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Kayak fishing is similar to many other styles of fishing in terms of the type and amount of fishing gear required to ensure you have a chance at a successful fishing outing – this includes a Kayak Paddle Holder, of course. While an ordinary sized fishing boat will have a number of compartments and storage areas for your various pieces of fishing gear, a fishing kayak will be far more constrained in terms of storage space available.

If not used efficiently, your fishing kayak could limit the amount of fishing gear you can bring along with you. The answer? A kayak paddle holder!

kayak paddle holder

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Fortunately, there are a number of products on the kayak fishing market today (aside from the paddle holder) that allow a kayak fisherman to be efficient and intentional with the storage and organization of his or hey kayak fishing gear and accessories.

kayak paddle holder

One of the largest single items contained within the fishing kayak, other than the kayak fisherman him or herself, is the kayak paddle. Fishing kayaks are typically equipped with one or two dual headed kayak paddles, and many kayak fisherman elect to also bring along a single headed paddling oar as well, just in case they get into a tight spot.

Unless a kayak fisherman purchases a collapsable or telescopic kayak paddle and oar, these kayak fishing accessories can take a up a tremendous amount of room relative to the size of the fishing kayak itself.

kayak paddle holder

When the fishing kayak paddle is being used, the storage of the paddle isn’t a problem. But what about times when the kayak fisherman is actively kayak fishing, requiring that his or her hands be tending to the kayak fishing rods (and hopefully fish!), or times when the kayak fisherman is simply free floating?

Where can the kayak paddles be safely stored free from worry that they may fall overboard and drift up or downstream, quite literally leaving you up a creek without a paddle? Fortunately for the kayak fishing community, there are several pieces of kayak fishing gear on the market today designed specifically for the role of securing your fishing kayak paddle to the fishing kayak for times when the paddle isn’t actively being used.

kayak paddle holder

KayakFishingCorner refers to this particular type of gear as a “Kayak Paddle Holder”. KayakFishingCorner has written this post to introduce you to paddle holder products, compare and contrast the different types of paddle holder accessories on the market today, and offer our informed recommendations as to which paddle holder might be right for you, all depending on the type of kayak fishing you typically participate in.

Unbiased Review

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Every single one of my product review posts published on KayakFishingCorner are based on my own independent investigation.  I have years of significant kayak fishing experience to my name, which is critical and necessary for me to evaluate these products appropriately, and I treat doing so very seriously.  I do not give any brands or companies preferred treatment or alter their scores, and I review every product on an equal slate.

kayak paddle holder

I write every post to assist all KFC members and readers in deciding upon the best kayak fishing products for their kayak fishing experience and journey.  In this case, I want you to learn about the best “kayak paddle holders”.  I make it my top priority to obtain the trust of the entire KFC community.  Once I have earned your trust, I do my absolute best to keep it.  If you have any questions about how I review products, please send me a message.

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Kayak Paddle Holder: Introduction

kayak paddle holder

Fishing kayak paddles are available at any number of price points, largely depending on the material from which they are constructed. Regardless of price point,  a kayak paddle is one of the single most important pieces of kayak fishing gear for your kayak fishing experience, and it is something that you cannot afford to lose while out on the water (after a paddle holder, a kayak paddle leash is your next best piece of kayak fishing gear).

kayak paddle holder

A paddle holder, along with a kayak paddle leash, is one of the single most important pieces of gear in terms of the protection it affords your kayak paddle. Fortunalty for the kayak fishing community, there are a number of different paddle holder products on the market, and they are available at a very affordable price, and come with a high degree of quality.

kayak paddle holder

After evaluating a number of paddle holder styles, KayakFishingCorner has settled on what can definitively be considered the top 3 styles, and has suggested a product from each category to match. These styles are referred to as: Fixed, Hanging, and Clip On, and we take a detailed look at each of these styles below.

