Kayak Paddle for Adults


When it comes to kayak fishing, finding the best kayak paddle for adults is almost as important as finding the right fishing kayak! When you pick the wrong paddle length, for example, you will get tired by putting too much energy into your paddles. Want to learn which type of kayak fishing paddle is the right kayak paddle for adults? Let’s get started!!

Kayak Paddle for Adults – Overview:

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Shortcut to the Best Kayak Paddle for Adults

I’ve included plenty of details in this post that you will find very useful in terms of choosing the best kayak paddle for adults. I have also included my recommendation with respect to the best kayak paddle for adults – its near the bottom of this post. The idea is that, after reading this article, you know what to look for when comparing one fishing paddle to the next and thus are transformed into a more knowledgeable consumer!

To make it easy for you to go through this guide, I’ve divided it into several sections. There is a specific section that will guide you in your effort for learning how to choose a kayak paddle for adults. Also, in an effort to keep this “easy to use”, we have added a brief checklist that will show you how to use kayak paddle for adults. After all, having the correct paddle and knowing how to use it when you are out fishing are two different things!

Kayak Paddle for Adults

I will also share some valuable information regarding what characteristics you need to look for when buying a kayak paddle for adults. These “important features”, as I like to call them, set forth the qualities that are “must have” in terms of any kayak fishing paddle worth its price. I have also shared the link of my preferred kayak paddle for adults. By no means is it the ONLY great model on the market, but I have experience with it and feel comfortable suggesting that you evaluate it for your own purposes.

I’ll also review the particular showcased kayak fishing paddle for you and list down some of its pros and cons – at least what I feel are its pros and cons. This information is available in the “My Experience” section.

So sit tight and read on because I’ve got plenty of useful material coming your way!!! Oh, and if you are looking for a kayak paddle for beginners, we have a thorough post on that as well, here!

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Parts of a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Kayak Paddle for Adults: Basics

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When we talk about the basics of choosing a kayak paddle for adults, the first thing that comes to mind is the length. Of course, you don’t need a paddle that is made for the kids. It must be of the right size, weight and length.

As a kayak fisherman, while spending your day on the water to catch some fish, you need to divert all your energy on catching and reeling, not on paddling!! Therefore, the right kayak paddle length is crucial. Your kayak paddle will only prove to be useful for you when it has the right length according to your body.

Apart from length, you also need to choose an appropriate weight for your kayak paddle. Too light, and you won’t have that much control, too heavy, and you will get tired far too quickly. So you need to get the dimensions and weight right to get the most out of your paddle.

Choosing the wrong weight and length for your kayak paddle will make your time on the water very uncomfortable. You will end up with blisters and the fish will laugh at you! Well, maybe the fish won’t laugh, but you will end up having less fun on the water than you otherwise should be having, and that’s what kayak fishing is all about! Oh, and even if you are an adult, you need to look into getting a top notch fishing kayak life jacket!

There are numerous kayak paddles available on the market. Long, short, light, heavy, canoe, white water, and out favorite, fishing!!! Choosing the right one can be difficult, unless you’ve first educated yourself on what to look for. But if you know what you are looking for, then making the right selection isn’t that big of a task, and we’re going to make sure you are brought up to speed quickly. Let’s do-it-to-it and get-down-to-it!!!

How to use a Kayak Paddle for Adults

An appropriate kayak paddle for adults needs to have various characteristics, and we describe these more fully below. You need to make your decision based on the length and weight of the paddle, predominantly. But even if you know which paddle to buy, what good will it do you if you don’t know how to properly use it while you are fishing? Here are some of the key steps to consider in terms of learning how to use a kayak paddle for adults:

  • Your torso length will tell you what should be the length of your kayak paddle.
  • The shorter your torso length, the shorter the paddle length.
  • You can measure your torso length by sitting down on a flat surface.
  • Measure the distance between the tip of your nose and the surface where you’re sitting to get the right torso height.
  • Don’t use your legs for determining your body height, because you will be sitting in your kayak not standing while you are paddling!!!
  • When it comes to weight, go for the lightest option possible based on your budget.
  • While torso sizes do vary, in general, your “true height” and “torso height” are going to correlate pretty closely with one another!
  • Choose the right kayak paddle for adults by consulting the following chart:
Kayak Paddle for Adults

Side Note: Need something a little more customizable? See if an Adjustable Kayak Paddle could be right for you! Just be sure to pair it with the Best Kayak Paddle Grip Tape!

Kayak Paddle for Adults – Important Features

Kayak Paddle Length

Kayak Paddle for Adults

Finding the right length for your paddle is pretty simple – but you do need to know how to measure correctly. If your kayak is wide, then, generally, you need longer kayak paddles. Your height also has an integral role to play here. The first thing you need to look at is your torso height. Don’t choose your overall height to determine the length of the kayak paddle. With a larger torso, you will need a long paddle.

Paddling Angles and Blade Width

There are two different angles. Low angle is when your top hand is below your shoulder line. You do this type of stroke mostly when you are kayak fishing at leisurely speeds. You will need a longer paddle with a narrower blade. 

Kayak Paddle for Adults

For more speed,you will have to go for a high angle. Your top hand will be over the shoulder line. You will require plenty of precision here, or you’ll end up being fatigued. Here you will need a shorter paddle that has a wider blade. This is only appropriate for some kinds of kayak fishermen!

