Get the grips on the shaft by closely following the instruction manual.
  • Try them before you take them out on the water.
  • Make sure to place them at a comfortable distance apart such that your hands won’t be “too crowded” or “too spread out”, each of which will really diminish your paddling ability!
  • Once you are comfortable with the grips, it’s time to take them out for a spin.

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Best Kayak Paddle Grips – Important Features:

Here are some important features that you need to keep in mind before buying kayak paddle grips. It might seem that there is nothing much to look for, but that is not the case. By keeping each of these important features in mind, you’ll be sure to be pleased with your ultimate purchase decision – no matter which manufacturer you move forward with!


Different manufacturers use different materials to make their kayak paddle grips. Some choose neoprene, while others go for nylon and rubber blends. Still, others prefer to go for various gel-like materials for better grip and insulation. 

Kayak Paddle Grips

The best material to consider is neoprene because it offers a firm grip. You can really squeeze into the grip itself without feeling the underlying aluminum kayak paddle shaft or composite kayak paddle shaft! It also has insulation properties. The machine-washable feature makes it easy to clean.


Some kayak paddle grips come with an ergonomic design – but that can be the exception, rather than the rule, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Kayak Paddle Grips

These grips ensure that you can maintain a tight grip on the shaft. But these groups are expensive, and usually, they are not great when it comes to insulation. There is a bit of a balancing act to be played here! Plus, you probably already feel good about your ability to hold onto your kayak paddle if you read our article about the Best Kayak Paddle Leash!


It is a good idea to invest in lightweight grips. Neoprene, again, is the right choice because it is very lightweight. Velcro straps are going to add to a fraction to the overall weight of your paddle. But other sticking mechanisms involving moisture and force are better.


It is a highly subjective matter, but still, it counts. If you are looking for matching color patterns of your paddle grips with your kayak, then you can go for one according to your preferences. There are hundreds of color combinations available.

Kayak Paddle Grips

Let me suggest you go with a “brighter is better” approach in terms of color selection. Why? Picking a brighter color will ensure that you are just a bit more visible while on the water! This will make you stand out to other boaters and kayak fishermen who may be on the water, increasing your safety and the safety of those around you!

Ease of Installation

Again, the ease of installation is a must-have feature. Whether you choose to go with Velcro or any other sticking mechanism, it is up to you. Almost all of these kayak paddle grips are effortless (or close to effortless) to install. And they come with their set of instructions for the newcomers to follow.

The take away is as follows: If it looks like it might be difficult to install, it probably will be, to look the other way and find something simpler!


It is a good idea to invest in kayak paddle grips that are straight-forward to clean and maintain. As you would be gripping them, any bad odor from the grips is transferable to your hands – and the other way around!

Kayak Paddle Grips

And it might cause some discomfort while you are kayaking. Therefore, choose the kayak paddle grips that are easy to wash (preferably in the machine).

Buy the Best Kayak Paddle Grips:

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The kayak paddle grips by that we’ve showcased for you above is the best by far. I’ve used many kayak paddle grips over the years due to my history as a kayak fisherman. But I haven’t found many that surpass the practicality of the showcased model. In the following text, I’m going to explain why it is the best kayak paddle grip for you to choose from.

First, it comes in several color combinations. I like to go for matching colors for all my gear, and I went with the bright red. But that is totally up to you, and these grips provide you with a range of different options to consider here (remember, brighter is better)!

Kayak Paddle Grips

Second, it is effortless to install. If a certain piece of kayak fishing gear is easy to use and low maintenance, I rank it very high on my lift! These paddle grips are easy to maintain and clean too – just throw them in the washing machine every now and then!

Third, it protects your hands from developing any blisters or calluses (and burns, of course). It is made of high-quality material that will stick on the shaft of your paddle, and you will only have to apply moisture and force to them (just a little bit of force – a good hard squeeze for only a brief period of time). 

My Experience

My experience with these kayak paddle grips has been extraordinary. I primarily bought them for their colors, and I prefer to use the matching gear, so I went for the bright red – just like I told you above! But quickly found out that there is so much more here on offer, apart from the colors.

These kayak paddle grips are super simple to install; they get on the shaft very comfortably. No matter you are using a 1-piece paddle or a 2-piece paddle, the installation process is super simple. As these grips have neoprene in them, they did provide a good grip. My hands remain extremely comfortable throughout the time I spend on the water while kayak fishing.

Kayak Paddle Grips

Another excellent feature of these grips is that they are very easy to clean. I followed the instructions and put them straight into my washing machine. And they came out as good as new. I had another pair of grips for kayak fishing, but now I prefer to use these as they are very practical.

Furthermore, I would like to mention that these grips are extremely lightweight to use – a nice touch when you need to be mindful of how much weight you are subjecting your fishing kayak to.

Kayak Paddle Grips

Therefore, people who are worried about the weight factor should invest in these grips with confidence. However, I would suggest that people who have short hands shouldn’t choose these grips because they are too wide for them. A potential downside, I suppose, but something to be aware of nonetheless!


  • Protect your hands against calluses and blisters (and burns on hot summer days)
  • Reduce fatigue (easier to hold onto).
  • Extremely comfortable and soft.
  • Good to use with any type of paddle.
  • Enhance hand grip (become a more efficient paddler).


●      Too wide for shorthands (still, OK for most juniors and women).  


I hope this post on kayak paddle grips has provided you with all the information that you require to make the right decision when evaluating a kayak paddle grip for your collection. I’ve tried to address every major and minor concern associated with kayak paddle grips in the post – surely nothing has been left out!

Kayak paddle grips offer superior protection to your hands from extreme temperatures, blistering, and even splinters (if you are using a rare, wooden kayak paddle). They are also useful for keeping your hands safe from developing any calluses. You might think that there isn’t much that you have to consider when buying a kayak paddle grip. And if you don’t do much kayak fishing, then there isn’t much!

Kayak Paddle Grips

But if you spend a lot of time on the water being a kayak fisherman or a recreational kayaker, then you will NEED a good quality pair of kayak paddle grips – its a requirement, really. These grips will keep your hands in a very comfortable position, and you can spend hours and hours on the water without any hand-fatigue. You’ll likely even notice yourself becoming a more efficient paddler!

The best ones are from the manufacturer we’ve showcased above. They check all the boxes! These grips are incredibly lightweight, very easy to clean, and simple to install. And the best thing is that they are available in different colors too – remember, safety first! Brighter is better!  


What do you think about kayak paddle grips? Did you know that the aftermarket is FULL of these type of products? Perhaps you have used one and have had a positive experience? Maybe it was even the showcased model of grip from above? Be sure to post below and share your story with us! We read and reply to every comment and love interacting with the kayak fishing community!!

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