Kayak Trolling Motor Mount


Before learning about the Kayak Trolling Motor Mount, KFC suggests that you visit our Kayak Trolling Motor Ultimate Guide. The Ultimate Guide has been written to provide an in depth understanding of the kayak trolling motor. We’ve even ranked The 5 Best Kayak Trolling Motors!

We want to help you build your general knowledge on this subject, because doing so is critical to being able to fully understand the benefits associated with the Kayak Trolling Motor Mount highlighted in this KFC article.


Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

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Now that you’ve used the Ultimate Guide to build a basic knowledge about the kayak motor and have decided that you want to buy a trolling  motor for yourself, you’ll need to determine what kind of kayak motor mount you’ll use to attach the kayak motor to your fishing kayak. We’ve included a close up image of a common point of attachment below:

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

It is important that you choose a trolling motor mount that is specific for the type of fishing kayak you use most frequently. Otherwise, you will be at risk of causing a disconnect between the fishing kayak and the kayak trolling motor. If this disconnect occurs, you could quite literally be up a creek without a paddle! This KFC post focuses on one of our favorite kayak motor mount products. It will serve as a guide to help you determine whether this type of trolling motor mount is right for your kayak fishing style!

Parts of a Kayak Trolling Motor

Parts of a Kayak Trolling Motor


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Shortcut to Kayak Trolling Motor Mount Review

The kayak motor mount, as its name implies, is basically a fixed point attached to the fishing kayak upon which a kayak trolling motor may be mounted. There are a number of safe ways, like through the use of the kayak motor mount we showcase in this article, and not safe ways to attach a kayak trolling motor to a fishing kayak. Take a look at the image we’ve included below. We hope that this KFC article persuades you against using such a dangerous means of attachment!

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

With high quality mounting products readily accessible on the kayak fishing gear market, please do not be tempted to try to “do it yourself”. Doing so could result in damage to the hull of your fishing kayak if and when the trolling motor pulls free from its mount, and could also result in danger to the kayak fisherman as the propeller could exit the water while still under power!

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

A high quality trolling motor mount will keep your kayak motor safely attached to your fishing kayak, and will ensure that the kayak trolling motor only raises out of the water when you are actually wanting to lift it. Below, we’ve included a number of features that you should look for in any kayak motor mount system. Regardless of whether you decide to purchase the trolling motor mount we highlight in this article, please promise KFC that you will buy one that contains these baseline features. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did!

How to Attach and Use a Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

In the list below, KFC has provided a step by step guide to show you how to properly attach and use a kayak motor mount:

  • First, identify the location on your fishing kayak where you want to locate the trolling motor.
  • We always recommend locating the trolling motor near the rear of the fishing kayak, in a location where the grip (or throttle) of the kayak trolling motor will be located nearby the fisherman’s dominant arm. This keeps it within arm’s reach.
  • Install the mounting arm to the hull of the fishing kayak using the bolts and screws that come with the product.
Kayak Trolling Motor Mount
  • Make sure to test the connection of the trolling motor mount to the fishing kayak’s hull by pushing the mounting arm forward and backward, side to side, and even lifting the kayak up off of the group by it.
  • Attach the mounting plate to the mounting arm, and tighten with the included wing nuts and fasteners. Remember to locate the mounting plate far enough from the fishing kayak’s hull to allow for the shaft of the trolling motor to point straight down.
  • Attach the kayak trolling motor to the kayak motor mount with the included C clamps and wing nuts. Make sure to securely fasten, as you’ll want an entirely rigid connection to ensure that your trolling motor and the trolling motor mount move in complete harmony.
  • After ensuring a tight connection of all components, attach the kayak trolling motor to the trolling motor battery. Make sure to use caution when making this connection, and be sure that any cables and wiring remain stowed in a protected and organized manner.
  • Once in the water, gently engage the throttle to provide power. If your trolling motor mount is properly affixed to the trolling motor, and to the fishing kayak itself, you should be in for smooth sailing!

