Garage Kayak Rack

garage kayak rack


We all love our fishing kayaks!  They are more than just an expensive flotation device; they represent our passion for the outdoors and a ticket to freedom.  That makes storing and protecting your kayak extremely important.  There are several great places to store your expensive investment, and many products and methods available for each location.  This post looks at one of the most common storage options, the Garage Kayak Rack!

Do you own a lake house with a dock?  Check out my recent post explaining Dock Storage for Kayaks.

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Kayak Rack for Dock

kayak rack for docks


Transporting your fishing kayak is a cumbersome chore, but it doesn’t have to be!  There are many ways to improve or even eliminate this tiring task, and we have already discussed several in our previous posts.  We have continued to receive messages from many of our KFC members, and you’ve asked us to provide more specific information regarding properly racking fishing kayaks on their docks (kayak rack for dock systems). 

This practice all but eliminates the need to carry your kayak before enjoying your next kayak fishing trip.  This obviously requires access to a fishing dock with room to store a kayak.  If you don’t own one, then it is time to make some new friends!  Learn all about this subject on this Kayak Rack for Dock Guide.

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SUV Kayak Rack

suv kayak rack

I recently decided to release a survey to KFC members to determine the type of transportation they use for their kayaks.  The results were pretty predictable; most members utilize 1) Trucks and 2) SUV’s to carry their kayaks.  This outcome reinforced my desire to shine a spotlight on transporting kayaks with these two options. 

This post is dedicated to describing the SUV Kayak Rack.  This is one of the safest ways to transport your expensive kayak to your desired destination.  I hope that this SUV Kayak Rack Ultimate Guide can help familiarize you with this wonderful tool.  If you have an SUV and kayak, this is a post you will definitely want to read!

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