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Looking for a good quality paddle holder clip is on the mind of every kayak fisherman or paddler. Why?  It allows you to put your paddle down safely on the kayak, where you can get back to it. Dropping it into the water is not an option here because you might scare off your fish for good. Even worse, it could sink!

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Kayak Paddle Holder Clip – Overview

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The purpose of this article is to equip you with all the knowledge needed to ensure that you buy a good quality paddle holder clip! Getting a top quality model is actually quite easy, but you need to educate yourself first! There are some minor details you need to focus on, and they matter a lot!!

In this article, I’ll mention some of the integral aspects associated with kayak paddle clips. I’ve created a “basics” section to keep the information easy to communicate and follow. It’ll also allow you to skip through any unwanted part and get straight to the point without wasting your precious time. The faster you read this article – the faster you can get out on the water and catch those fish!

The post also includes a thorough write up on the “important features” to look for when buying a kayak paddle holder clip. If you memorize these features, you’ll be able to separate the “best” kayak paddle holder clips from the “rest” with ease!

Additionally, there is a short section that I’ve included to highlight some important steps and show how to use a kayak paddle holder clip. Don’t worry, we go from beginning to end without missing any important steps of leaving out any critical details!

To facilitate you, I’ve also included a link to my favorite kayak paddle holder clip. Now, by no means is this the ONLY high quality clip on the market, but it is one with which I am very familiar and one which I feel comfortable introducing to the KFC readership!

The following section will also feature a review of this particular clip, where I’ll list down its advantages and disadvantages. It’ll be there in the My Experience section. I like to learn from the experiences of others – perhaps you do as well?

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Kayak Paddle Holder Clip – Basics

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Paddle Holder Clip Review

A kayak paddle holder clip is a small device that keeps your paddle attached to your kayak. There is no need to drop your paddle into the water, and of course, by doing that, you won’t have to retrieve it. That’s right, you don’t have to hold on to your paddle when you are not actively using it (like when you a reeling in a fish) – instead, your kayak clip does the work for you!

The holder clip will allow you to move with your hands free to tend to other necessities of kayak fishing! You can immerse yourself in other activities like catching your fish, taking those breathtaking photos, reeling in your catch, adjusting your fishing net or outriggers (learn how to use kayak outriggers here) or whatever that you are there to do!

Plus, with a holding clip in place, you can conveniently transport your kayak. You won’t have to deal with the paddle separately because it continues to remain attached to your kayak. In this way, a kayak paddle clip is a little bit like having an extra pair of hands!

Besides all that, getting it attached to your kayak is not an issue, either. Even a newbie can install it after going through the insulation guide that comes with it. Unlike a kayak rack for your dock, there isn’t much to “put together” with this particular piece of kayak fishing gear!

These clips are available in various shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose, and that is to keep your paddle attached to your kayak! Now, let’s jump right into my favorite section, where we learn how to use a kayak paddle holder clip the CORRECT way!

How to Use a Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

There’s no rocket science involved in using a kayak paddle holder clip. However, don’t let your eyes glaze over! If you’re a newbie here, or would just like a bit of a refresher course, here are some steps that you need to take before you take the clip out on the water with you:

  • Open the box and take your paddle holder clip out of the packaging.
  • Identify the holding clip and all its associated components.
  • Be sure not to lose any of the small pieces (e.g.: nuts and bolts).
  • You’ll find a holding clip with a couple of its bolts so that you can secure it to your kayak.
  • Usually, these bolts will go right through the holding clip and into the holes in your kayak.
  • Take out the instructions manual and go through the read.
  • Make holes on the side of your kayak with adequate measurements.
  • Double-check that the holes that you have made will keep the holding clip in a position that is not discomforting for you.
  • Place the holding clip right over the holes and screw the bolts in.
  • After installing the holder clip, fit your kayak paddle in.
  • Before you take it out on the water, be sure to try it out on dry land.
  • When you feel that it’s comfortable, it’s time to take your kayak out on the water.
  • Keep in mind that you DO NOT need to take the holder clip off from your kayak.
  • Ok, that’s it! Pretty simple, right?!

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Kayak Paddle Holder Clip – Important Features

Construction & Design

Kayak paddle holder clips come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They all have only one purpose, however, and that is to keep the paddle attached to your kayak! But some of them are more ergonomic than others depending upon your height and physique. Some are a lot easier to install than others. There are some other important difference as well! 

Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

Most kayak paddle clips feature a swiveling motion that allows you to move the paddle in any direction. Others only come with a small gap where you can place your paddle, and there is no holding clip. You can choose the holding clips with a hook or a ring to loop over the stem of your paddle.


Holding clips don’t come with many options when it comes to materials. You can either go for a plastic one or a metal one. The metal one can damage the exterior or graphics of your paddle over time, so it is better to go for the plastic ones. 

Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

There are fewer chances of corrosion and rust too. Manufacturers use hard plastic for the construction of these holding clips, and they are pretty lightweight. They are easy to clean and maintain. Don’t let the word “plastic” make you think these are cheap and breakable – the manufacturers use the heavy duty grade plastic!

Easy Installation

Easy to install kayak clips are always more convenient. A kayak clip’s bolts shouldn’t go into a hard-to-reach spot on your kayak. Think about it, where you install your clip is where you’ll locate your paddle – you don’t want to put it in a hard to reach spot!

Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

Easy installation also means that you can remove your paddle holder clip when you want to. In most cases, these holding clips come with a couple of juxta-positioned bolts.

The bigger holder clips come with more bolts, and they are good in covering some space and offer more flexibility in paddle movements. Hence, you need to select a holding clip based on your paddle and kayak size. Makes sense, right?

Great for Storage & Transportation

The holding clips are also useful when you want to store or transport your kayak. Why? Because you connect the paddle to the kayak and basically merge the kayak and paddle into “one”, giving you one less thing to carry!

Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

Also, a kayak clip will sometimes come with a design that allows easy swiveling motion. You must also be able to get your paddle parallel to your kayak with ease. It’ll allow you to save more space while transporting your kayak.


The clip that you’re considering must be compatible with the design of your kayak and paddle. Kayaks vary in their shapes and sizes, and they have different surfaces to deal with.

Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

Likewise, some kayak paddles (specifically carbon fiber kayak paddles and composite kayak paddles) come in varying sizes of shaft thickness. Therefore, look for a clip that is a good match for your kayak and your paddle!

Buy the Best Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

Buy on Amazon

The kayak paddle holder clip that I have showcased above leads the market by far (at least in my educated opinion). The compatibility of a kayak paddle clip matters, and this holding clip is compatible with several kayak models. Whether you own a kayak by Emotion, Perception, Malibu, Vibe, or Pelican, it’ll work just fine. It fits with a number of others popular models of paddle and fishing kayak as well!

Furthermore, it is straightforward to install as there are only a couple of bolts that you need to screw in. These bolts are right in the middle and upright in line with each other.

Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

Besides that, this manufacturer earns extra KFC points for using high-quality hard plastic! It won’t wear over time! The holder clips have a small size, though, and they will only work with paddles coming with a medium to small size shaft thickness/diameter. Hence, you should look for the compatibility of these holding clips with your paddle shaft and your kayak’s shape before you buy it.

My Experience

The experience I had with this particular model of paddle clip is nothing short of extraordinary! I just made sure that the clip was compatible with my kayak and paddle, which it was. And once I did that, this clip performed very well. It’s been a loyal companion for a TON of trips at this point!

Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

Upon the first gaze, I noticed that this clip is not made for the paddle that comes with thicker shafts. Therefore, keep a close eye on your paddle’s shaft, and if this clip is not compatible, then look for something else that fits. The construction of this clip centers around its hard plastic – it’s sturdy – its ready for the water!

It’ll also get your paddle to the important “parallel” position (relative to your kayak) when you’re storing or transporting it. Most importantly, it allows you to leave your paddle and focus on what you are there for – reeling in fish! No paddle dropping, no noise, and everything remains smooth and according to plan!!


  • Sturdy hard plastic that doesn’t wear over time (great durability).
  • Compatibility is great with the 2 in-line bolts.
  • Effortless installation (took me just about 10 minutes).
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • No corrosion or rust (an important feature given the exposure to water).
  • Easy swiveling motion.


  • Not made for paddle shafts with larger diameters (make sure to check your kayak’s surface and measure the diameter of your shaft before buying).


I hope this article proves to help you make a more knowledgeable buying decision for your kayak paddle holder clip! I’ve made sure that all the information here stays free of any ambiguity and is organized in a logical manner!

For a quick recap, I would again mention that the best kayak paddle holder clip is the one showcased above. It’s easy to install and made of study materials. Fully compatible with kayaks from several leading different brands, it has a very lightweight construction. The clip will not corrode or rust and offers a good swiveling motion.

Be extra cautious to check the compatibility of your desired holder clip with your paddle and kayak. I was lucky to have a different kayak paddle with me that I used with this holding clip. And it turned out to be a wonderful experience. It’s the only point that you have to keep in mind with this holding clip.


So what do you think? Do you use a kayak paddle holder clip to secure your kayak paddle to your fishing kayak? Perhaps you even have some experience with the showcased model? How did it perform for you? Maybe you have a different model of kayak clip that you’d like to introduce to this group? Please share by posting on the Comments board below! We read and reply to every comment and absolutely love interacting with the kayak fishing community!

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