Best Kayak Seat Pad

Best Kayak Seat Pad


People who kayak frequently, either for professional or recreational reasons, including kayak fishing, might end up developing backache issues! This is largely due to the angle of the seat in the kayak’s cockpit. However, using a kayak seat pad (particularly the best kayak seat pad) can protect your back from developing these aches!! Even if you don’t have any back issues, such a seat pad will keep you relaxed and comfortable during long kayaking sessions!

Not familiar with kayak seat pads? Take a look at out Ultimate Guide before reading the rest of this post!

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Kayak Seat Pad

Kayak Seat Pad


You should consider using a Kayak Seat Pad if you are a frequent kayak fishing participant and you are dealing with back problems! It’s not mandatory to use only in backache problems, of course, as many have migrated to this awesome piece of kayak fishing gear to increase their general level of comfort!

Staying on the water for long hours, especially in periods of colder weather, can take a toll on your back and this is where a seat pad comes into play its role!

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Sit-In Kayak Seat Cushion

Sit In Kayak Seat Cushion


You need to be comfortable in your kayak because you don’t know for how long you will be staying in the water on any given day. Therefore, you should search high and low for a high quality sit-in kayak seat cushion!

Doing so will surely increase your level of comfort on the water and the number of fish you are able to reel in! Let’s learn why!!

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Best Sit-In Kayak Seat Cushion

Best Sit In Kayak Seat Cushion


Kayak fishing in the summer, or any other time of the year, can be detrimental to your back if you don’t use the right type of cushion! Here’s a short guide to help you pick the best sit-in kayak seat cushion for your kayak fishing outings!

Not familiar with kayak seat cushions? You can learn more by checking out our Ultimate Guide!

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Best Kayak Seat Cushion

Best Kayak Seat Cushion


Is your kayak seat getting hot and damp with all your sweat? Maybe it is causing you pain due to its materials? Not very much fun when you are trying to focus on catching some fish in your kayak! Consider investing in the Best Kayak Seat Cushion! These cushions are made for outdoor use, including kayak fishing, and to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter! What more could you ask for?!

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Best Kayak Seat

Best Kayak Seat


Sitting for long hours with a bad posture in your fishing kayak can cause damage to your spine. Aside from that – its downright uncomfortable and will reduce the amount of time that you spend kayak fishing! I have reviewed the Best Kayak Seat so you can get the best performance at an affordable price – your butt and back will thank you! Let’s find out why!

Best Kayak Seat – Overview:

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Seat Review

I’ve prepared this guide to help you understand what you need to know about what we’ve determined is the Best Kayak Seat on today’s market. I have divided the guide into sections, each one about a special aspect of fishing kayak seats. 

In the first section, I’ve gone over the basics of kayak seats. It includes the benefits of using one, what to look for, and why you shouldn’t go for a cheaper seat! Next, I’ve talked about how to install, remove, and clean your kayak seat.

Best Kayak Seat

The third section is mainly about what you should consider when you’re buying fishing kayak seats. That includes things like material, durability, and of course, the ventilation. You’ll get to learn of a lot of materials that are used in kayak seats, and which one is right for you.

Following that, I’ve placed a link to my favorite kayak seat. I chose this one for its affordability and the performance it delivered – I know that its the Best Kayak Seat for the majority of kayak fishermen and I will tell you why! Then I’ve wrapped it all up by jotting down my opinions in a bullet list. 

Now lets a look at what exactly kayak seats are and why you need one to better your experience and proficiency as a kayak fisherman!

Best Kayak Seat – Basics:

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Sitting in your fishing kayak for hours at a time can do more harm than good. Your back won’t be thanking you for slouching every day. A kayak seat takes away the stress from your spine and promotes good posture. It also allows you to spend more time on the water – which, we think, will result in you catching a greater number of fish!

Kayak seats come in various shapes and sizes. While there is only one size that fits your kayak, the shape is mostly subjective. However, you might find that a medium backrest is a better choice, or perhaps a seat with less or more padding suits your liking.

It’s not just about deciding on the perfect seat. You also need to maintain it. Maintenance requires a lot of cleaning and proper storage. Many people wouldn’t be bothered by this, and just care for their kayak. Wrong idea! If you’re spending on a kayak seat, you might as well take care of it, just like you would your fishing kayak. Store it inside of a waterproof kayak cover for extra protection!

