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You should consider using a Kayak Seat Pad if you are a frequent kayak fishing participant and you are dealing with back problems! It’s not mandatory to use only in backache problems, of course, as many have migrated to this awesome piece of kayak fishing gear to increase their general level of comfort!

Staying on the water for long hours, especially in periods of colder weather, can take a toll on your back and this is where a seat pad comes into play its role!

Kayak Seat Pad – Overview:

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This post will provide you with a concise, yet comprehensive, source of information to buy the best kayak seat pad, as customized for kayak fishing purposes. I have kept all the information well organized and easy to scan through.  This will get you away from this post and onto the water in a hurry!

I’ll begin with a brief section on the basics associated with a kayak seat pad – this will serve you as a high level guide in terms of what they are, what they are made of, a little about their history, and so on! And after that, I’ll provide you with a checklist based on how to use a kayak seat pad. Later on, I’ll provide you with a list of some important features that you need to consider when buying a kayak seat pad.  

This section will be followed by a brief review of my favorite kayak seat pad along with a list of its pros and cons. All this information will be available under the heading “My Experience.” By no means is this the ONLY top quality kayak seat pad on the market, but I have found it to be particularly good for kayak fishing purposes, among other uses!

Kayak Seat Pad – Basics:

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Seat Pad Review

These kayak seat pads provide maximum comfort and support to your back while sitting in your kayak, particularly while you are leveraging your back against the seat of the kayak while casting a line! And the best part is that you can use this seat pad in your regular chair at home or even at the local stadium when watching a ball game! Therefore, you have to be extra cautious about what you pick because you can derive a lot of value from it.

You must consider the foam that has been used in the construction of a kayak seat pad. It needs to be comfortable, yet durable. And of course, you must also consider the breathability of the cover that the manufacturer has used.

Kayak Seat Pad

As you are going to use the cushion mostly in the outdoors, you have to keep this aspect in mind. Anything associated with the outdoors needs to be extremely durable because it will be exposed to different elements.

As you are going to use it on water therefore, it should have moisture-wicking or water-resistant traits. The shape and size of the cushion should match the seat as well so that it can remain in its place, rather than sliding around and becoming disruptive to your kayak fishing experience!

Kayak Seat Pad

Using a kayak seat pad is not an issue at all, no special tools or confusing instructions to follow! You only need to place the cushion in your kayak and take a seat. Just be sure not to pick a seat cushion that is too heavy or your kayak will become heavy with it.

How to Install a Kayak Seat Pad?

There is nothing complicated associated with the process of installing a kayak seat pad. No installation of hardware or tools are required for this, it’s just a pad and you need to place it in your kayak’s seat. Sounds pretty easy, right?

  • Just take your seat pad out of its packaging.
  • There is nothing else in the packaging except the seat pad itself.
  • You won’t need anything else to use with the cushion or to install it so it is the only item that you can find in the box.
  • Now place it in your kayak seat and make sure the size is right.
  • Sit on it and make any adjustments according to your sitting position.
  • Assess the level of comfort that this seat pad is providing you with.
  • Make sure that you are not slipping from your position due to this pad.
  • Inside the box, you will also find a brief instruction manual about how to clean and maintain the seat pad.
  • Before you take it out on the water, go through these instructions carefully so that you can make your seat pad more durable and long-lasting.
  • We suggest “patting” your kayak seat pad dry with a standard towel or rag, especially prior to storage.
  • Once dry, you’ll have reduced concerns regarding mold or mildew and you can be sure that the kayak seat pad will be ready for you the next time you are ready for it!

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Kayak Seat Pad – Important Features:

Kayak Seat Pad

Back Support

If you are dealing with some back issues (general lower back pain, or even rehabbing from a surgery) then this is the most important feature to consider when buying a seat pad!

Kayak Seat Pad

Even if you don’t have any back issues you’ll still need adequate back support so that your time on the water remains comfortable.

Therefore, go for a cushion that offers proper lumbar support if you are a kayak fisherman. It is because kayak fishermen have to stay on the water for long periods. Don’t choose a seat pad that makes your hips and back stiff.


You need to buy a seat pad that is the right size according to your kayak’s seat. If your seat pad is too small it will keep displacing and if it is too large it won’t fit.

In either case, you won’t have a comfortable time on it. Hence, you need to pick the right size according to the room available on your kayak’s seat.


Anything made for outdoors needs to have good quality materials and the same is the case with a kayak seat pad. As it will be exposed to different elements therefore, it needs to have properties that can deter these elements well.

Kayak Seat Pad

Choose materials that don’t treat easily, they need to be moisture-wicking and can tackle the harmful UV rays front the sun.

Anti-Slip Feature

Another important factorthat many people tend to ignore is the anti-slip feature. With this feature, your seat pad will remain in its place on the seat of your kayak and won’t move when you move around. It will also prevent any frequent adjustments.

