How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock


Don’t know how to install a kayak rack for dock? Looking for help? Don’t worry; I’ll guide you through the process so you can protect your fishing kayaks from any harmful exposure! You can place the rack anywhere you want, but the best place is on your fishing dock!

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How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock – Overview:

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Whether you are experienced or novice, this guide will explain everything you need to know about how to install a kayak rack for dock based kayak storage. I’ve distributed the content of this post into smaller fragments and subsections to ensure that everything is simple to follow and digest.

I’ll begin with the basics associated with the process of how to install a kayak rack for dock based kayak storage. We discuss what kayak racks are, what they are used for, what they are made of, where they are typically located, and so on.

The following section includes a checklist covering how to install a kayak rack for dock based kayak storage. After that, you’ll find a section on some of the important features associated with buying the best kayak rack for dock.  

Moving forward, I’ll provide you with a link to a particular kayak rack that I have found to be very effective in terms of storing my kayak on my dock. Later, I’ll review this particular model of kayak rack in the “My Experience” section and list down its pros and cons for your convenience.

Let’s get into it!

How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock – Basics:

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Shortcut to Best Kayak Rack for Dock Review

There are different types of kayak racks available on the market. And there are some prerequisites that you need to follow if you’re looking to find the best product. With a good quality rack, you won’t have to carry your kayak from your home to the dock!

The kayak racks should be effortless, or at least easy, to install, and you don’t have to be a professional to get the job done! A good quality rack will keep your kayak in a top-notch condition. Most racks are designed to be used indoors, which is the right practice as well to keep it safe from any elements, though kayak racks for docks, when paired with a good kayak cover, can be a perfect solution as well!

Some kayak racks are designed to be used as “mounted” or “free-standing”. You can place the rack at the dock or place it in the garage of your house – though we prefer the dock, as you might have guessed! All the components need to be there (like mounting hardware, screws and bolts), and you don’t have to buy anything separately for the installation process!

Some racks feature pulleys while others don’t. The ones with the hooks are the easiest to install.  There are not many moving parts you have to deal with.  

Choose the right storage capacity to add the storage convenience later on. If you have two or more kayaks, you need to buy a rack that can store two or more kayaks. You cannot “overload” or double-up a kayak rack without the risk of it breaking on you and causing injury to your kayak or even harm to yourself!

How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock?

Based on how experienced you are, and how well you can handle DIY projects, installing a kayak rack for dock is not that difficult. Keep the instructions manual close to you during the process. The checklist below includes the main, somewhat generalized guidance about what each component has to do in the overall setup of your kayak rack.

In this guide, I’ll focus on the installation of a kayak rack for dock that you can use anywhere.

  • Start unboxing the kayak rack.
  • Identify different parts of the packaging.
  • You will find small pieces of metal rods, mounting hardware, and hooks.
  • Using the mounting hardware, you need to join all the metal rods with each other to develop the frame of the rack.
  • The distance between the two holding points on a kayak rack should be a minimum of 68 inches.
  • It is important no matter which type of kayak rack you are using because it will keep the kayak firmly placed within the rack.
  • Now link all the metal rods using the hardware after following the instructions carefully.
  • Some metal rods need to be installed horizontally while others will be installed vertically.
  • You need to install the hooks on the vertical poles of your setup.
  • The hooks go into the small brackets that are there on these poles to secure them in place.
  • When you have attached the hooks, cover them with nylon cloth, so they don’t damage your kayak when you place them on the hooks.
  • Your kayak rack for the dock is ready.
  • Place your kayaks on the hooks of the rack with their bottom side facing you.
  • The top side will be resting against the hook.

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Best Kayak Rack for Dock – Important Features:

Installation won’t matter if the kayak rack itself is of low quality. Therefore, you need to pick the right kind of kayak rack that meets all your requirements. 

Here is a list of important features that you must keep in mind when buying a kayak rack for dock based kayak storage.

Kinds of Kayak Racks

Kayak racks come in three types. First is the fix-mounted; the second design comes with a pulley while the third one has shelf based construction. All three types have their pros and cons. 

How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock

A mounting system is easy to install, and you can place it anywhere you like. But it is not great for outdoor use. The one with the pulleys go up in your ceiling and is a huge space saver. But installation is pretty tough. A shelf-based system is mostly attached to the dock and is better for outdoor use. But it will keep your kayak exposed to elements.