When buying kayak seats, there is a certain budget that you shouldn’t go below. Try going for a seat that is above $30-$40. Cheaper kayak seats tend to be low on durability (and thus require more maintenance). And most of them provide little to no ventilation or back support.

Cheaper seats can be subject to improper waterproofing as well. That is a big red flag for a kayak seat. You may want to consider a new kayak seat if your current one is starting to sag. Sagging will cause a decrease in support and an increase in your discomfort! 

How to Use the Best Kayak Seat:

  • Unbox the seat with all accessories included.
  • There will be two straps at the top of the seat, and two at the bottom.
  • The bottom straps go behind the seat, and the top ones go at the front.
  • You need to install D-rings on the kayak’s sides as per the instructions.
  • There are several positions in which you can attach the seat, including the back and the middle.
  • Attach the straps to the front and the bottom straps to the back. 
  • Be sure to prop the seat upright and test it out.
  • You can change the angle of the seat by tightening or loosening the straps.
  • Find the angle that best suits your liking.
  • Remember, you can reposition the angle of the seat while you are on the water – no special tools required!
  • And voila! Enjoy your new fishing kayak seat!!

Side Note: If you are looking for a kayak seat, you’re interested in comfort! Another way to have a more comfortable time on the water is by using a trolling motor, like the Minn Kota Traxxis 55! You can take several trolling motors, like the Best Saltwater Trolling Motor, out onto the ocean with you!

Best Kayak Seat – Important Considerations:

Type of Kayak Seat:

While most kayak seats are designed to be universal, some are more suited for you than others. After all, every kayak fisherman is a little different than the next! The differences mainly rely on the level of the backrest. 

Medium backrest seats won’t provide support to the upper back or the neck. Whereas tall backrest seats will provide support to the upper back. But they still don’t reach the neck. It is because you need to move your upper body to paddle your kayak (unless you are using an electric kayak) and to reel in your catch!

Another important consideration is inflatable seats. Let’s be honest here; inflatable products are rarely ever good-quality. 

Inflatable seats are meant for temporary use, so don’t think you’ll get much from them. They do make great emergency seats in case your current seat decides to give in mid-trip. But generally, inflatable products aren’t recommended for long-term use.

There are some seats made for fishing, which provide support to the upper back as well. And they provide more angling options. But a lot of the times, they are similar to your regular kayak seats.


The material impacts two things: comfort and durability. A lot of seats are made from injection-molded foam. This type of foam is excellent in providing comfort and support. However, it is somewhat prone to sagging and UV damage. Most PU foams tend to sag 3/32” each year due to UV damage.

Polyester foam is the second-best material. It’s best known for absorbing shock and having high compressibility. Polyester is a great insulator, so the seat will not get hot in the sun – this is important for those of you who kayak fish under the hot summer son and who stand and cast (after learning how to use kayak outriggers), exposing your seat to the sun’s rays! However, like molded foam, polyester is also prone to UV damage. Just after a year of use, polyester foam can degrade up to 33%.

Many manufacturers pair polyester foam with neoprene foam. Neoprene foam is an almost rubber-like material that is highly resistant to water and air damage. However, neoprene is even more susceptible to UV radiation and heat. Plus, salt and minerals from the seawater can seep in and may begin to crystallize. 

Back and Bottom Support:

It should go without saying that your seat should support the natural curve of your spine. The backrest of most seats is designed flat, as they only reach as high as your lower back. Keeping your lower back straight will provide adequate support to the rest of your spine.

Best Kayak Seat

High backrests may curve to support the arch of your middle back. Also, pay attention to the padding on the bottom. Many manufacturers pay no attention to the bottom and make it thin, which can hurt your butt.

Go for adequate padding on both the bottom and the backrest. Also, consider the angling options for the backrest. It usually won’t be mentioned, so you’ll need to test this one out yourself.

Size of the Seat:

Most seats fit all sit-on-top kayaks. And many have adjustable straps that you can tighten or loosen. That will also help you adjust the angle of the seat. A lower-to-medium backrest is recommended as you’ll be moving your whole upper body to paddle the kayak. If you have a weak back, go for a higher backrest that reaches your shoulders. 

