What is the Kayak Fishing Corner Newsletter?

The Kayak Fishing Corner Newsletter is a free way to stay updated with the latest info related to this community.  It is also a great way to interact and help shape the direction of the website.  The newsletter is sent on a weekly basis, and each one details an important topic related to kayak fishing.  I am in the process of creating a Helpful Hints and Tips Guide that will be attached to one of the first emails sent after signing up.

The Kayak Fishing Corner Newsletter Will NOT…

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This newsletter will not be used to bombard you with marketing material.  We’ve all signed up for newsletters that send out daily emails aggressively trying to sell us products that we don’t want or need.  This is the way that 99% of other websites operate, and I cannot stand it.  The Kayak Fishing Corner Newsletter serves a completely different purpose and takes the opposite approach.  It is meant to supplement the information found on this site and enhance interaction between all of us.

I Value Your Trust

I know that signing up for this newsletter requires you to trust me, and I do not take that lightly.   I promise to strive to maintain that trust and continue to make it grow.  If you ever have an issue with any aspect of my newsletter emails, please let me know.  I also enjoy getting constructive feedback on the included content and ideas for topics that you would like me to discuss.

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