Go for the capacity of the rack according to the number of kayaks you own. If you have two kayaks, then choose a rack that comes with a storage capacity of two.

How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock

However, if you are planning to increase the number, then you can go for a rack that can hold four kayaks.


These kayak racks should feature high quality and durable materials. These racks are designed to hold your kayaks, so they need to have robust construction.

How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock

There is no room for any flimsy design or components. Genuine hardwood or, more preferably, metal are the two best options here.


The better option here for you a kayak rack that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Most of these kayak racks are built for the indoors.

How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock

Therefore, if you are looking to take the rack outside, then make your choice accordingly. Such racks must come with features that allow the rack materials to withstand elements and prevent corrosion or rust.

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Buy the Best Kayak Rack for Dock:

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The kayak rack that we have depicted above is the best option hands down. This kayak rack is made of heavy-duty metal and has a free-standing design. The rack can hold a couple of kayaks and comes with a maximum weight capacity of 175 lbs. With such a weight capacity, you can either use it for larger kayaks (even some kinds of tandem kayaks).

How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock

The rack is equally effective to be used both outdoors and indoors – though we suggest that you install it on your dock (saves you trips to and from the water). The installation process is not a big deal, either. The high-quality metal frame of this rack is durable, which is especially important for those of you who will be storing more than 1 kayak on it.

With powder coating, this rack becomes even stronger (in terms of increased durability), and that is why it has a good weight capacity! You won’t have to deal with any scratches or dings either. The hooks of this rack come with protective sleeves. The design of this rack makes its footprint smaller, and it won’t take much space in your place, a very important consideration as square footage of docks is already relatively limited in the first place!

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My Experience

My favorite feature of this particular kayak rack is its all-metal construction. Without a doubt, metal is the right way to go here if you’re looking for durability. The rack’s powder-coated surface upon the metal components makes them more resilient against various elements – increasing their lifespan and their appearance. A win-win!

This rack can hold two kayaks at the same time and has a weight capacity of 175 pounds. Hence it can hold larger kayaks for you too. The rack will keep them in place, and you won’t have to worry much about their safety.

How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock

The rack won’t topple over on you so long as you have made a correct installation and are within manufacturer prescribed weight limits!

The installation process for this rack is very simple – and trust me, I am NOT a handy man!. Another advantage is that you don’t have to do much to clean and maintain the rack either. A damp rag is more than enough to get the job done.  Just try to keep it out of direct sunlight (if you can help it).


  • Simple installation process (the instructions are easy to follow).
  • The hooks for the kayaks come with nylon covering.
  • Fully metal (great stability and durability).
  • Good for use in the outdoors as well (this is why we suggest it be used on docks).  
  • Weight capacity tops off at 175 pounds.


  • The nylon covering gets damaged if frequently exposed to sunlight for long hours (try to keep the rack away from the direct Summer sun, if possible).

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Since you have learned how to install a kayak rack for dock based kayak storage, now it’s your turn to complete your DIY installation project! I’ve made sure that all the information you need is available to you!! Plus, the information is easy to follow and understand. My goal was to present with you a piece of content that comprehensively covers the topic.

Just to reiterate, make sure that you have the right kind of kayak rack at your disposal. It should be straightforward to install, and you don’t have to have any prior experience to get it done. The best practice is to go through the instructional materials that come with your purchase of the rack.

How to Install a Kayak Rack for Dock

You also want to make sure to buy a rack that comes with ALL of the necessary installation an mounting gear included. This will save you a trip to the hardware store and will keep you from “guessing” at what size parts you need!

The best rack to choose is the one that we have showcased for you above. This is due to its all-metal construction. It can hold two kayaks simultaneously, and you can use it anywhere you like – like your dock, of course! The powder coating of the metal components makes them very durable and resilient against any elements.


So what do you think? Did you know how to install a kayak rack for dock based storage before you read this article? Perhaps you tried to “wing it”, made an error, and then sought out this post in an effort to rectify your mistakes? What do you think of the kayak rack that we have linked to above? Do you agree that it is truly IDEAL for storing your kayak on your dock? Be sure to share with us by posting in the comments section below! We read and reply to every comment and LOVE interacting with the kayak fishing community!

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