Best Kayak Seat

You can opt for a wider seat size if your kayak is wide. Manufacturers will specify the dimensions of the seat. Compare that to the inside of your kayak. It will be a tough task, but it’s worth it if previous kayak seats didn’t fit you.


Last but not least, consider ventilation properties. Good ventilation not only prevents you from sweating but also protects the underlying material from sweat. Countless types of foam are susceptible to sweat damage. 

And the sweat salts can crystallize over time, leading to the development of bacteria and fungi. Look for porous foam, and paddings that have indentations for the healthy flow of air. 

Buy The Best Kayak Seat:

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If you want the best experience with your kayak seat, then go for the Best Kayak Seat, as showcased above. It is a great model for its high durability and ease in cleaning, and I’ll explain this in a bit.

First, the core material of this particular kayak seat is molded foam. This type of foam is highly resistant to UV rays and does not sag as much. Plus, it’s waterproof and seamless and is very easy to dry. Sunlight may leave yellow spots on the foam, but it will not affect the overall performance.

The connecting snaps are made from marine grade brass. This type of brass is best known for its resistance to corrosion and water damage – obviously an important feature for a kayak fishermen to consider. Really, both of these are highly important when it comes to kayak seats.

What I like the most about these seats is how comfortable they are. Most seats tend to hurt your back, especially as you sit in it for a long period of time, but not this one. It provides adequate support to the back and keeps your posture upright.

Best Kayak Seat

The ventilation is good, especially considering the porous nature of the molded foam. I did sweat a bit, but overall the seat kept me well ventilated. So long as you readjust your position every so often, the sweating won’t become an issue.

But I will say that bottom of the seat could be made thicker. It’s a bit too thin and hurts my butt – especially if I don’t readjust after a long paddling session. Overall it’s a good kayak seat that keeps your back supported and it fits nearly all of the fishing kayaks on the market – thought you’ll want to check the dimensions of your kayak prior to purchasing!

Best Kayak Seat

Side Note: Make sure our pair your kayak seat with the Best Kayak Paddle to further decrease any paddling discomfort!

My Experience

I noticed the level of comfort and back support right off the bat. The cushion is soft, but the overall framework is tough enough to keep you sitting straight – its helps you keep a proper posture.

It has quite a positive effect on your posture and I noticed that storing the seat was easy too. I just fold it down and then I can carry it in my backpack. I haven’t dirtied the seat enough to clean it, but I found that just a bit of water and detergent worked well. The foam did not seem to succumb to the water. 

Best Kayak Seat

However, what I do think the manufacturers should pay attention to is the bottom support. I had to use a gel pad inside the bottom to support my weight. Maybe I am sensitive, maybe not, but the gel pad did seem to help create the “total package” kayak seat. I don’t know the exact weight capacity of the seat, but I’m guessing it’s not too much.

Here are my thoughts summarized. I like pro and con lists, hopefully you do too!


  • Fits the contour of your back (nicely shaped for a customized feel).
  • Thick medium-level backrest.
  • Promotes good posture (important for long fishing sessions).
  • Simple cleaning instructions.
  • Folds down into a backpack (good for camping).
  • Excellent ventilation.


  • Grooves in the front may poke your butt.
  • The bottom requires more padding (a cheap gel seat will do the trick).


So that’s the complete kayak seat guide – culminating in my suggestion of the Best Kayak Seat on the market! I hope you found this guide useful and informative. Kayak seats are truly one of the most important components of a fishing kayak – and you’d be amazed how many times they are overlooked (kind of like the importance of getting a reliable kayak fish finder)! Not often do you find a kayak accessory that immediately elongates your kayak fishing trips due to increased comfort – but the Best Kayak Seat will do just that!

The showcased model is soft, strong, and will support your back. I also recommend it for its high durability and UV resistance. It’s one of the best for outdoor usage, which is a good things, since that’s where you’ll be undertaking your kayak fishing adventure!


Did you know that getting a proper kayak seat was of such critical importance to your kayak fishing experience? Have you ever sat in a fishing kayak that didn’t have a padded seat whatsoever? Perhaps you have experienced with the seat we’ve showcased as the Best Kayak Seat? Maybe experience with a different kind of kayak seat? We’d love for your to share your experience with us! Please post below! We read and reply to every comment and we love interacting with the kayak fishing community!