Fixed Kayak Paddle Holder

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kayak paddle holder

Nice and Tight; Good Durability

The fixed style paddle holder is designed in a very simple manner, and that is the reason so many kayak fisherman have elected to secure their kayak paddles to their fishing kayaks via this product. This type of paddle holder consists of a rectangular piece of heavy duty plastic, with a cradle or void in its center, two pre-drilled mounting holes, and a mounting kit. The mounting kit will typically contain two stainless steel screws and rubberized nuts.

kayak paddle holder

The fixed style paddle holder is advantaged in that it can be positioned at a location of the kayak fisherman’s choosing. Closer to the front, closer to the back, left, right, even side-mounted and vertically mounted, the fixed mount paddle holder is a very versatile piece of kayak fishing gear.

kayak paddle holder

Simply drill two small holes (per paddle holder) into the deck of your fishing kayak and then use the included screws and rubberized nuts to ensure a water tight seal. Once installed, the paddle can quickly and safely be “snapped” into the kayak paddle holder.

We suggest the paddle holder model shown below because it comes with the mounting hardware required (some competitor models require you to buy this in the after market) and is strong enough to handle the weight of heavier kayak paddles. In addition, the materials are quite durable, allowing you to “snap in” and “snap out” many thousands of times without compromising the functionality of the kayak fishing product.

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Easy to Insall and Use!

Hanging Style Kayak Paddle Holder

The hanging style paddle holder is perfect for those in the kayak fishing community that can’t stand the thought of drilling a hole, even a small one, into the deck of their fishing kayak. While we can assure you that the paddle holder products KayakFishingCorner promotes on its site are safe and allow for a preservation of a water tight fishing kayak’s hull, we can certainly understand that this can be a sensitive issue. The hanging style kayak paddle holder addresses this concern directly, requiring no holes whatsoever.

kayak paddle holder

The hanging style paddle holder is simply a heavy duty strap with a velcro loop on one end, and a “snap” clip on the other end. This allows the kayak fisherman to locate his or hey kayak holder to an existing D Ring on the deck of the fishing kayak. Two paddle holders are required to secure one paddle and once installed, the kayak holder will cradle the kayak paddle between its two straps, hanging lightly over the side of your fishing kayak allowing the kayak paddle to be available to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

KayakFishingCorner has tested a number of the hanging paddle holder products and recommends the particular type of hanging kayak paddle showcased below due to the durability of its clipping device, and the length of the rope associated with the paddle holder.

Too long of rope leads to a “banging” of your paddle against the side of the fishing kayak, while too short of a rope will take away the flexibility that is one of the advantageous features of the hanging style kayak paddle holder products in the first place.

Worried about your child holding onto their kayak fishing paddle? Surely you have the same concerns about holding onto a kayak fishing rod, take a look at the Rocket Fishing Rod, we suspect it will address your concerns!

Kayak Paddle Holder

Clip On Kayak Paddle Holder

The clip on Kayak Paddle Holder is the third kind of kayak paddle holder product recommended by KayakFishingCorner. This type of kayak paddle holder is also free of any requirement that the kayak fisherman drill holes into the deck of the fishing kayak, a feature preferred by many readers of KayakFishingCorner.

The kayak paddle holder works by simply “clipping” onto the side of the fishing kayak (typically on its lip) or onto an after market kayak fishing railing or “bar”.

kayak paddle holder

The attachment clip is typically smaller than the paddle clip, so make sure you have properly identified which clip is for which purpose prior to becoming frustrated with the installation process. Aside from making this initial identification, the installation process for this type of kayak paddle holder is a “snap”!

kayak paddle holder

Many readers of KayakFishingCorner have written in voicing their support for this particularly type of of kayak paddle holder. Most seem to value the ease of installation, and many also speak highly of the ability afforded by the clip on style kayak paddle holder in terms of customization of location.

So long as there is a ledge or bar upon which to clip the kayak paddle holder, you require nothing further in terms of special installation tools.

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Great for your Fishing Kayak!

Simply clip the kayak paddle holder in one location nearer to the front of the fishing kayak, with the second being clipped somewhere nearer to the rear of the fishing kayak, and you are all set!