Important Features

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

Remember, the most important feature to find in any kayak trolling mount is the stability and control that it is able to provide the kayak fisherman relative to controlling the kayak motor itself. You’ll want to be sure that the kayak motor mount does not “flex” or “twist” once affixed to the fishing kayak itself.

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

The only movement you should have should be associated with the raising and lowering of the kayak trolling motor itself, like we’ve shown in the image above. Remember, the kayak trolling motor is adjustable and mobile so that it can be used to steer the fishing kayak in the desired direction. Do not be confused. That movement is solely tied to the kayak motor, and not the kayak trolling motor mount!

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

Look at the level of pressure that the kayak fisherman is using above. This is the correct technique for kayak fishing with a kayak trolling motor, and only a high quality kayak motor mount will be able to provide you with this level of stability and control.

One final thought. If you are going to be using a kayak trolling motor in the ocean, you will benefit from the added stability provided by using a kayak stabilizer for ocean based kayak fishing. It and the motor mount combine to create a big impact on your stability and control in the big waves or strong currents!

Buy the Best Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

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Perfect Solution for Fishing Kayaks!

This kayak trolling motor mount is built of sturdy and lightweight aluminum, featuring a dual sided attachment system. The attachment system is also adjustable, which is important as it will allow for the kayak motor mount to be affixed to fishing kayaks that have different shapes and sizes of hull (of which nearly every fishing kayak has). Take a look at the zoomed in image below which depicts this attachment point.

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

The included  marine grade aluminum track bar is also perfect for freshwater and saltwater kayak fishing, as it is built to withstand rusting or corrosion, and can exposed to extreme weather conditions without compromising its integrity. Wet or dry, hot or cold, and even sunny or cloudy, a marine grade aluminum track bar is a must for a quality trolling motor mount!

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

If you are a longtime KFC reader, you know that our favorite types of kayak fishing products are those that are multipurpose. After all, fishing kayaks are only so big, and the ability to use the same piece of kayak fishing gear for multiple purposes is a big space saver! If you haven’t already noticed, this kayak trolling motor mount comes with two “rocket launcher” fishing rod holders, shown below:

The inclusion of these fishing rod holders is a nice touch for those of us who like to kayak fish from multiple lines. These lines would predominantly be used to fish from the rear of the fishing kayak, because they attach to the track bar which will always be mounted towards the rear of the fishing kayak, just like in the image below.

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

Next, the “mounting plate”, which is the actual point of connection between the kayak trolling motor and the kayak motor mount, is built of a heavy duty nylon material. This plate will provide a sturdy and slip resistant base to which to attach the clamps contained on the kayak trolling motor. We’ve included a close up of this mounting plate below so you can get a feel for its size and texture:

And, just to make sure you have a clear understanding of how the kayak trolling motor should be attached to the mounting plate of the kayak motor mount, take a look at the image below which provides a detailed look at the proper method of attachment:

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

This kayak trolling motor mount is strong enough to support both gas and electric kayak motor designs. This is a nice bonus, because there are some bodies of water that require that an electric, rather than gas, kayak trolling motor be used. Assuming that you have each different type of kayak trolling motor, you can simply switch from gas powered to electric, then back again! This versatility ensures that you can buy this kayak trolling motor mount once, and only once, rather than having to adjust when using a different type of kayak trolling motor.

My Experience

Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

I made the decision to buy a trolling motor mount at the same time that I decided to buy a kayak trolling motor. I tell the story more in depth in this Kayak Trolling Motor Basics article, which is pretty entertaining, if I do say so myself! Anyway, a kayak motor isn’t much good without a solid kayak motor mount upon which to attach it. That’s where the kayak motor mount below comes in handy!

I was hooked on the benefits of a trolling motor and kayak trolling motor mount very quickly. This combination was the perfect reprieve from maneuvering my fishing kayak solely “by hand” with my kayak paddles. It also allowed me to get from one fishing location to the next very quickly and without breaking a sweat! I am not the luckiest of kayak fishermen,  just ask any number of my kayak fishing friends! So, the ability to quickly fish numerous fishing locations is critical to my success!


