Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer 

Before you dive into our article on the Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer, we would suggest that you devote some time to our Fishing Kayak Trailer Ultimate Guide. The writers of KayakFishingCorner have devoted several seasons to comparing and contrasting the various types of kayak trailer on the market.

We have discovered that over the last several years, no doubt because of the rapidly increasing prevalence of kayak fishing, kayak trailers have started to become more available, and accordingly more affordable. Many kayak trailers are specifically built as trailers for kayak fishing: Others for hauling fishing kayaks by truck.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

Still other kayak trailers are designed uniquely for transporting fishing kayaks by SUV. KayakFishingCorner decided to author this particular article after so many of our readers contacted us requesting our opinion on the Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer, undoubtedly after having read about the kayak trailers on this kayak fishing community.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

We were intrigued by the request, elected to begin our efforts at a meaningful response, and decided to start by via the collection and review of all the tie down and kayak strap information we could find. Upon becoming thoroughly versed on all product availability, we isolated the list to only a handful of kayak straps that we were certain were top notch.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

The last step was to boil the front runners all the way down to the cream of the crop, the Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer, by stacking the differing products, ropes, straps, and tie downs against one another, and judging them on a whole range of factors. If you want to skip the process of educating yourself on the winners and losers in the kayak strap market, and move forward with learning about the Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer, you have landed on the the right article!


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Each of the reviews you see on are founded upon our independent research, analysis, study and investigation. Our KFC team has amassed the expertise and knowledge required to thoughtfully review and opine upon all sorts of kayak fishing equipment, products, accessories and related kayak fishing gear, and we have long conducted our work with great dedication and enthusiasm.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

We commit to never provide any specific company, retailer or manufacturer biased rankings or reviews, nor will we author misrepresentative or otherwise inaccurate evaluations. We assure you that our evaluations are conducted on an equal and level playing field, and that every product gets a fair shake.

 In this post, KFC wants you to learn about the Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer, so that you can determine whether any particular type of style fits your kayak fishing requirements.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

Do you have questions about how investigates and opines upon kayak fishing products and gear? Please send in any comments, questions or requests. In love with kayak fishing? Check out the Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers. Want to move ahead with the purchase of a kayak trailer? We don’t blame you!

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer: Introduction

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

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There are a number of kayak strap products on the market today that provide the same basic type of service relative to your kayak trailer. While KFC refers to these products as kayak “straps”, you will also see that they are referred to as ropes, tie downs, lashing straps, ratcheting tie downs, among countless other names. At the end of the day, these are essentially high strength, versatile ropes, that frequently feature devices to aid in their ergonomics (like padded ratchets) and functionality (like S type connectors).

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

It doesn’t much matter by what name they are referred, their purpose is the same: To afford the kayak fisherman with strength, flexibility, versatility, confidence, convenience, and above all, security. After scouring a seemingly endless amount of resources, we are certain that our Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer article comprises kayak straps that tick all the desirable features, any of which would be keen additions to your collection of kayak gear and perfect for trailering your fishing kayak via kayak trailer.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer: My Experience

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

I knew I had to make an investment in some quality kayak straps, ratchets, and related tie downs when I realized that I had sunk well over one thousand dollars into my fishing kayak, and perhaps one thousand more dollars in all of the rods, reels and other gear that I stored in its hull during transport.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

You see, I transported my fishing kayak via kayak trailer, and I stored my gear in the hull of my kayak while I was under transport. I needed all the extra space I could get! I simply couldn’t handle the fear of my kayak getting loose from my kayak straps and skipping down the highway at high speed!

Our #1 Pick:

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User Friendly Design

These kayak straps are some of the best on the market if you are looking for a one stop shop or a package deal. Included is a 2 pack of 12 foot long high strength kayak straps. Check out the detail below:

KFHW was impressed with the level of ergonomics that went into these kayak straps. The straps prevent the scratching of your kayak, kayak trailer, or vehicle, and the ratchet handles have been designed for ease of use when cranking your kayak down to the right level of tension.

The kayak strap ratchets allow you to apply the correct amount of pressure to your fishing kayak to ensure that it stays safely secured to the kayak trailer, while not being pulled so tight as to cause deformation to the hull of the fishing kayak. If there is anything you want to avoid in transporting your fishing kayak via kayak trailer, hull deformation is it.

Use the straps to loop the kayak strap around itself, while tightening the strap by using the ratchet on the other side of the kayak strap. This particular kayak strap package includes two bungee straps, which also come in tremendously helpful for securing other kayak gear and accessories. This kayak strap earned a spot on our Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer post because of the thoughtfulness of the package deal.  Its truly a one stop shop for kayak trailer straps.

Our #2 Pick:

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Ideal Length

The kayak straps depicted above are designed to integrate with your other tie downs and straping systems. They come in a 2 Pack, are made of high strength polyester and have a load strength sufficient to address the concerns of the paranoid kayak fisherman.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

This kayak strap necessity is specifically designed to integrate with existing ratchet style kayak straps to provide the user with enhanced flexibility. The idea is to provide the kayak fisherman with the most efficient point to which to hook  your “S” connectors.  We know you’ll appreciate the versatility. 