KayakFishingCorner suggest that its readers evaluate the clip on style kayak paddle holder depicted below, as we found that each clip was appropriately flexible to ensure a tight grip onto the particular component being grasped (the deck, bar, or kayak paddle itself).

This particular type of kayak paddle holder is also built of high quality material with the ability to retain its shape during period of heavy use over several years. Take a look for yourself below:

Kayak Paddle Holder

My Experience

Regardless of which type of kayak paddle holder you’d decide to go with, KayakFishingCorner is certain that you’ll never regret the decision to purchase.

The need for the ability to efficiently store your kayak fishing paddles while not in use, combined with the ability to quickly access them if need be, cannot be overstated, and the kayak paddle holder directly addresses this situation.

After securing your paddle, learn how to safely anchor your fishing kayak in your location of choice! Lucky enough to kayak fishing from a dock? Learn how to store your fishing kayak right on the dock with you!


Quality – 3.75/5

The fixed clip paddle holder isn’t an exceptionally complex product, nor does it have to be to accomplish its intended goals. The relatively simple design is paired with relatively simple quality.

At the end of the day, this is a piece of molded plastic that comes with two quality screws and nuts. The molded plastic, while not of the highest quality, is effective enough at keeping its shape while still expanding and contracting to hold paddles of various sizes.

Performance – 4.25/5

The fixed clip has performed well. I have used it to secure some of my heavier metallic paddles, as well as some of the lighter synthetic ones. The paddles are held secure to the side of the kayak and have not “bounced out” when hitting small to medium sized waves.

I thought that the paddle might be hard to remove from the paddle holder by hand, but it wasn’t too difficult, you just need to be deliberate about it. There is a happy middle ground on the desired level of “grip” on the paddle. Too tight and it is difficult to remove. Too loose and you could lose your paddle into the water!

Price – 5/5

A fixed clip is one of the least expensive pieces of kayak fishing gear you will ever purchase! You can usually find these products for between $5 and $20. The fluctuation in price is usually a result of whether you buy retail, online, or via specialty marine shop.

You can usually get a better price on a “2 for 1”. We suggest getting 4 total paddle holders. One for the front of the paddle and one for the back on both sides of the kayak. That way, you always have an extra paddle safely attached to the kayak, just in case!

Durability – 4.5/5

We’ve been pretty pleased with the quality of the fixed clip . This didn’t come as much of a surprise, as the plastic is durable, water proof, and temperature resistant.

Temperature and water are durability’s two biggest enemies, and the manufacturer of this model has defeated both of them by using quality plastic as well as durable mounting screws and nuts. We’ve had our holders installed for just over three years now and they perform just as well today as they did when we first removed them from the box.

There is no sign of warping, loosening, or decreased “grab” on the paddles, even after having been used time and time again.

Overall – 4.375/5

Coming in at an average score of 4.375 out of a possible 5, you can see that the reviewers at KFC think pretty highly of the fixed model. Whether fixed, hanging, or any number of other styles, this a great piece of kayak fishing gear for all levels of skill and experience.

It is so nice to be able to store the paddles (one of the largest kayak fishing accessories) “out of the way” by nestling them into their paddle holders along the side of the kayak.

This keeps them in arms reach if they are ever needed, but also keeps them away from the remainder of the gear in the kayak. Any product that saves that much room, especially for that cheap of a price, earns a nod from KFC!


Kayak fishermen often times have more pieces of kayak fishing gear than they have hands, and the kayak paddle holder provides the kayak fisherman with an extra set of “hands” all at a high quality and for a very reasonable price!

Once you’ve secured your paddle, its time to look at securing your fishing rod with a Kayak Rod Holder. Failed to use a paddle holder and developed some blisters? Learn how to heal them quickly so you can get back to fishing!


Do you have any questions regarding the kayak paddle holder products described above or kayak fishing in general?  Please share with the rest of the KayakFishingCorner community by posting in the Comments section below.

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