How to Install a Kayak Anchor Kit


Bought a new kayak anchor kit, but don’t know how to install it…? Don’t worry! In this brief guide, I’m going to explain everything you need to know about how to install a kayak anchor kit on your kayak! It’s not that complicated, but a little attention is required. 

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How to Install a Kayak Anchor Kit – Overview

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In this guide, I’ll highlight all the important points that you MUST know before you start installing a kayak anchor kit on your kayak. Whether you are new to kayaking or kayak fishing or a pro, this guide is designed to keep everyone’s needs in mind! 

I’ve created subsections of all the information so that it will be easier for you to sift through in a quick manner! You don’t have to go through the entire piece to find what you are looking for. Everything is well-organized so you can save time and skim through the content without difficulty! 

I’ll begin with the basics of installing kayak anchor kits and then, in the next section, I’ll list down some points that you must consider before buying an anchor kit! Keeping these important features in mind will help provide you some assurance that you’ll be happy with the kayak anchor kit that you end up buying – even if it is not one of the models showcased in this article!

I also have a recommendation for you, as you might have guessed by my comment above, and I’ll review it in the “My Experience” section where I’ll also highlight some of its pros and cons!

So here we go!

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Parts of a Kayak Anchor

Parts of a Kayak Anchor

How to Install a Kayak Anchor Kit – Basics

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Shortcut to Review of the Best Kayak Anchor Kit

These kits for anchoring your kayak are a blessing in disguise for the kayak fishermen! They allow you to stay put in blowing winds and on swiftly flowing water. Making a catch will become very difficult if you can’t hold your position and such a kit will help you in this situation!

Kayak fishermen have to make a lot of stops on the water while making a catch (and so it should be) there is not much time to set up your kayak in a way that it can hold its position. You need a quick solution and this is where a kayak anchor kit comes in. 

Installing these kits is not that much of a problem because you just need to have the right measurements – and follow some general instructions, of course. If you are an amateur you can use the instruction manual that comes with your kit.

If you are a pro, you might be able to make an installation based purely on your intuition alone, but we suggest referencing the user guide associated with your particular kit, just in case! 

The only thing you need to worry about is HOW to choose the RIGHT kind of kit that is compatible with your kayak. Any measurements are not going to work if the kit is not compatible with your kayak – makes sense, right? So, compatibility is key here even if you are an experienced pro!

In this post, I’ll be talking about an entry-level anchor kit that is equally suitable for novices and pros because they work well in shallow waters – which are areas routinely fished by novices and professionals alike, largely due to the increased presence of fish at these depths!

How to Install a Kayak Anchor Kit?

Here are some steps that you need to follow for successfully installing your kayak anchor kit on your fishing kayak. Remember, every anchor kit is just a bit different than the next, so you should also reference your user’s guide, just to be sure that you don’t miss any steps that are unique to your particular kit!

  • Get your new kit out of the packing and start separating the different items present there. Be sure not to lose track of any of the small pieces!
  • With all the components and parts, you will also find an instruction manual on how to install your kit!
  • Most of these kits come with rope, ring, eye loops, buoy, anchor, pulleys, and poles.
  • You will get all the necessary hardware as well (as long as you’ve bought a high quality kayak anchor kit, of course)! 
  • Begin connecting the loops to your kayak’s hull.
  • Ensure that the loops are close to the edges of the hull as the nylon rope will need to pass through them for the anchor kit to do its job!
  • Install the anchor trolley according to the instructions given in the manual. 
  • Make sure that you install it right at the end so that the rope moves through effortlessly.
  • Also, install the ring before you start working with the rope. 
  • Add the pulleys next to the trolley and the opposing end.
  • Now, get your rope in and assure that it goes through the keeper hoop and deck loop. 
  • Get it through the pulley, along with the anchor trolley. 
  • And attach it to your kayak’s cleat in the end to secure it. 
  •  Now it’s time to see whether you can move the carabiner comfortably or not (which is a very important step to ensure the you can actually effectively use the kayak anchor while on the water). 
  • The carabiner is attached to the anchor’s buoy and it will also tell you about the current location of your anchor (it is an “above water” reference point, in a sense). 
  • Now attach the anchor at the end and verify that its blades are open if they are foldable (some anchor do not have folding blades, but you need not be concerned about that in this step). 
  • It’s time to run a check on your newly installed system. 
  • After you have decide that you’re 100% satisfied with the installation, it’s time to go fishing and check out your kayak anchor!

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Kayak Anchor Kit – Important Features

Now is the time to highlight some key features that you need to look for when you are evaluating and ultimately buying a kayak anchor kit. If you consider these before buying, installing your kit will become a lot easier. Also, you will be a heck of a lot more pleased with the kit’s performance on the water, as well as its durability!  