Use these kayak straps to loop around your fishing kayak, or create a “slip” knot around the particular piece of kayak gear or portion of your kayak trailer you are working to connect to, and you’ll quickly see why these kayak straps are a must for your kayak trailer and peace of mind. This kayak strap system earned high marks on our Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer post because of the flexibility it afforded its users to customize existing kayak straps and tie downs to the individualized likings of the kayak trailer’s owner.

Our #3 Pick:

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Good Versatility!

Don’t you love a nice collection of bungee strap and cords? They are perpetually useful, but perhaps never more so than when applied in the context of securing your fishing kayak to your kayak trailer. This set of kayak bungee cords earned high marks on our Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer. Check it out:

This kayak bungee package is going to have the lengths you need to face the particulars of your kayak trailer situation. Its rubberized cords and UV resistant cord jackets are ideal for standing up to the widely variable weather conditions encountered by kayak fisherman.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

The kayak bungees are capped at each end with high quality metal coated hooks which are handy in making tie downs, while avoiding unwanted scratches to your kayak trailer or the fishing kayak itself.

Kayak bungees are truly life savers, and their versatility is unmatched. We’ve found them particularly useful for timing down tarps to ensure they do not flap in the wind while covering the fishing kayak during transit. They are also quite useful once out on the water, and are disconnected and transported with ease!

Our #4 Pick:

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Multi-Use; Ratchet Design

The kayak straps, called lashing straps, depicted above come in a variety of qualities and colors, and measure a practical 12 feet in length and 1 inch in width. We need to reiterate that this particular kayak strap is for generalized use, most appropriate for when a “hook”, like the ones shown above, are not needed. 

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

Capable of securely tightening kayak loads of up to 200 pounds, when measured at “actual use”, and a reassuring 600 pounds of “break strength”, these kayak straps are sure to keep your fishing kayak safely secured to your kayak trailer.

We were most impressed by the silver protectant finish on the metallic components, detailed above, that in addition to creating a striking and sleek appearance, offers 3x the protection to corrosion that is so common upon metallic products heavily exposed to the elements. The clamp is solid steel, an important consideration when considering that this particular component will be responsible for cementing your strap’s connection.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

This particular 6 pack of kayak straps earned high marks on KFC’sTop 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer post because it is representative of a nice middle ground. Not the strongest kayak strap on the market, but certainly one capable of handling most kayak trailer loads, and its quality and low price make it an attractive option.

Our #5 Pick:

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Heavy Duty Components

The load capacity on this set of kayak straps is ideal for most kayak trailer set ups, and the straps feature a ratchet tightening system comprised of metal (rather than plastic, which you occasionally will see in lower quality systems). The components are crafted of all weather stainless steel providing long lasting quality and durability when under stress, and the neon webbing is sewn of high quality polyester.

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

KFC include this kayak trailer strapping on KFC’sTop 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer post because its got all the high quality features we require of kayak strapping, but also because its manufacturers took the time to consider ergonomics when making their designs. Lets’s face it, your hands can get beat up in any number of ways while kayak fishing, but trailering your fishing kayak shouldn’t be one of those ways, and with this package deal, it isn’t. 

These heavy duty kayak straps are sure to provide you with peace of mind while under transit, and their ease of use truly makes them a joy to work with. Stop barking up your hands with less ergonomic kayak straps, and quit jeopardizing the security of your kayak tailer and fishing kayak by relying on cheaply crafted, low quality kayak straps. Do yourself a favor and make the upgrade to the above. We’re certain you won’t regret it.

If you are here, you are looking for the best kayak fishing gear. Take a look at how the Best Kayak Paddle Holder can make your experience more enjoyable (but, first, you need to learn How to Use a Kayak Paddle Holder)!

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer: Conclusion

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

If have decided to transport your fishing kayak by kayak trailer, you need to consider purchasing a high quality kayak strap package and related tie downs. Kayak trailers are quite stable, but fishing kayaks are irregularly shaped and can shift while under transport. Even worse, when traveling at high speeds there is the potential for your fishing kayak to act like a wing, catching wind and lifting off of the kayak trailer!

Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer

Don’t let your fishing kayak become roadkill because you didn’t secure it to your kayak trailer with quality kayak straps and other tie downs. We’ve seen, heard, and now read about too many occasions just like the above. Truly heartbreaking for any kayak fishing enthusiast. Use your kayak trailer the right way, and secure your fishing kayak with kayak straps that align with your passion for the sport! Learn some easy and helpful tricks to secure your kayak to your trailer!

Want to learn several different methods of safely tying down your kayak to your vehicle? We’ve posted a link to a helpful guide, here!


Do you have any questions regarding KFC’s opinion on the Top 5 Straps for Kayak Trailer or kayak fishing in general?  Please share with the rest of the KayakFishingCorner community by posting in the Comments section below.

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