The Rocket Fishing Rod

rocket fishing rod


The Rocket Fishing Rod is an unique piece of fishing technology, and I decided to create this post after receiving feedback from several members of our KFC Community.  While this isn’t a standard review post, I wanted to take the time to inform everyone about the general purpose and shortcomings of this product.  Word of the Rocket Fishing Rod has spread quickly, and I would like to make sure that the full picture is represented.  Discover whether or not you should buy the Rocket Fishing Rod on this detailed post.

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Garage Kayak Rack

garage kayak rack


We all love our fishing kayaks!  They are more than just an expensive flotation device; they represent our passion for the outdoors and a ticket to freedom.  That makes storing and protecting your kayak extremely important.  There are several great places to store your expensive investment, and many products and methods available for each location.  This post looks at one of the most common storage options, the Garage Kayak Rack!

Do you own a lake house with a dock?  Check out my recent post explaining Dock Storage for Kayaks.

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Kayak Rack for Dock

kayak rack for docks


Transporting your fishing kayak is a cumbersome chore, but it doesn’t have to be!  There are many ways to improve or even eliminate this tiring task, and we have already discussed several in our previous posts.  We have continued to receive messages from many of our KFC members, and you’ve asked us to provide more specific information regarding properly racking fishing kayaks on their docks (kayak rack for dock systems). 

This practice all but eliminates the need to carry your kayak before enjoying your next kayak fishing trip.  This obviously requires access to a fishing dock with room to store a kayak.  If you don’t own one, then it is time to make some new friends!  Learn all about this subject on this Kayak Rack for Dock Guide.

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SUV Kayak Rack

suv kayak rack

I recently decided to release a survey to KFC members to determine the type of transportation they use for their kayaks.  The results were pretty predictable; most members utilize 1) Trucks and 2) SUV’s to carry their kayaks.  This outcome reinforced my desire to shine a spotlight on transporting kayaks with these two options. 

This post is dedicated to describing the SUV Kayak Rack.  This is one of the safest ways to transport your expensive kayak to your desired destination.  I hope that this SUV Kayak Rack Ultimate Guide can help familiarize you with this wonderful tool.  If you have an SUV and kayak, this is a post you will definitely want to read!

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Kayak Trailer

kayak fishing trailers


Is the term “kayak trailer” one that is not yet familiar to you?  It won’t be for long! Let’s face it, kayak fishing is only possible if you can actually transport your fishing kayak to the waterway, unless, of course, you are one of those lucky enough to have your own dock. Fishing kayaks are large, relatively heavy, and fairly cumbersome to transport.

The need for a methodology by which to transport a fishing kayak was readily apparent for many years, and only recently has there been an answer to the dilemma: How to best transport your fishing kayak? The answer comes in the form of a “kayak trailer”. A kayak trailer can come in many styles, largely depending on the avenue by which you intend to move your fishing kayak (vehicle, trailer or land).

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Buy A Kayak Fish Finder

buy kayak fish finder


If you are trying to figure out whether or not to Buy a Kayak Fish Finder, this post is definitely for you.  There are many important things to consider when deciding if you should Buy a Kayak Fish Finder.  This post focuses on the top reasons to purchase a fish finder, but there are also drawbacks to consider as well.  I hope that this post helps you decide whether or not this instrument has a place in your life.

If you would like to learn more about these instruments, check out my Kayak Fish Finder Ultimate Guide.  It contains valuable information and includes a basic overview of these wonderful pieces of technology.

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Kayak Fish Finder

kayak fish finder


One of the most frustrating parts of any type of fishing is trying to “get on” the fish.  Luckily, there is a solution for this problem, and it is relatively simple to implement.  You can greatly improve your ability to locate fish with a Kayak Fish Finder.  Implementing kayak fish finders into the kayak fishing routine isn’t for everyone. 

This post is dedicated to explaining the use of a Kayak Fish Finder.  The goal is to help you, our community members, learn more about this useful tool.  As a result, you should be able to decide whether or not Kayak Fish Finders are for you.

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Kayak Rod Holder

kayak rod holder


I want to introduce the KayakFishingCorner community to a critically important piece of kayak fishing gear: The Kayak Rod Holder. We feel that an appropriate kayak rod holder is one of the single most important kayak fishing accessories for your kayak fishing repertoire.

There are two different types of kayak rod holders: Flush Mount and Deck Mount. This post compares and contrasts each of the two styles, and offers our opinion as to the best of each type of kayak rod holder on the market today.

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Fishing Kayak Anchor

kayak anchor

I want to introduce you to one of the most important tools for  kayak fishing, the Fishing Kayak Anchor.  As you know from reading other KFC posts, we feel that the kayak anchor is one of the necessary kayak fishing accessories to ensure a fun  and safe time. 

There are a number of these devices on the market today, and we’ve written about some of our favorites on other KFC posts – including our listing of The 5 Best Kayak Anchors. We have decided to make an overview of this amazing tool on this post, our Fishing Kayak Anchor Ultimate Guide.

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Kayak Fishing

kayak fishing


Kayak Fishing is an exciting outdoor experience that is exploding in popularity.  This explosion is not only taking place in the United States; it is spreading globally as well. Kayak Fishing perfectly blends the exhilaration of kayaking with the joy of fishing.  It promotes a sense of adventure, outdoor activity, a bond with nature, and most importantly, FUN!

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