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The Rocket Fishing Rod is an unique piece of fishing technology, and I decided to create this post after receiving feedback from several members of our KFC Community.  While this isn’t a standard review post, I wanted to take the time to inform everyone about the general purpose and shortcomings of this product.  Word of the Rocket Fishing Rod has spread quickly, and I would like to make sure that the full picture is represented.  Discover whether or not you should buy the Rocket Fishing Rod on this detailed post.

Unbiased Short Review/Analysis

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rocket fishing rod

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Shortcut to Rocket Fishing Rod Review

This is the Rocket Fishing Rod Guide.  I will start out by explaining the general details and history of this device.  I will then go into more of the specific elements and discuss whether or not I recommend this product.  It is marketed as a fun and easy way to start children off with fishing.  I want to give our community a complete picture of the Rocket Fishing Rod.

How the Rocket Fishing Rod Works

The Rocket Fishing Rod works via pump and spring based action. It works by pulling back on the sliding grip located near the “barrel” of the Rocket Fishing Rod.   The next step is to squeeze the trigger to shoot the bobber.  The specs state that it can launch it long distances (~30 feet away)!  The RFR bobber contains a bait and hook compartment.

rocket fishing rod

When then the bobber makes contact with the water, the bait and hook drop safely out of the compartment, and the weighted and baited line drops to the desired depth.   Once the line is released, the rest of the fishing process is the exact same as the traditional method.  The child will simply watch the bobber just like all of the other fishermen, and will set the hook and reel it in when the time is right.  The simplicity of the Rocket Fishing Rod cannot be overstated!

Designed with Kids in Mind

Obviously, the Rocket Fishing Rod was designed with kids in mind.  As the father of a young gentlemen, I know how it feels to be excited about introducing your young one to the world of fishing.  Adults may take casting for granted, but it is a difficult task for children to master.  I definitely appove of the idea behind this product.  My son was excited to fish at the age of 2, but he definitely couldn’t cast at that age.  I would have definitely purchased this product if it was around back then, but hopefully I would’ve read a review like this before going through with it.

rocket fishing rod

Several things can go wrong when a small child casts.  This can even be dangerous to themselves or people around them.  The RFR was created to avoid these issues and simplify the entire casting process.


Quality – 2/5

This is, in my opinion, the most important part of this post.  Now that you know some general information about the Rocket Fishing Rod, and you’ve been introduced to the reasons it was created, it is time to measure how effective it is.  I believe that this product was developed with the right idea, but the manufacturers failed to create a quality product.  After receiving terrible feedback about this product, I had to try it out for myself (more on that below).  I will sum it up by saying that I was really let down.  It is poorly made, easily broken, and does not reach the specs stated in the product details.  If I had to score the quality, I would give it a 2 out of 5.  I feel that is being generous.

Performance – 1/5

You’ve read from my experience above that I was very disappointed with the performance of the Rocket Fishing Rod. I really do think they are on to something in terms of their concept, but was disheartened to learn that this product is more gimmicky in nature than I had suspected. Yes, I was able to use it as an incentive to get Sparrow (my child) out onto the water, but each of us were pretty disappointed in its performance, leaving us seeking alternatives almost right off the bat!

Price – 2.5/5

Price is where the Rocket Fishing Rod scores the highest, but only because you can generally find it for between $25 and $100, depending on your source. Remember, you need to go into this purchase with your eyes wide open, as KFC has serious doubts as to the durability of the product (which we reference below). Assuming that you are willing to assume the risk and aren’t planning to rely on this product for long term, heavy or continual use, then the Rocket Fishing Rod is a reasonable product for you to purchase (though, again, we would not suggest it for serious kayak fishermen).

Durability – 1.5/5

I mention it above, but it seems quite clear that the Rocket Fishing Rod is NOT designed for repeat or heavy use. Yes, it can be a great way to introduce your kids to the idea of kayak fishing. I would admit that there is some appeal between the hybrid concept of a “Nerf” gun and a fishing rod. That said, any appeal is quickly lost when you spend more time repairing snapped line or attempting to fix cracking in the plastic. Be sure to soften you and your child’s expectations for the Rocket Fishing Rod well before you venture out onto the water with it!

Overall – 1.75/5

At an average score of 1.75 out of a possible 5, you can see that the professionals at KFC are not very impressed by the Rocket Fishing Rod.  We would suggest that you contemplate moving forward with other, more traditional “kid friendly” fishing rods and wait for a different manufacturer to further perfect the concept that the Rocket Fishing Rod is going for. Until then, we are afraid that your money is much better spent elsewhere!

RFR Recommendation

The Rocket Fishing Rod touts that it has sold millions of units. Hopefully they use that money to create an updated version that is higher quality.  As it stands right now, I do not recommend any members of the KFC Community to purchase this item.  Save your money and buy a standard children’s fishing pole.

My Experience with the Rocket Fishing Rod

I bought the RFR with an open mind.  I paid my $30, and set out to fish with my son and brother-in-law.  We went out on a windy Spring day, which was not ideal for a gadget that shoots bait.  After spending a few minutes putting it together and setting the proper line depth, we tested it out on the bank.  The first time, the bait shot ~ 3 feet.  Thinking this was a rare mistake on my part, I tried again. 

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A Cautious Purchase!

This time it reached a whopping 5 feet.  The next shot, the line broke and it shot into the water unattached to the rod.  I spent 10 minutes putting it back together, and the line snapped again.  I was done.  I compared this experience with other members whom had purchased this product, and I found that I wasn’t alone.  The one word I would use to describe this entire product experience is…… FRUSTRATING.

Stay away from this product. Perhaps try something a little easier like this fishing net. Less frustration and greater success for the little ones!

Tip: Little one tired of sitting on the hard kayak seat all day long? Try using a Sit-In Kayak Seat Cushion! Rod and Reel too hard for the little guy or gal? Teach them How to Use a Kayak Fishing Net!


The Rocket Fishing Rod markets itself as a great product to enable your young family/friends to partake in the fun of fishing.  Unfortunately, this product is cheaply made and easily broken.  The idea is great, and hopefully a quality fishing rod company will create their own version of this product (without patent infringement).  If you are looking for a way to have your young ones fish, buy them a decent kid’s fishing pole.  My son’s Mickey Mouse pole worked much better than this gadget.  Avoid the RFR unless you enjoy wasting money and like to pay to be frustrated.

Want another way to get your child interested in kayak fishing? Try inflatable kayak fishing!


Have you ever used the Rocket Fishing Rod?  Do you have any questions that weren’t discussed above?  Please share with the rest of the KayakFishingCorner community by posting in the Comments section below.

Rocket Fishing Rod: Is this Gadget Worth the Money?
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Rocket Fishing Rod: Is this Gadget Worth the Money?
The Rocket Fishing Rod markets itself as a unique method to enable children to cast. Discover whether or not this product lives up to expectations!
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