I cannot emphasize highly enough the importance of the compatibility of an anchor kit with your kayak. If you go for a kit that is not compatible with your kayak, your anchoring system won’t be secure, at least in the long run. This is the point where you must consider this, whether you are new to kayak fishing or an experienced kayak fishing pro!

How to Install a Kayak Anchor Kit

You’ll face a rough patch when adjusting, so be cautious while working with your anchor kit. And, if you spend too much time on your kit, you’ll end up with a low “catch count” at the end of the day! With good compatibility, you can quickly install your kit and you won’t have to deal with any adjustments later. And as a result, you might end up sweeping the pond!


Design is another significant feature that you must keep in mind when buying a kayak anchor kit for your kayak. It closely relates to the overall compatibility of a kit with your kayak. Be sure to go for a design that is very simple to set up.

It must be equally easy or you risk doing it incorrectly. Any experience in dealing with these kits won’t be fruitful. You would not want to waste time on the water. And for that, you need to go for a completely hassle-free kit. Trust me, some are far, far easier than others. If a kit looks like its over complicated – then trust your instinct, it probably is!


Kayak anchor kits come in different shapes and sizes and according to their purpose, different materials are used in its construction. Some kits feature an anchor that is made of metal while others are of hard plastic and lightweight. Ropes are also available in different varieties. Some of them are made of rubber while others are finished with nylon. 

How to Install a Kayak Anchor Kit

For an entry-level set up, go for nylon ropes and if you’re going to use your anchor in shallow waters, then you can also go for hard plastic. The purpose of this anchor is to “hang on” to the bottom of the water, instead of anchoring your kayak above the water level, for example (like you might when using a Kayak Brush Gripper). 


Corroborate that your kit features an anchor pole and an anchoring trolley. These are two pieces that aren’t ALWAYS included with kayak kits that you’ll see on the market, but they are tremendously helpful in a variety of situations.

How to Install a Kayak Anchor Kit

Both these components will allow you to flexibly change your direction without changing your position. This is obviously a GREAT benefit in terms of providing the kayak fisherman with some versatility of use!

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Buy the Best Kayak Anchor Kit

Buy on Amazon

If you are interested in buying an entry-level model, then the kayak anchor kit that we’ve showcased above is indeed the best option and you won’t have a little problem installing it on any kayak!

The manufacturer has used quality materials in the construction and you don’t have to worry about any risk of corrosion or rusting (which is obviously a very important consideration given the amount of time that this unit will be exposed to water). It will continue to serve you for a long time!

How to Install a Kayak Anchor Kit

It features a lightweight anchor made of hard plastic, it is a good choice to use in shallow waters. It will hang on to those underwater features (or just the bottom of the water) and will maintain its position against currents and winds.

It also features foldable blades so storage won’t be an issue – this is really nice for those of you who like to store your anchor kits in the hull of your kayak in an effort to save space. Moreover, it provides you with flexibility and you can alter your direction at will, without compromising your position – this is particularly useful during changes in the direction of the winds! 

My Experience

If you ask me, I think this is a great entry-level anchor kit. I place it one or two steps above its closest competitors, largely because it has so many specialized inclusions in the kit, that you would otherwise have to buy in the aftermarket!

How to Install a Kayak Anchor Kit

It is uncomplicated to install as all the instructions are well written (and trust me, I am NOT a good handyman). Even beginners can follow them conveniently and get through the installation process effortlessly. 

How to Install a Kayak Anchor Kit

This kit keeps you in your desired direction while on the water – even if the currents or winds change on you. And you can simply shift without leaving your position. Due to the lightweight anchor, its best for the shallow waters. You can comfortably hang the anchor on shrubs if you want to do an “above water” anchoring!


  • Foldable blades make storage easy (try the hull of your kayak).
  • Good compatibility with different hulls and sterns (fits nearly all types of fishing kayak). 
  • The pulleys and eye loops are extremely sturdy (great for longevity and performance). 
  • The rope is made of quality nylon (good for standing up to the harsh conditions of continued water exposure).
  • You will also get an anchor pole (a nice added bonus for those who like to anchor in the extreme shallows). 
  • Easy to follow instructions.  


  • Not designed for extremely heavy currents or deep waters
  •  Not for extra heavy kayaks or larger vessels!


I sincerely hope that this post has been of great help in understanding the process of how to install a kayak anchor kit! No technical jargon was used to keep it an easy read. Besides, my recommendation is there for the best entry-level anchor kit for your kayak, just in case you want to “skip” the whole independent research part!


So, what do you do to hold your position on flowing waters? Have you ever used such a kit before? You might have used one previously, and you can have your recommendation for us! Why don’t you share what you have to say about kayak anchor kits! 

Be sure to share with us by posting on the Comments board below! We read and reply to every comment and we LOVE interacting with the kayak fishing community!

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