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The Portable Fish Finder is an important tool to create an enjoyable kayak fishing experience.  There are multiple brands and models to choose from, and each one has different features.  They all share the same basic function; they use sonar to help locate fish.  The portable nature of these fish finders allows them to be easily transported.  Learn the general facts regarding the Portable Fish Finder on this simple post.

This is a simple guide for the Portable Fish Finder.  If you are looking for a more detailed analysis, please read my Kayak Fish Finder Ultimate Guide.

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This is a Portable Fish Finder simple guide.  It details some of the main features and basic facts regarding these useful fishing tools.  I have also included a product description and link for a top Portable Fish Finder.

Product Overview

This technology has been used for decades to help commercial and recreational fishermen discover fish.  Most fish finders include a transmitter that sends an electrical signal to an underwater transducer.  This transducer converts the signal to sound waves which are fired downward.  The SONAR waves are reflected off of underwater objects including fish, debris, and the lake, river, or ocean floor.  The results are then displayed and analyzed to locate the fish.  Nicer models integrate depth finders, GPS, maps, and water temperature.

Portable Fish Finder Price: 

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Sleek Design; Perfect for Kayak Fishing

No matter what your budget is, there is a model that you can afford.  The models vary widely in the number of available features and price.  There are decent models that are usually reasonably priced.  A great example of a budget Portable Fish Finder that works is the Venterior Finder (VT-FF001).   Other models cost hundreds of dollars, but the most expensive model that I recommend still won’t break the bank.  That model is the Deeper


portable fish finder battery

The Portable Fish Finder is generally powered by either a self-contained rechargeable battery, or third party AA or AAA batteries.  Most of the newer models contain rechargeable batteries.  The rechargeable batteries are extremely efficient and can last through a full day of fishing.  It is important to make sure that your fish finders are fully charged prior to kayak fishing, and I suggest purchasing extra backup batteries as well.

Mounting the Portable Fish Finder Display

portable fish finder mount

Most of the Portable Fish Finders that I recommend include a mounting bracket for the display.  The minority of models that don’t include mounting brackets can cause a headache.  DIY’ers actually attempt to build their own mounts, but there are several quality mounts that you can purchase.   Purchased mounts make life much easier and are relatively inexpensive.  The Deeper model that I list below actually requires you to use your own smart phone or tablet as a display.  The manufacturer actually sells a mount that attaches your smart phone to your fishing pole.  In this case, I would still purchase phone/tablet insurance that covers water damage and buy a waterproof cover.

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My Favorite Portable Fish Finder

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A Great Fit for Kayak Fishing!

This Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is currently the most advanced model offered by this trendy company.  Deeper changed the fish finder niche by focusing on wireless transmission and requiring phones or tablets as a display.  Their first model used Bluetooth, but this model actually transmits its own WiFi signal.  You actually connect your phone to it like you connect to a wireless router, no phone signal necessary.  This use of WiFi allows it to send a large amount of information wirelessly, and you view everything on the Deeper App.  It transmits the signal 330′, which is the longest distance on the market.  This Pro+ model also includes GPS capabilities.  It is extremely accurate and reliable, and it has a strong rechargeable battery.

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Impact on Kayak Fishing

portable fish finder nature

Introducing a Portable Fish Finder to your kayak fishing trips will significantly impact the experience.  Many people are attracted to kayak fishing because it makes them feel closer to nature.  It definitely affected my kayak fishing, but I feel it was 100% a positive impact.  I still recommend taking time during every trip to turn your Portable Fish Finder and phone off.  I take this time to focus on nature without any distractions.  I hope that these suggestions help you utilize this technology to enhance your kayak fishing experience. Heading to the water soon? Check out the Best Kayak Trolley to assist you in moving from the parking lot to the water. What if the ocean is your destination? The Kayak Beach Trolley will be your best bet!


A Portable Fish Finder is a powerful piece of technology that can make your kayak fishing trip much more enjoyable.  Make sure to choose the correct device for your personal needs, and don’t forget to take time to focus on nature.  If you have any questions regarding Portable Fish Finders, please contact me or include a comment at the bottom of this page. Oh, and since you are here, we know you are looking for the best of the best for your kayak fishing gear. Take a look at our suggestions for the 3 Best Fishing Kayak Life Jackets on the market today! Learn more about the history of fishing sonar devices, its very interesting!

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Do you enjoy your Portable Fish Finder?  Do you have other facts or tips?  Please share your knowledge in the Comments section below.  Thanks for helping this valuable resource expand!

Portable Fish Finder: Transform Your Kayak into a Fish Tracking Machine!
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Portable Fish Finder: Transform Your Kayak into a Fish Tracking Machine!
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