Quality – 4.5/5

The trolling motor mount that we’ve linked to above has proven to be an answer to a long search of ours. While we found a number of trolling motor mounts on the market, few were built with the level of quality necessary to ensure a high level of performance on the water. The heavy duty mounting plate, metallic mounting arm, and the attachment hardware that comes with this kayak trolling motor mount, make it second to none!

Performance – 4.25/5

We’ve used this trolling motor mount in a number of different bodies of water. The rigid design of the mounting plate ensures that the kayak trolling motor will not bend or otherwise fail, even when exposed to moderately sized waves. Also, the installation was easy, only taking us about one hour. Some kayak trolling motor mounts are more trouble than they are worth and actually take away from your performance on the water. This one is just the opposite, earning it high marks from KFC!

Price – 4/5

Available from anywhere between $100 and $200, the trolling motor mount isn’t so expensive so as to require that you take out a second mortgage on your home! It goes without saying that the motor mount is a critical piece of kayak fishing gear. After all, it is the critical foundation to your second most expensive kayak fishing accessory – the trolling motor itself! If this motor mount saves you from detachment and loss of your trolling motor even once, it has paid for itself many times over!

Durability – 4.25/5

The heavy duty plastic plate is suitable for saltwater and freshwater conditions alike – making it very versatile without compromising durability. Also, we’ve found that some trolling motor mounting plates will become slippery when wet, sometimes jeopardizing the connection between the trolling motor and the mounting plate itself. This is not the case for the mount we’ve highlighted in this KFC review. Even when wet, the durability and performance of the trolling motor mount hold true – making it perfect for kayak fishing!

Overall – 4.25/5

At an average score of 4.25, this kayak mount comes highly recommended from the kayak fishing pros at KFC. Now, there are a number of other ways to make a kayak motor mount for you “do it yourself” types. For us, we found that it was much easier (and more practical) to buy a trolling motor mount from a manufacturer who had already worked out the kinks! We’ve used this motor mount for a number of seasons at this point. It performs today just as well as the day we pulled it out of the box! You should strongly consider one for yourself!


I hope this article has helped you learn about the trolling motor mount. A reliable kayak motor mount is one of the most important pieces of kayak fishing gear on the market. When combined with a high quality kayak trolling motor, it become a formidable package. Haven’t found a good trolling motor yet? We can help you decide how to buy a kayak trolling motor as well as the best kayak trolling motor battery with which to power it!

A high quality kayak motor mount will have a durable and adjustable point of attachment to the fishing kayak’s hull, will allow addition of after market products like fishing rod holders, can support gas and electric kayak trolling motors, and will withstand the numerous types of climate and weather that a kayak fisherman is likely to endure while out on the water!

If you are serious about moving forward with a kayak trolling motor, we suggest that you purchase a kayak trolling motor mount at the same time! Trust us, its worth it! If you still have questions about whether you need a kayak trolling motor mount, or which kayak trolling motor mount might be a best fit for you, be sure to comment at the bottom of this page or message us! Oh, and now that you have installed your motor mount, you’ll want to learn some tips for safe navigation on the water!

Take your game to the next level and find out more about the world of competitive kayak fishing!


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    1. Hi Wilson!

      Good questions! Yes, the material is such that the trolling motor is able to “grab” hold and not slip off. It needs to be built like this too, as trolling motors bounce around while you are navigating through the water. A high quality motor mount will keep your trolling motor safely attached to your kayak. A cheap one, however, could put you and your motor at risk! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions about how to attach or How to Use a Kayak Trolling Motor!


    1. Hi Larry,

      The general rule is that you want to locate your Kayak Trolling Motor next to your dominant arm and proximate to the cockpit. This is usually between 2/3rd and 3/4ths of the way back from the bow of the kayak. This is the best position for adding to your ability to control the trolling motor (because the handle/throttle) will be right next to you!

      Go get ’em!

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