You need to make your choice based on what type of kayaking you would do. For a fisherman, it is better to go for a recreational type because your focus will be more on catching fish than riding the waves!!!


Another key, even critical, feature to consider is the material used in the construction of the shaft and the blades. Lightweight paddles are the best option because you won’t end up with fatigued hands and arms after a long fishing session.

For kayak paddle heads or blades you can go for plastic, fiberglass or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is the lightest and most expensive of them all and plastic is the cheapest and heaviest. Fiberglass is right in the middle of the two.

Kayak Paddle for Adults

For the shaft materials, you can go for fiberglass, carbon fiber and aluminum. Aluminum is budget-friendly, but they weigh a lot more than carbon fiber. Fiberglass again is smack in the middle of both these extremes.

Blade Design

There are different blade designs available, as well. Most of the blades have asymmetrical dihedral shape. Asymmetrical blades are narrow, and they are short. The surface area of your blade will remain uniform.

Kayak Paddle for Adults

The dihedral blade, on the other hand, has a visible rib going down its center. The water flows smoothly down both the halves. There will be less fluttering when there is a rib on your paddle. The narrower blades are lightweight, and they are designed for relaxed paddling. Whereas, wider blades are heavier, and they are designed for speed. I bet you can decide which one is more appropriate for kayak fishing, and which is better suited for white water rafting!

Shaft Design

Two shaft designs are frequently used by kayaks, bent and straight. With the bent shafts, the ergonomic kinked handles allow a more comfortable gripping of your paddle. If you are transitioning from a straight shaft to a kinked one, then you need to practice your strokes a day before to make the necessary adjustments. We suggest going with a straight shaft as, in kayak fishing, you won’t need to paddle at any extremes to be able to keep up with the fish!


Kayak Paddle for Adults

You’ll see 2-piece and 4-piece options. 4-piece paddles will require more assembling than the 2-piece paddles. But 4-piece paddles are easy to store in a compact space. If you are a backpacker, or otherwise live in a small home and find extra storage space at a premium, then you should seriously consider a 4 piece model!

Matched vs. Feathered Paddle Design

You can either choose a feathered or a matched blade for your paddle. Matched blades are aligned with each other while feathered blades are not in the same place. They come with an offset angle from one another. You won’t have to deal with wind resistance for the blade that is out of water. Most of the paddle shafts enable you to offset them with ease. And the offsets are normally in 15-degree increments. This will make your paddling stroke much more efficient!

Buy the Best Kayak Paddle for Adults:

Buy on Amazon

While there are several top notch models of kayak fishing paddle on the market, we think that the model showcased above is the best kayak paddle for adults! This kayak paddle has a very lightweight construction (so its easy on the arms) and is built to endure (I have had mine for 3+ kayak fishing seasons). Here’s the best part… it is designed for kayak fishermen with some angler-friendly features. Finally, a kayak paddle built for kayak fishermen, by kayak fishermen!!

There is a hook retrieval mechanism, which is ideal for “unsticking” lures or lines. The shaft features a measuring system (great for measuring the side of your catch without pulling out another piece of equipment). This kayak has a 2-piece design, and you can store it conveniently without wasting too much time assembling it – no special tools needed!

It is available in three different lengths, including 220cm and 230cm. You can easily make your choice based on your torso height and the width of your kayak. You also get the ability to offset your padded heads. So you can make it a feathered paddle to keep wind resistance to a minimum!

My Experience

My experience with this particular model of paddle has been great, and I would highly recommend this paddle to adult aged kayak fisherman (after all, I am speaking to my own demographic)! There are different shaft lengths available – so you can fit almost any size of adult. You can also utilize the measuring system on the shaft of this paddle to measure the fish that you catch – and to prove who has the bigger one after all! 

There is a hook retrieval system to recover your jigs and lures that get trapped – this feature alone will “pay for” the cost of the kayak paddle over the years in terms of lures saved! You also get to offset the two paddle heads with 60-degree increments.

I think these increments are too high. Any increments ranging from 15 to 30 degrees would have been more suitable. And of course, they are made of carbon fiber, so they are surely going to be lightweight and durable.


  • Angler-friendly properties, including hook retrieval and measuring systems.  Carbon fiber construction makes the paddle durable and lightweight – it will last for many seasons, and so will your muscles!
  • Available in three different lengths, including 230cm and 220cm.
  • The 2-piece design keeps assembly quick and storage convenient.
  • Offsetting paddle heads.



I hope that this “kayak paddle for adults” addresses all your questions regarding this topic. I have tried to cover almost all the aspects associated with buying a kayak paddle for adults – we’ve certainly gotten into detail on many fronts, including what features to look for! I have also provided you with my recommendation too, just in case you want to skip some of the research and rely on our efforts. It is one of the top choices that will allow you to fulfill all of your kayak fishing demands – and it won’t completely break the bank!


So, do you agree with my recommendation or not? Did my post assist you in any manner? There are so many kayak paddles on the market, you need to be sure that you are getting the right kayak paddle for adults – and especially adults who are also kayak fishermen! I would love to hear your side of the story. Leave your comments and suggestions in the section below! We read and reply to every comment and love interacting with this kayak fishing community!

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