Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Kayak Trailer

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Kayak Trailer: Intro

I decided to write this post on the Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Kayak Trailer once I discovered for myself just how impactful my decision to buy a kayak trailer was on my kayak fishing experience. Perhaps it was’t solely my own experience either.

A surprising number of KFC readers have also written in, voicing their own reasons for why they made the decision to buy a kayak trailer. This post is written after pouring through the countless  KFC opinions on reasons why to buy a kayak trailer, coupled with my own decision and reasoning to buy a kayak trailer. It is also built upon the foundation we have provided in our Kayak Fishing Trailer Ultimate Guide

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Kayak Trailer: Introduction

Buy a Kayak Trailer

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Your decision to buy a kayak fishing trailer is an important one. Fishing kayaks are very expensive pieces of equipment, but are even more valuable in terms of one’s relationship with their fishing kayak. The number one concern in transporting your fishing kayak by kayak trailer is the safety of the fishing kayak, not to mention the driver pulling the fishing kayak, while the fishing kayak is in transit.

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Reason #1 

Buy a Kayak Trailer

Safety. We’ve all seen them. Perhaps you’re even guilty of being one. Overzealous and overly ambitious kayak fishermen who load their fishing kayaks onto their vehicles in any number of dangerous and ill advised manners.  Commonly, these kayak fishermen will resort to overloading their kayak roof racks with fishing kayaks, secured with bungee cords and tie downs, or even worse, not secured by anything other than gravity and good luck!

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Sturdy, Padded Racks!

Even with appropriate tie downs, an overloaded roof rack is a danger to you and all other drivers on the road. Your decision to buy a kayak trailer will alleviate the temptation of transporting your fishing kayak by a more reckless method, and could even save your life. All things considered, your decision to buy a kayak trailer, even though relatively expensive on the front end, could pay for itself many times over in terms of avoiding the damage caused to your kayak when it topples off of your car’s roof rack during transit.

Reason #2 

Buy a Kayak Trailer

Variety. I’m guilty of it, and perhaps you are too. We find a body of water that we have had good luck fishing, and we seem to default to that particular body of water time and time again for our kayak fishing outings. While there is certainly nothing wrong with having a favorite location, another great reason to buy a kayak trailer is the variety of kayak fishing opportunities and locations it affords.

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A Good Choice for your SUV or Truck!

Ensure that you have the ability to take your kayak fishing obsession to new bodies of water and consider the variety afforded to you when deciding to buy a kayak trailer. I have enjoyed the ability to trailer my kayak to the mountain streams of Colorado during the fall, or down to the gulf coast of Texas during the late spring. Each of these kayak fishing adventures reinvigorated my love for the sport, and without my kayak trailer, neither of them would have been possible!

Reason #3

Buy a Kayak Trailer

Convenience. Perhaps the most commonly voiced reason to buy a kayak trailer from the KFC reading community was the convenience it afforded relative to being able to store your kayak fishing gear in your trunk or truck bed, while leaving your fishing kayak safely in tow. Let’s face it, kayak fishing involves a lot of specialized gear, and we’ll take any help we can get when it comes to being able to bring it all along, while keeping it organized at the same time.

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Dual Capacity!

Fishing kayaks are big, and irregularly shaped. Rarely do they fit within a conventional truck bed, or out the back of an SUV. This space is always better used for holding your kayak fishing gear, and the kayak fishing trailer allows you to do exactly that. The more gear you are able to bring, the better your odds of having a successful kayak fishing outing!

Reason #4

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Perfect for Fishing Kayaks!

Longevity. Fishing kayaks are expensive. When maintained, they can last for many years, decades even. However, when not properly maintained, the durability and longevity of the fishing kayak will quickly become compromised, and one reason to buy a kayak trailer is to assist you in protecting your kayak fishing investment. How? Many of us, when without means to transport our fishing kayaks, are tempted to leave our fishing kayak at our preferred body of water. Perhaps you have a dock or a garage at that location, but what if you do not?

Don’t give in to the temptation to leave your fishing kayak exposed to the sun, wind, rain, algae, or any number of other factors that could rapidly deteriorate your fishing kayak’s integrity. Instead, research to discover which kayak trailer would suit your particular needs and trailer your fishing kayak to safety when it will not be used for a relatively extended period of time.

Reason #5

Friends. Kayak fishing is a great individual outing, but can be even more fun when experienced as a group! As my final reason to buy a kayak trailer, I would offer that most kayak trailers allow you to transport 2, and even more, fishing kayaks, which is very convenient when you and your friends want to travel to the nearest body of water for a day or weekend of kayak fishing fun!

Kayak trailers are a great means of transporting numerous kayaks in a safe and efficient manner. Oftentimes, they will even come with features that allow you to connect other pieces of kayak fishing gear, further enabling you to be both flexible and efficient when traveling with a large group of kayak fishermen. Still trying to convince your friends? Read my related post that contains several great reasons to Purchase a Kayak Trailer Built for Two!

Want to take the next steps in terms of bettering yourself as a kayak fishermen? Learn how Kayak Paddle Grips can make an immediate impact on your time on the water! But first, learn How to Install Kayak Paddle Grips!

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Kayak Trailer: Conclusion

Buy a Kayak Trailer

As you’ve now read, there are a number of reasons to buy a kayak trailer, and even more styles kayak trailer from which you can choose! Whichever your choice, we hope you’ve found our post to be helpful. Remember, if you want to make a quick and easy decision, check out the Best All Around Kayak Trailer, and if you’re still not convinced, check out The Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers! Be sure to write in to KFC if you’ve found a particular type of kayak trailer to be your favorite, or perhaps have a reason that we haven’t written about above! We love hearing from the KFC reading community! Before you hit the road, make sure that you’ve learned how to safely drive with your trailer!

Now that you know how to trailer your kayak behind your vehicle, its time to learn how to tow the kayak from your boat!


Do you have any questions regarding the kayak trailers described above or kayak fishing in general?  Please share with the rest of the KayakFishingCorner community by posting in the Comments section below.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Kayak Trailer (Hint: #4 Will Shock You!)
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