Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

Before you dive deep into KFC’s article on the Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers, we think you would benefit from devoting some time to our Fishing Kayak Trailer Ultimate Guide post, which provides a broad overview of all things kayak trailer. The authors of KayakFishingCorner have dedicated themselves to learning all about the numerous types of kayak trailer available on the market.

Trust us, this was no easy task. We have found that over the last couple of years, due to the rapidly increasing popularity and visibility of kayak fishing, kayak trailers have begun to become more widely available, and this wide availability has caused them to become more affordable (thankfully!). You’ll find many kayak trailers are specifically built and designed as trailers for kayak fishing:

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

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You’ll find that other kayak trailers are custom designed for transporting fishing kayaks by SUV.  Others are built to haul fishing kayaks by truck. We decided to author this particular KFC article after countless readers contacted us with all of the of the reasons why they have loved one particular kayak trailer or another, undoubtedly after having read about the kayak trailers on this kayak fishing community, and thus the Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers title was born.

We were thrilled by all the positive feedback and exciting experiences shared by our readers, commenced efforts at narrowing down what we felt were the most common types of kayak trailer feedback shared, and decided to start putting pen to paper, or at least finger to keyboard, to get everything organized. Upon becoming thoroughly versed on all kayak trailer feedback (no easy task considering the number of emails we receive!), we isolated the list to only a handful of types of global feedback that we were certain was reflective of many thousands of opinions.

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The last step was try to capture the passion of the individual contributors, and organize their opinions into singular coherent posts. The number of “favorite things” was seemingly endless, and this required that some be left out, or at least collapsed into a more general category. For instance, one contributor wrote that she loved all the new experiences she was able to have by trailering her kayak to new waters. We collapsed this feedback into “variety” section because it seemed to find much commonality there. So read on, see if you agree with our Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers, or perhaps you have even more things to love!


All of the commentary and review you find on ia founded upon independent research, refer commentary, analysis, study and investigation. Our team has slowly amassed the experience required to thoughtfully consider and review all sorts of kayak fishing commentary, equipment, products, accessories and related  gear, and we only conduct our work with great dedication and enthusiasm (a trait shared by the contributors to this article!).

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

We promise that KFC evaluations take place on an equal and level playing field, and that every kayak fishing product or contribution piece gets a fair shake.

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

In this article, wants to share the Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers, so that you can determine whether any feature or opinion is one you haven’t yet explored, or perhaps it causes you to consider other “favorite things” of your own.

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

Do you have questions, concerns, comments, or general inquiries as to  how goes about its business of all things kayak fishing? Please reach out to us.  We hope you find this post to be informative and also hope you enjoy reading it as much we have enjoyed writing it. Its truly exciting to see and learn of the Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers!


Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

Before we get into individualized Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers, let KFC reiterate that your decision to buy a kayak trailer is a very important one – perhaps the most important of all kayak fishing decisions. Fishing kayaks are very expensive and specialized pieces of equipment, and are even more valuable in terms of one’s relationship with their fishing kayak.

The highest priority of all in transporting your fishing kayak by kayak trailer must always remain the safety of the fishing kayak, not to mention the safety of the driver pulling the fishing kayak, and of course the safety of all other drivers sharing the road with you. Keeping that in mind, let’s continue:

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers: Safety

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

Safety. We’ve all seen them on the road, at the campsite, and along the boat ramp. Perhaps you’re even guilty of being one (I know that I used to be!). I am referring to the overzealous and overly ambitious kayak fishermen who loads his fishing kayaks onto his vehicle in any number of precarious and dangerous manners.  

Most common, at least according to our contributors, is that these kayak fishermen resort to overloading their kayak roof racks, well beyond the appropriate weight and size guidelines provided by the manufacturer, secured with kayak straps, bungee cords and tie downs, or even worse, not secured by anything other than gravity and good luck!

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Even when using appropriate kayak straps, an overloaded kayak rack is a risk to you and all other drivers on the road. This is why so many people cited Safety as part of their Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers. Their decision to buy a kayak trailer simply alleviated any temptation to transport their fishing kayak (and other kayak fishing gear, for that matter) by a more reckless method, and some contributors even stated that they think it has saved a life.

All things considered, the decision to buy a kayak trailer, while a relatively expensive decision on the front end, will probably pay for itself time and time again by avoiding damage caused to your kayak when it breaks free an overloaded roof rack during transit.

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers: Variety 

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

Variety. This particular favorite thing was cited by a number of different names. Whether “new experiences” or “excitement” or “travels”, they all had one thing in common, and it was versatility of experience. I know that I am guilty of it, and some of our contributors expressed that they were too.

Finding a particular body of water that we have had good luck fishing in the past, and then defaulting to that particular body of water time and time again for our kayak fishing trips. Look, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a favorite (or even preferred) kayak fishing location. That said, another commonly appearing theme of the Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers was the variety of kayak fishing opportunities and locations the kayak trailer afforded its user.