Obviously this anti-slip feature is very important for kayak fishermen who fish “both sides” or the kayak or who frequently drop the rod and pick up the paddles to traverse to a new fishing hole!

Buy the Best Kayak Seat Pad:

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The best kayak seat pad is the one that I have showcased for you above – at least in my humble experience! Now, I’ll explain why it is the best kayak seat pad to buy! You just have to be sure to pick the right size according to the size of your kayak’s seat. There are different colors also available for you to choose from.

Kayak Seat Pad

A quality seat pad must be made of high-quality materials. The kayak seat pad depicted above features closed-cell foam that wicks moisture away and it can handle UV radiation as well. It is extremely comfortable to sit and it won’t slip on your kayak’s seat either and after how restless you are (or how vigorously your paddle your kayak from location to location)!

This kayak seat pad is a good option if you have been dealing with some back issues. It is because the seat pad tends to conform according to the shape of your body. The cushion will not freeze in cold climates and you can use it indoors as well, giving this particular item great versatility and “bang for your buck”.

Side Note: Want to skip the slipping and sliding associated with paddling? See if kayak fishing in an Electric Kayak is right for you! Or, if that is too much for you, just make sure you are paddling with a properly sized Kayak Fishing Paddle for maximum efficiency (just make sure to pair in with the Best Kayak Paddle Grip Tape)!

My Experience

Without any doubts, the showcased kayak seat pad is the best kayak seat pad for your average kayak fisherman. You can choose from a variety of colors. It means that you can buy a seat pad that matches the color. If you are a matching-freak like me then this is the feature that you will love.

Kayak Seat Pad

The manufacturer has used closed-cell Softek foam in the construction of this seat pad. Softek doesn’t absorb moisture because of the close-cell structure and cold weather it’s not going to get hard either. The foam also does a fine job when it comes to conforming to your body and kayak’s shape.

Apart from that, you can also use it with your regular seat indoors. The versatility that this seat pad has to offer is extraordinary and you can use it anywhere you like. The seat pad is a good choice for you to use in the stadium too. It is extremely lightweight to carry and there is a carrying handle also present. User-friendliness at its very best!

However, with that being said you might want to notice that this seat pad doesn’t feature a backrest – some kayak fishermen love this, others are not as receptive. Hence, if you are dealing with any chronic backache issues then it might not work for you (it truly depends on the nature of your particular back issue).

You can use another one of these and put it behind your back if you want though, which is a favorite “fix” of many kayak fishermen who are working to mitigate back pain).

Side Note: You should feel free to store your pad in your kayak when not in use (read about the Best Kayak Rack for Dock based kayak storage)!


  • Reflects UV rays from the sun (helps preserve durability).
  • Features anti-slip properties.
  • Doesn’t absorb moisture (great for exposure to water).
  • Body conformance is top-notch.
  • Extremely versatile to use (multi purpose).
  • Lightweight design with a carrying handle.
  • Comes with Softek foam with closed-cell structure.
  • Eight different colors are available (important for uniformity of your kayak fishing gear).


  • Doesn’t come with a backrest (mitigate by purchasing second seat pad and “building your own” backrest).


I hope this post has been a great help for you in finding the best kayak seat pad. I’ve made sure to include all the information that you need to find the best pad for your kayak fishing needs.

For a quick recap, the kayak seat pad for you to choose is the one that we have showcased above. This seat pad comes with moisture-wicking properties and it conforms well according to your body shape (great option as a “one size fits all” type design). The seat pad also has anti-slip features and it is easy to clean (a favorite feature of mine, as I already have ENOUGH kayak fishing gear to clean at the end of the day).

You can use it indoors as well as outdoors due to its closed cell structure and it won’t freeze in cold weather (a particular favorite of mine, as I really enjoy kayak fishing in January and February).

The versatility that it has to offer is brilliant and you can use it anywhere you like. However, it does not come with a backrest but you can buy an extra pad to put it behind your back. Make sure to consider your particular type of back pin and buy a kayak seat pad that will provide your comfort and support!


So what about you? How do you stay comfortable when you are kayak fishing for hours on end? Have you ever tried using a kayak seat pad? Perhaps you’ve used the one that we’ve showcased above? Maybe you are a fan of a different model and you want to share your favorite model and your opinion with the group?

Please reach out to us by posting on the Comments section below! We read and reply to every comment and LOVE interacting with the kayak fishing community!

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  1. I’m hard on my equipment, are these things durable?

    Also, my pug Waldo likes to go kayak fishing. I enjoy his company (except when he barks at fish), but he has hip dysplasia. Will this kayak cushion work for him too? I make sure to keep his claws trimmed, so that should help.

    1. Hi Roger!

      It sounds like you and Waldo are quite the team!

      So long as you can get Mr. Waldo to sit still, there is no reason why these cushions would not work for dogs just as well as they work for humans! And, yes, these are very durable. This is one of the reasons I am so high on them. They are particularly good in cold weather, and they don’t make me sweat when the temperatures rise!

      Good luck on the water!

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