Welcome to KayakFishingCorner.com!

Welcome to KayakFishingCorner.com!  I started this kayak fishing community with one goal in mind – to be the internet’s #1 free resource for valuable information, product reviews, helpful hints and techniques for a true passion of mine – Kayak Fishing!

Before I say anything else, you should know that KFC is 100% free from third party influence. That’s right. Our opinion is strictly our own and is based upon our own experience and research! This is a kayak fishing community built by a kayak fishing enthusiast for kayak fishing enthusiasts!

Kayak Fisherman

I had long been a fan of the two individual pieces of kayak fishing (kayaking and fishing, of course). I frequently took my kayak to a local lake nearby my home but it never crossed my mind to actually fish from it until I witnessed a small kayak fishing tournament occurring early one morning. I decided to try it out the very next weekend and I was immediately hooked!

I have learned a great deal about kayak fishing over the years. My experience has certainly been one of “live and learn” and I am hopeful that KayakFishingCorner.com can save you from making some of the same mistakes that I have made. Hopefully it saves you a few dollars and catches you a few more fish as well!

A Quick Note

Kayak Fisherman

This is a new kayak fishing community. I am not an experienced web developer. I am merely a kayak fishing enthusiast with a true passion for doing my part to spread the word of this incredible and rewarding hobby!  I appreciate your patience as I continue to add content and enhance this site. Thanks for visiting KayakFishingCorner.com, we strive to be your one stop community resource for all things Kayak Fishing!

Getting Started

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As with anything, when you are desiring to learn, or even further your understand of, a particular hobby – it makes sense to learn some of the basics. I have included some links below to some of KFC’s most informative pages, each of which includes a thorough analysis of a critical component of a cornerstone of kayak fishing. Enjoy!