We want to make sure that all KFC readers have the ability to take their kayak fishing obsessions to new bodies of water. A kayak trailer is arguably the best means of providing this.  I know that, in my own experience, I have tremendously enjoyed the ability to trailer my kayak to the mountain lakes of southern Utah during the fall, or to the pine trees surrounded streams of southeastern Oklahoma in the late spring.

Each of these kayak fishing trips reinvigorated my passion and without my kayak trailer, neither of them would have been possible! So many of our readers shared the same theme, and the inclusion of Versatility on  Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers was an easy decision. Check out our opinion on the Best All Around Kayak Trailer, it won’t let you down!

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers: Convenience

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

Convenience. Maybe the most commonly found “favorite thing” about a kayak trailer cited by the KFC reading community was the convenience it provided  its users in terms of allowing them to store their kayak fishing gear in their trunk or truck bed, while keeping their fishing kayak safely in tow in the kayak trailer.

All avid kayak fishermen know that kayak fishing involves a ton of specialized gear. Why not take any help we can get when it comes to being able to bring all of this gear along for the ride, while keeping it organized at the same time? This is exactly what a kayak trailer provides!

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Excess Capacity!

One reader from Cut Bank, Montana, when responding to the Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers, said it best. He said, “my fishing kayaks are big, irregularly shaped, and loaded up with my gear while I am making my way into Glacier National Park. All of my stuff would never fit within a conventional truck bed, or out the back of my wife’s SUV, and I wasn’t going to let anyone talk me into leaving anything behind.

My kayak trailer solved that problem for me!”. This reader hit it head on. Trunk and bed space is always better used for holding your kayak fishing gear and the kayak fishing trailer allows you to do exactly that. At the end of the day, we all know that the more kayak fishing more gear you can bring along with you, the better your odds of having a successful kayak fishing outing!

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers: Longevity

Longevity. Another commonly appearing “favorite” in our Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers centered on preservation and protection. We all know that fishing kayaks are expensive. One positive, however, is that when properly maintained, they can certainly last for many years, decades even.

But, when not properly maintained, readers have opined, and we can confirm, that the durability and longevity of the fishing kayak will quickly become diminished, and thats why so many cited as a “favorite” the “longevity” afforded by the kayak trailer in terms of protecting the kayak fishing investment. How you ask?

Many of us, when without the ability to transport our fishing kayaks, are tempted to leave our fishing kayak at our preferred body of water. Some of our readers surely have a dock or a garage at that location, but what about the readers who do not?

This is why a kayak trailer is so valued! It ensures that we do not give in to the temptation to leave our treasured fishing kayaks exposed to the elements (the sun, wind, rain, algae, or any number of other factors) that could rapidly deteriorate our fishing kayak’s longevity. Instead, a kayak trailer provides us the ability to take our fishing kayak to safety when we know that it may not be taken out onto the water for a relatively extended period of time (but hopefully not for too long).

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers: Friends

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

Friends. So many readers wrote in about their enjoyment of kayak fishing in group settings. Maybe with old friends, maybe with new. Maybe with family, and maybe with a local kayak fishing club. Our readers, when responding to Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers, continually cited that kayak fishing is a great individual outing, but can be even more fun when experienced as a group!

Many, if not most, kayak trailers allow for the transportation of 2, and even more, fishing kayaks, which is great when a group of friends wants to collectively travel to the nearest lake or stream for a a shared experience of kayak fishing fun!

One reader, from Stringtown, Oklahoma, said it best when she stated, “My kayak trailers are such a great means of transporting all of our fishing kayaks in a safe and efficient manner, keeping our friends together in the van, with our fishing kayaks safely following behind us. We enjoy the extra time we get to share together that wouldn’t be possible if we all rode in separate cars!”.

Oftentimes, and as was frequently cited by readers when responding to Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers, these kayak trailers even come with features that allow the connection of other pieces of kayak fishing gear, which enables users to be more flexible and efficient when traveling with a large grouping of kayak fishermen friends (and even bring along mountain bikes, like shown above).

If you are here, you are looking for the best kayak fishing gear. Take a look at how the Best Kayak Paddle Holder can improve your kayak fishing experience and take a look at buying the Best Kayak Paddle Grips to help cushion your hands on the shaft of the paddle!

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers: Conclusion

Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers

As you’ve now read above, there are so many reasons why people love their kayak fishing trailers. The above post reciting our attempt at the Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers surely only scratches the surface!  We want you to write in to KFC if you have reasons aside from the above, or if a particular “favorite” of yours requires greater explanation. Perhaps you have a “favorite” that we haven’t even written about above! We love hearing from the KFC reading community! Learn how to be safe when using a trailer here!

Can’t get enough kayak fishing? Have you ever considered entering into a kayak fishing tournament?


Do you have any questions regarding the Top 5 Things People Love About Kayak Trailers  described above or kayak fishing in general?  Please share with the rest of the KayakFishingCorner community by posting in the Comments section below.

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